The Art and Soul of Orgasmic Kissing Secrets

In The Kama Sutra, a woman’s mouth perfectly mirrors her genitalia; i.e., the lips resemble the labia, the Cupid’s bow resemble the clitoris and the hard palate just above the front teeth resemble the G-spot.

When a man slowly caresses his female lover’s mouth with deep, passionate kisses, not only will he be rewarded with increased arousal but he may actually awaken her full orgasmic potential. 

Did you know that your lips contain 100 times more nerve endings than your fingertips?  Those tiny nerve endings on your lips all stimulate tremendous sexual desire, which is why smooching before, during and after sex is both extremely arousing and satisfying.

The Art and Soul of Orgasmic Kissing Tips

1. Pre-Kissing Preparation.  Advance preparation may not always be practical. After all, when an orgasmic kissing opportunity suddenly comes up, you must seize it or risk losing it forever. On the day of your rendez-vous with your partner, exfoliate your lips so as to bring them to their optimal, most sensitive state. Start by putting some Vaseline on your lips. Leave it on for five minutes. Then, take a warm face cloth and rub it around your lips in a gentle, circular motion to wipe off the dead skin. Once you are done, put another a light coat of Vaseline back on your lips. Soft lips always generate the best kisses!

2. Hygienic Check. Kissing combines taste, touch and smell with each sense capable of eliciting strong, sexual responses from your partner. So brush your teeth, floss and freshen your breath with a mint-flavoured antiseptic mouthwash. Also, use a scraper to clean your tongue as well as an old toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Thus, your mouth is transformed into the ultimate instrument for seductive kissing. Naturally you must always shower immediately before going on a date, even if had already showered that morning. No sane woman enjoys being in close proximity to a man who smells bad.

3. Perfect Mood. To achieve the ideal state for the orgasmic kiss, your spiritual and emotional state must be balanced, and your must be in tune with your heart and emotions. Tap into your heightened state of awareness of the immense pleasure you feel while kissing your partner. Do a mini meditation session to dispel all disturbing thoughts and and any stres you are currently undergoing. Strive to be in the Now, as if you and your partner are the only living creatures on Earth.  As soon as you get distracted, you will emotionally lose your partner, no matter how well you have been following the orgasmic kissing techniques. If your hormones are not on fire, it will be tough to ignite hers. If you have any physical pain, take painkillers prior to your date to so that your negative physical sensations do not risk spoiling your time together.

4. Foreplay. Just as sufficient foreplay is needed to increase arousal and achieve orgasm during penetrative sex; the same rule also applies to a mouth orgasm. In lieu of plunging your tongue into her mouth à la French kiss, build intensity and arousal by first softly licking and nipping around her mouth.
Combine love-bites and licks over the Cupid’s bow, into the corners and just beneath her lower lip. Include the sucking of her top and bottom lips. Alternate this with a soft swishing of your lips back and forth against hers and then pulling back to flick your tongue against her mouth. These techniques will boost blood flow to her lips, thus creating incredibly tingling sensations.

5. How to Start?  Start by picking a perfect position for your kiss. If you hopeto help your woman reach orgasm by just kissing, the position must be ideal. Your body should completely touch hers. This way, you both will get excited and the fire will burn more and more between you two. Make sure that your erogenous zones touch hers, especially your lower torso. In this way, you can easily excite your woman and help her reach orgasm. You will also be excited as the female touch can overwhelm you in its intensity! Be savvy enough to use body movements while giving her the orgasmic kiss. Pushing your body against hers is a very effective, sexy technique!  Whatever position you choose, take your hand and place it on the back of your partner’s neck. Then, place the palm of your hand at the base of her head and neck with your thumb right behind the ear. Use your fingers to play with their hair. Now tilt the head to the desired position. Gently pull your partner towards you and rub your lips against hers.  Observe the softness of her lips. Use the tip of your tongue to lick your partner’s lips. When the moment feels right, insert the tip of your tongue inside her mouth, and then pull back. Take your tongue and circle the tip of your partner’s tongue with yours and pull back. Licking the top, underside, and sides of her tongue and pull back.  Continue doing this with rhythmic movements.
Men initiate open-mouth kissing to transfer libido-boosting testosterone to their partner. So, ladies, when he gets a bit more aggressive, it’s about more than his desire; he also wants you to be more amorous!

6. Gentle Tickle and Dart. After the first few kisses, lightly tickle your partner’s lips with the tip of your tongue. You do not want to lather her lips; just brush across them lightly like a butterfly’s wings. This move conveys a touch of innocence tinged with a willingness to explore, which is very enticing to the one you are kissing.  Then gently press the tip of your tongue against your partner’s lips. When your partner opens her lips to accept you,slowly and softly dart your tongue into her mouth and then pull it back out. Continue darting your tongue in and out, as you vary the length of the contact. Take a cue from your partner’s own response and do whatever feels natural to you both.

