The ABC’s of Sex Coaching

When I say that I work as a sex coach, some find it a bit confusing.

Often I hear, “So you must be a sex worker?” Not exactly. “So, what is it then that you do?”

The recent film, “The Sessions” features Helen Hunt and John Hawkes as a sex surrogate and her disabled client.

Sex coaches act as educators because most North Americans have received a zero to sub-standard sex education. People need to learn the vital sexual information that nobody ever taught them from a compassionate professional who understands sex and will not pontificate on a client’s sexual practices. That job is for a priest, not a sex coach!
Sex coaching differs from therapy as it does not focus as much on healing past wounds as much as it does about creating your life in the present.

Sex coaching can be very therapeutic, while addressing your specific concerns in a empowering way so that you can transform your life.
Not all sex coaches are created equal as no standardized sex coaching training program exists.  Yet, some programs do train sex coaches in specific types of coaching practices. For instance, some coaches work hands-on with clients. They may sit alongside a female client and help her learn how to achieve orgasm while she self-pleasures. Some coaches lend more than a helping hand. Some practitioners called Sexological Body Workers use a highly skilled, hands-on approach to help those overcome their blocks , which can be very powerful for the right clients.
Sex coaching has made the news recently, which is true progress even FOX News is talking about sex coaching!  Sex coaching has been sensationalized and even ridiculed due to the fact that there is no clear understanding of what sex coaches do.
Since Sex coaching is relatively new, many have no baseline information on it.
People are hung up about sex and do not realize that they actually need to study, learn and be guided in order to blossom into the best lovers and most joyful sexual beings ever.
Many  different kinds of sex coaches exist.  I have developed a unique, organic coaching system based upon my 20 years of working with clients. Every individual who wants to seriously address their sexual issues needs to do certain things in order to grow, shift their thinking and transform into a well-ntegrated sexual being.
I adopt a holistic approach to sexuality in my coaching practice. After, all sex does operate within the context of one’s life, and that context must be worked on, not just what happens in the sex act itself.  Thus, my work also encompasses your relationships, emotional patterns, body image, overall health status and sexual shame issues.
My powerful work creates lasting transformation in my client’s lives. I enjoy helping women and couples transform how they approach sex, love their bodies, develop and fulfill desire and shift old, frustrating patterns. I strive to help them reach the deeper intimacy and nurture the pleasurable relationships they so richly deserve.  It’s a veritable honor to midwife clients through the extremely sensitive process of coming home to Self and honouring their deepest desires.
If you are  interested in sex coaching, feel free to reach out by making that  phone call to see if my help is right for you. If I’m not the right fit, I will direct you to the appropriate professional.

Everyone needs help with their sexuality at some point but the vast majority will never seek out support.

Will you choose to prioritize your sexuality and develop your sexual life? Or will you let it quietly fade into oblivion, leaving it alone to eat away at itself in shame? The choice is yours.   So, now you know that you have real options in order to develop your sexuality.

Are you on the sexual and spiritual path?
Does it include your sexual expression?   Devi Bliss is dedicated to helping you liberate your full sacred sexual expression.
Whether you are married, dating, or single, I can help you experience more connection.
I  work with other sacred sex educators to empower your natural wisdom and creative flow.
My heartfelt mission is to enhance your sexual intuition, intelligence and inspiration.
I offer sessions  to activate  the 2nd chakra or sex center, also the source of creativity.
I offer private sessions for women and couples.
I also specialize in working with artists, teachers and healers.