Yoni Massage…a little loving sure goes a long way!

Yoni is the ancient Indian word for VAGINA. Sanskrit in origin, the broad translation is “sacred space”. It is a term of reverence and respect and is the concept that forms the foundation of Yoni massage.

It is often used to free women from sexual inhibitions brought on by negative sexual or life experiences. It is used to free the woman’s sexual energy and offer release of pent up energy. It can be extremely healing and  offers a woman the path to wholeness. Too often the normal sexual experience produces the opposite effect. When focusing on the goal of orgasm there is no room for relaxation and enjoyment of the moment.

The goal of the Yoni massage is not orgasm…it may occur and is acceptable but is never a goal. The importance and purpose of the Yoni massage is to focus on the experience of touch, relaxation, pleasure and release. Each woman is at a different place in her journey and each Yoni massage produces unique results in an individual.

To begin a Yoni massage be sure and create a comfortable setting for the woman. It is of utmost importance that she feels relaxed and free from worry or concern. In order for her to experience the fullness of the Yoni massage she must not experience distraction or discomfort.

With that in mind, the Yoni massage can be done on a bed or any other comfortable location that allows room for the giver to move about. The room temperature should be comfortable for her to lie nude and uncovered. Dim the lights and use massage oil freely.

Have the receiver lie on her back, propped up by pillows so that she can see her genitals and look into the giver’s eyes. Place a pillow covered by a towel under her hips and let her draw her legs up toward her chest and allow them to fall apart to a comfortable, relaxed position. The Yoni will thus be clearly exposed and available to the giver.

Breathe DEEPLY together before you begin. You both want to become as relaxed as possible. Start by massaging the full body. Encourage the receiver to relax. Work your way over the abdomen, hips, chest and thighs completely before beginning a Yoni massage.

When the receiver is sufficiently relaxed you can begin the Yoni massage by squeezing the outer lips gently between your fingers and sliding them up and down the entire length of the lips. Be sure and use soft, gentle, slow movements at all times. Keep in eye contact with the receiver and take your cues from her indication of pleasure or discomfort.  If they are enjoying what you are doing continue, if they are not, MOVE ON to something else.

You may then engage the clitoris using clockwise, circular motions. Squeeze it gently between your thumb and forefinger. It is extremely sensitive so be very gentle. The next step is to enter the Yoni by carefully inserting your middle finger of your right hand into the opening. Take plenty of time. Make sure you remain relaxed and practice deep breathing.  The slower your motions, the more enjoyable the experience will be for the receiver. Explore the inner caverns of the Yoni. Vary the length, pressure and speed of your movements and watch the receiver for signs of pleasure.

While your finger is inside the Yoni, position the palm of your hand facing forward and crook your finger in a “come here” motion toward the front of the body. You should feel a small, spongy area just behind the pubic bone and under the clitoris. This is the “sacred spot” in Tantric or often referred to as the “G-Spot”. Massage this spot very gently. It may be uncomfortable to the receiver so be sure and watch your partner’s expression for cues.

This is the essence of a Yoni massage.