7. Attention to Details. Since people often give out what they would like to receive, focus on how she kisses you. Indeed, that’s likely how she wants you to kiss her. When her lips are swollen and darker in colour, she may be more than ready for you to take the plunge; much like her labia. Begin teasing her by gently sliding your tongue back and forth and in and out of her mouth.
Note that the successful French kiss hinges upon relaxing your lips and opening your mouth only halfway.  If you notice an increase in your saliva (natural occurrence as men become aroused) and wish to avoid slobbering, simply retract your tongue, kiss her lips with a closed mouth and take a moment to swallow the excess saliva before inserting your tongue again.

8. Soft Murmur.  You may murmur a little “Mmm…” once in a while while kissing. The sound alone lets your partner know how much you are enjoying the kiss, but the soft vibration this creates against her lips just might send a shiver through her.  Avoid  murmuring too much as it’s distracting and sounds fake. Let the sound escape your lips naturally when you’re really into that kiss.

9. Spice It Up. When French kissing your lover, loosen your tongue and switch between flicking, lapping and poking. Include the occasional light sucking of her tongue. Convert your mouth into a soft, suctioning apparatus on her tongue. If you wish, suck on her tongue mimicking how you would suck on her clitoris. She will catch on quickly and perhaps after that you can let her suck on your finger so that she can return the favour. In the classic seductive kissing technique called ‘The Swirl and Poke,’ you relax your mouth, then use your tongue to alternate a swirling action with a poking action.

10. Secret Little Spots. The roof of a women’s mouth is a highly sensitive but neglected erogenous zone. It is also directly connected to her G-spot. Start off French kissing, then simply stretch your tongue up to the roof (palate) of her mouth where you gently rub and flick it.  This intense technique will cause her to shudder as it is so unexpected and quite ticklish.
Another titillating technique is to run your tongue along the inside of her upper lip.  Women claim that this move makes their knees buckle!

11. Play with her Lips.  If licking her lips makes you crave more, then start sucking on her lips, one at a time. After all, nobody wants to feel as if their mouth is stuck on an open vacuum.
Be careful when you suck on her lips; don’t get too rough or you’ll end up giving her a hickey, which would like very juvenile.

12. The Perfect Tempo.  The best chance of triggering her mouth orgasm is to create a sensual rhythm. With all your probing and retreating, pushing and pulling and soft and rough kissing; the pulsating tempo will take no time to move from her mouth to the apex of her thighs; causing her to throb and swell in lust.

13. Keep Breathing. Take regular breaks to pull away and gaze into your partner’s eyes. This gives you both a chance to catch your breath and share a smile. Kissing is not a competition, so stretching your mutual abilities beyond their limits is ill advised. Everything about orgasmic kissing should be fun, easy, and pleasurable. Give her a chance to breathe properly by occasionally breaking off your mouth-to-mouth assault. Then, kiss her on other places of her face and body.

14. Assume Control. The next time you are kissing her, hold her face with your hands and kiss her the way you would like to be kissed. If she fails to get aroused when you assume control, your sensual tongue will likely do the trick. Try not to bump noses. Slightly angle your face to avoid any collisions. 

15. Perfect Invasion. Invading is a bold move designed to elicit a big response, only top be done if your partner is into full contact French kissing.. When passions run high and the moment seems right, fully extend your tongue into your partner’s mouth, using a combined darting and swinging technique. When you are invading, these techniques are bolder; however, don’t overdo them or you may risk gagging your partner, the fastest way to destroy an awesome kiss. The worst kissing mistake a man can make is overpowering a woman early on by diving straight into deep-mouth kissing. Meanwhile, many women prefer to build up to that. Men, view kissing as a seduction that should start off simply and build in intensity as things progress.

16. Move Beyond. Why confine yourself to kissing just her lips? There is a whole face and body to explore so gently French kiss her chin, neck and breasts. Don’t be shy.  Kiss her eyes, the spot behind her ears or her wrists.
Creativity yields some surprisingly pleasurable benefits. Just be willing to try anything. Happily, if you have never been complimented on your kissing style to date, rest assured that you now know the basics of proper orgasmic kissing. 
Moreover, when you kiss a woman and then pull back but her eyes stay closed for just a moment longer, it usually means that she thoroughly enjoyed the kiss. At this point, you can likely move forward to the next phase in your juicy seduction.