The Fine Art of Cunnilingus Pleasuring your Goddess!

Cunnilingus has been nicknamed the’ breakfast of champions’, as it transforms your sexual experiences from ordinary to extraordinary within 30 minutes.
When done properly,  cunnilingus,generates the deepest, loveliest orgasms ever
This isn’t  just about orgasms. Orgasms are not the sole goal of fabulous tantric sex.
Some women find it difficult to have orgasms; others can’t at all.
Perhaps you are dealing with other emotional barriers.
Couples, do not blame yourselves!   Not orgasming is fine, too. If you have a rough patch, visit a therapist.   But  if you’re in a healthy emotional state and your partner usually orgasms, the following should work.
How  does one best please those lovely feminine beings?
Whether you are a huge fan of  thee vulva, labia, clitoris or have been performing cunnlingus for years, these helpful tips highlight what the female yoni loves!

Familiarize Yourself with the Anatomy of Her Yoni.  All women grow hair down there; some remove it, some don’t. Either way, do not act disappointed with how her yoni presents. Negativity and rudeness fail to put any woman in the mood.  Work with what you have!
The external visible vagina is called the vulva. It consists of the labia majora, labia minora, the clitoral hood, the clitoris, urethra, vaginal opening, perineum, and anus. The above image should eliminate any confusion regarding the location of  these different parts.
Nota Bene:  Men, the clitoris, a bundle of highly sensitive glans, contains 8,000 sensory nerve fibbers, nearly twice as many as the tip of your lingam!Remember to always ask your female partner if she would something before doing it and stop when asked!
Learn about her sensitivity…Be aware of sensitivity. Eachclitoris differs in size, shape and  color, which means not every woman will enjoy the same amount of pressure placed on their clitoris by your tongue. So, listen to your partner so you can better understand how to pleasure her. Excessive pressure on a sensitive clitoris hurts!
Be patient…It may take a few minutes, or more, to figure out exactly where and how she is going to like having your tongue. But don’t give up! Nothing kills a romantic mood faster than a quitter.
Use your hands…As your agile tongue continues to work its magic,  use your fingers to help out. While a woman will more commonlyorgasm from clitoral stimulation, coupling the waves of pleasure with some penetration or external massaging feels awesome!
How are things down there?…Pay attention to her body signals. If she starts breathing faster or gripping something harder, you are likely doing something right. If she is screaming Don’t stop! you are clearly doing something right.You have found that sweet spot, so don’t change a thing! A moan does not mean Quick! Do something different and crazy with your tongue!  It means Stay. Right. There. 

Gently suck and nibble…Gentle sucking or nibbling of the clitoris or labia feels fabulous! Start as gently as possible at first, gradually increasing the strength. Starting off too hard when your partner hasn’t been revved up can be a little surprising.
Remember the vulva Practice the divine art of  Foreplay on the vulva. Take it very slow do not rush it. Not all women like an instant focus on the clitoris. To encourage the juices to really flow, focus your tongue and mouth on her thighs, labia and vaginal opening. You can even gently massage her vulva while kissing around the entire area or head to toe.
Intensify the orgasm…If you become quite skilled at reading her body signals, try stopping right before she is about to orgasm. Then, start back up again when the orgasm recedes. Building it up over and again makes for a far more intense orgasm. And women do love teasing nd being teased!
Tell her she’s sexy and gorgeous…Make sure your beloved knows you just love how she tastes or smells..Telling her she super sexy is a mega-confidence booster for females! That kind of confidence can also help her relax and let go, without dwelling on anything other than immediate pleasure.
Let her guide you..Ask her “Hon, should I go faster or slower? Am I in the right place?” Tell her you would appreciate her guidance on how to best bring her pleasure. After all, she has had her yoni longer than you have been pressing your face down there, so trust her to know what feels the best.
Continue to lick after she has had her first orgasm…If her clitoris is not overly sensitive, keep licking after she has had an orgasm.  You never really know how many orgasms she can have until you try! She may still be squirming, so ensure you’re not going too hard. Even after a few seconds, it still feels amazing and may prolong the intensity of her orgasm.
Note…Try different positions! Let your woman can sit on your face, lick her with your tongue while she is standing, or try ’69’.  Try cunnilingus from various positions and ask throughout what she actually enjoyed the most about those positions.
The Tantric Rule of Thumb: If in doubt, always ask! Communication is sexy and highly erotic.  Men, your brain is your biggest sex organ!  Your woman may not orgasm from these positions, but it will sure be a playful, passionate, pleasurable lovemaking session for both of you.