Tantric Touch…Rules on Engaging the Other

 1. Gift of Individual.   Each one of us embodies pure essence of spirit.

Each has the ability to perfect sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion
 Each is given perfection of the physical world in which to journey the earth plane.

The only limit of potential is those we place upon ourselves.

With all of this a gift of the earth plane each person can work with the pure essence of the universe at every level
creating their individual ways.
These are the ways as created through self.
Due to the infinite nature of the universe, these ways may not be the ways of another.

2.   Gift of Polarity.   
In joining the earth plane, each is given the road of polarity.
So ,each of us is made of the realms of light and dark, day and night, harmony and disharmony, moon and sun.
With the ability of sacred mind, one can rise above duality to see and move with all that exist.
In the gift of relationship, the door is opened to another level of these same energies.
At this level one can shift and change their personal energies, views and ways of self.
Because of free will, changes in another can only be accomplished by that person’s inner world and not by forces, powers and energies existing within our world.
We honor their circle, love, compassion, energies, and harmonies of the sun and moon existing within them.

3.    Gift of Relationship.  
The gift of relation creates forward motion through the doors of duality and oneness. 
The art of relationship and all energies that enter the circle are perfect.
 Passing into the circle of another must have agreement.
Oneness with another is only understood when oneness is known through the eye of the inner self.

Connections with another through all levels whether it be one of acquaintance or deep connection is understood first through the doors of the inner self.
In relationships, one only goes to the level in which they can leave the circle of the other with the elements of love and compassion…no expectation.
Any hurt or pain is understood in the circle of self and can be transformed to love and compassion.
Another cannot create our world view or feelings.

4.   Energies of Agreement.  
The highest connection possible is the soul connection of spirit.
One doorway of this realm is understood through the coming together of male and female within one’s self.
At another level,that doorway can exist with another person and is the absolute connection between the two coming together in the realm of 
sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion.

As two enter within each other’s circles, there is no right or wrong, only perfection.
Their movement and connections are understood in the energies of perfect agreement.
All seek the highest energy flow possible with another.
We can go as far as our understanding of our light and shadow, sun and moon within our own world along with our perceptions of their light and shadow, sun and moon as understood in sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion.
Because each one is gifted the essence of infinite, no way can another truly forecast the energies and response or views created within our personal world.
For those to be understood by another they first must be communicated, the door to assuming another might know ones inner self is always closed.
 The power to understand another’s inner world that has not been communicated is only for that of the Great Mystery.
All levels of connection are agreed upon including
sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion.
All resistant energy forms must be honored until agreement has entered the circle.
All communication which we offer out positive or negative are of our own creation and are the result of the teachings that have made their way to our inner circle.
Partners are catalysts propelling forward motion of our energies and evoke those qualities we seek at the highest levels or spirit and healing.
Partners are not responsible for our responses.
In harmonic movements of energies, partners merge in agreement with all energies flowing in the circle.
We seek the highest form of possible positive response created through our forward motion of thought.
Negative responses are our own creational energies unhealed doorways and fears.
It is up to the partners to inform the other of negative flows which we may not see, so awareness can enter the circle.
Such responses can only be heard through the doors of love, compassion, kindness and feelings of well being.
Connections to another … the highest form of communication … allow duality to find oneness and
require no expectations of that circle or beyond that circle.
Possibilities of connection are always infinite and ever changing.

5.   Laws of Attraction.   
One attracts the elements found within ourselves which is felt in the unspoken circle of another.
Understanding one’s self allows  one to understand the other.
Understanding the other allows one to understand the self.
Illusions of attractions are met with inner disharmonies and the gifts of polarity.
These doors assist one in finding their own inner love, compassion, purity. and healing and to attain clarity of sacred mind.

One is responsible for their own response in the circle with another.
 Disharmony creates more disharmony and lower levels of spirit and energy in a downward spiral.

Love and compassion generate more love and compassion.