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Tantra today is caught up in an air of mystery or a secret sex cult. While Tantra is enshrouded by its sexual aspects, the broader approaches of breath work, meditation, movement and ritual are much larger components. If we replace the word Zen with Tantra, it helps to demystify it. Zen is defined as an approach, a way of seeing the world, a meditative state of mind; such enlightenment can be attained through meditation, contemplation, and intuition.

Tantra is about expansion, connection with the universe, and a way of achieving unity.  Ultimately, Tantra is about shifting our perception of reality. Tantric Massage aims to use various techniques, deep breathing, relaxation, connecting exercises to help drop you into reality to truly see, feel and experience the sensation in the body, senses and energy.

Even if you start out just interested in learning about the sexual aspects of Tantra, you will inevitably learn about many other aspects of the philosophy. Ideally, you will absorb the best of both worlds — the sexual and sensual advice you desire, and the spiritual outlook you need to transform your life.  And once you delve into Tantric sexuality, you will be inspired to research Tantric beliefs on spirituality.

The seven key principles which Tantric massage seeks to incorporate are Surrender, Awareness, Movement, Breath, Sound, Intention, and Acceptance.
Use theses keys for every aspect of your daily life…work, sex, health, love and communication. Tantra supports our living a liberating, satisfying life while  tantric massage fuses these elements together in a sublime, heartfelt way.