Tantric/Taoist Techniques to Open The Autobahn to Enlightenment!  


Sense your freedom as you gaze inward, grasping your emptiness. 
Sense your love as you gaze outward, grasping your fullness.
The unfolding dance of Creation embodies infinite freedom and eternal love.
Awakening and energizing the Central Channel was foundational to all ancient forms of Spirituality.  At times, this process would occur as a side effect of related intense spiritual ritual; however,  knowing gurus would usually impart one or more direct tools to promote the opening of this centre most bioenergetic pathway.   In Tantric Yoga,  the central column or Sushumna Nadi is comprised of at least four increasingly narrow columnar layers (Vajra Nadi, Chitti Nadi and Brahma Nadi all within the larger Sushumna). In Esoteric Taoism, the central channel is called Chong Mai or Tai-Ji Pole.
The opening of this channel is crucial to the Enlightenment process.  This innermost core of the central channel houses the seven primary Chakras of the human energy system. As the Channel becomes more open and energized, the Chakras start to open more fully, operating at increasingly higher levels of functionality and harmony.  As the Chakras increasingly awaken all their associated physical, emotional, mental and eventually psychic or Spiritual abilities begin to heal and unfold.   The Central Channel houses the essence of the human Soul, operating through the body.  By healing and awakening this Channel, your Soul Consciousness becomes fully functional in the outer world.  Moreover, it is vital to awaken and clear the Central Channel in order to rouse the dormant Kundalini Shakti energy at the base of the spine, which fuels Enlightenment.  Since all the subordinate channels (Nadis) link to and flow off the central Channel, they will become healthier and better nourished through its growth, enhanceing the function of every body organ and system.  
Tantric Yoga Techniques.     Tantric Yoga and Taoist Esoteric Yoga are two comprehensive systems that have been unveiled to the world at large. Plus, the Tantric system is especially rich in its teachings and methods on how to awaken the Central Channel (Sushumna Nadi).  Tantra imparts several highly effective physical exercises and positions along with powerful breath regulation (Pranayama), auditory chants (Mantras) and mental visualizations to boost and revitalize the Central Channel and Chakras, as well as the Kundalini rooted within.
This practice is designed to access and expand awareness of your natural life force energy  moving throughout your entire body.  It supports a relaxed body-mind, open heart and greater awareness of the present moment.  Moreover, it amplifies and redistributes your sexual energy, from nose to toes.

4 Keys of Tantra: Breath, Sound, Movement, Awareness.  You are born knowing the essence of tantra. The four fundamentals are natural to the human condition. Our first independent act at birth is breathing. After our first breath, we cry (sound) to expand our lungs.  These two crucial acts help infants shift from living in their mother’s womb to breathing and surviving on their own.  Next, the infant moves its arms and legs, exploring its surrounding space. All this arises within awareness.
Standing or Lying Down. Do the following practices either standing, legs hip-width apart and knees slightly bent or lying comfortably on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  
Try both ways to see which you prefer. 
The Sipping Breath and “AHHH” Sound.  The Sipping Breath amplifies awareness of inhalation as you draw air deep into your belly.  Such breathing boosts your circulation and oxygen levels, thus increasing your perception of pleasure and vitality.
• Place your hands just below the navel and pucker your lips as if sipping through a straw. 
• Leave a slight gap between the lips and inhale deeply through the mouth. Feel your belly expand. 
• Then, relax your mouth, drop the shoulders; let the air flow out effortlessly, making an “AHHH” sound throughout the exhalation.
Pelvic Rocking  (adding external movements) 
• Visualize a channel of energy running up the centreof the body, just in front of the spine, from the perineum (area between genitals and anus) up to the top of the head.  
• Focus on rotating your pelvis by moving it forward and backward.  As you inhale, arch your lower back, the butt will naturally stick out slightly. As you exhale, tuck the tailbone under, flatten your lower back and round your shoulders.  As the pelvis rotates, your whole spinal column is naturally engaged. This causes the head to fall back slightly (as you arch the lower back) and fall forward slightly (as you round the shoulders).
• Once you have mastered this movement, add the “Sipping Breath.”  Inhale deeply. Can you feel the breath activating the energy in the perineum as you arch your lower back?  Exhale with an “Ahhh,” as you tuck your tailbone under and round your shoulders.  
• Then, as you inhale visualize sipping the energy up from the perineum towards the heart. As you exhale with an “Ahhh,”  feel the energy moving back towards the perineum. 
• Proceed at a rate that feels right for you. Note an increased awareness of your life force energy as it starts to move up and down the central channel.
• When ready, quicken, then slow the pace down.  Relax and enjoy the raising sensations as you explore the central channel. 
The PC Pump (adding internal movements)
Use Kegels to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor (pubococcygeal) muscles. Becoming more aware of how to consciously engage these muscles permits you to more effectively channel your sexual energy. This practice supports both men and women in achieving multiple full-body orgasms. Indeed, men can even develop the ability to choose when or if they ejaculate. 

• Start paying attention to the pelvic floor. Squeeze the PC muscles, as if stopping urine flow.  Try to isolate the various muscles around the urethra and anus.  
• Rest your arms by your sides.  As you inhale, contract your PC muscles.  At the same time, squeeze your hands into fists as a reminder to contract the pelvic floor muscles. 
• As you exhale, relax your hands and your PC muscles.  Do this several times until it feels more natural.
• Add the Sipping Breath on the inhale and “Ahhh” on the exhale.
• Once that is established, add the Pelvic Rock. On the inhale, sip in the breath as you arch your back and squeeze the PC and fists.  On the exhale, make the “Ahhh” sound as you flatten the lower back and relax the PC and hands. 
• Now, perform all the steps and, on the inhale, visualize energy moving up the central channel from the pelvic floor toward the crown of the head. On the exhale, visualize the energy moving back down the central channel to the pelvic floor. As you do this practice, you will become aware of increased energy and vitality circulating throughout the body. 
Awareness.  Look within; notice the empty space or void that exists before thoughts arise.
If you are curious about this void, ask yourself what was present prior to all experience? 
Notice that this fundamental space of awareness never changes. It is infinite and eternal.  Awareness is your fundamental nature.
Opening the central channel increases awareness, well being and vitality. A regular practice promotes an easier, more joyful life as you tap into the orgasmic energy of Source Consciousness, underlying all creation.
Strive to regularly open the central channel so as to boost your awareness and vitality while enhancing your orgasmic potential, both within and beyond a sexual context!