Yes, Tantra is a way of life!

Yes, Tantra is a way of life!
Tantric teachings are often assumed by westerners to focus only on sex, when  Tantra actually embraces sexuality in the same way that it embraces every other positive, healthful aspect of life. 

Dakini’s classes focus on embracing all the aspects of who we are to create more peace in our lives.

Dakini Bliss  offers individualized classes in Yoga, Meditation and/or Tantra.

All relationships can be blessed and blissful if our intentions and energy are set to flow that way.  
Learn the tools for relaxing in the flow of healthful, joyful connections with all your loved ones and associates. 

Dakini  offers coaching for the improvement of any relationship you hold dear, including the most sacred of all, your connection with yourself.

Public Speaking/Workshops
Dakini is available to create a customized presentation and/or interactive session for your group of any size.  Length and pricing of classes and workshops are flexible dependent on the venue and number of participants.

* Tantric Parenting is a state of mind. Together we will explore personal experiences from the trials and tribulations of parenting to develop a plan for mindfulparenting.  I will present exercises, meditations and affirmations for positive parenting to increase the joy in your family!

* TantricYogaDance requires no experience in dance or yoga and involves nothing explicitly erotic.
It is about uniting our spirits with our bodies in any movement that feels comfortable.  No rules… just flow.

* TantricYogaDance Goddesses Night Out for women who want to get out and dance in a wide open space with no alcohol or men’s intrusions. 

* Tantra Seminar can be combined with the dance class to create a longer workshop.  Or as a stand alone class for those who would rather listen and chat than move.
Dakini de-mystifies the subject of Tantra and addresses all aspects of Tantra.

Some explicit conversation and nudity optional.  Interaction and sense of humor highly recommended.  Just bring an open mind!