Sacred TANTRIC TOUCH Massage  helps you experience firsthand the delightful,  healing power of Tantra. You will be fully nurtured In a safe, sacred space. The journey unfolds entirely according to your choices. You will be encouraged to choose only those aspects of the session that are most desirable and comfortable.
Through sacred ritual and a sensual Tantric massage, you will gently settle into a peaceful, expanded state. Your sense of time disappears, physical boundaries dissolve, worries and problems fade away.
This Sacred Tantric Healing is an experience of exquisite touch and sensation. Your senses will be nourished and enlivened with mesmerizing music, aromatherapy, warmed natural massage oils and lotions, and soft candlelight. This sublime healing offers a time of intimate self-indulgence that we so seldom allow ourselves.
Through specific types of touch and mudras (hand and finger positions) used during the session, you may experience a release of deep-seated emotions accompanied by physical sensations. You will be gently guided and supported if this arises, and encouraged to use breath and sound to move through these emotions smoothly and effectively. It is through the healing of our past that we open the door to a more expanded realm of sacred desire and pleasure.
A Sacred Tantric Healing session is an experience of being totally connected, awake, and alive in a state of vibrant, loving, erotic energy. This is a very special gift to your spirit as well as to your body. To schedule a private session or obtain more information, please call  613 878-8179.
What happens in a Session?   At Tantric Touch, I am committed to your overall well being. You will receive maximum benefit from your experience in individual sessions, so do come to the session with an open mind, a commitment to be real and a willingness to add new experiences to your life. The more strongly you show up for your experience, the more I can support you.
Your session begins with a consultation to determine your priorities, this may include a discussion of your past relationships, your sexual history, your health and family background, in order to best understand your needs. Your session may cover any of the following:
  • Increasing your energy and enthusiasm for sex naturally, so you remember what it feels like when sexual energy flows through your body.
  • Ways to approach your partner so that the sexual interactions are more loving and connected.
  • Understanding how to approach potential lovers and have a conscious conversation about your desires in relating.
  • Being in alignment with yourself and learning how to express freely, without agendas and expectations.
  • Reconnecting with your masculine / feminine essence to increase your vitality and passion for life.
  • Learning to be in the moment each day.
Tantric Breath work & Bodywork…The consultation is followed by a Tantric breathwork and bodywork session where you lie on a massage table and will be guided with your breath to relax and feel into your body. At the same time, the practitioner will make contact with various points on your body to support you:
  • to feel your natural flow of energy
  • to experience all the feelings and sensations moving through you
  • to allow natural expression of your body and voice
  • to release previously held tension in the body
  • to come out of the head and into the body
  • to release memories and feelings that may have kept you stuck in life
  • to drop societal expectations, fear and judgment about sex
  • to know yourself as orgasmic bliss
  • reconnecting with your positive polarity – the heart for women and the penis for men
  • for women, to embrace the receptivity of your feminine
  • for men, to discover the true potency of your masculine
During the bodywork, you may experience a deep healing, release of past emotions and memories, a heightened state of arousal or deep relaxation. The important thing is learning to trust your body and being to take you where you need to go, without struggling or pushing for an outcome. The bodywork has been developed to support men and women to re-embrace their orgasmic bliss. When you make a commitment to go for bliss and realness in your life, the tension falls away, leaving you more present and available for life to open you.
Tantric bodywork and breathwork can also support you with…
For men
  • premature ejaculation
  • lack of erection or difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • prostate health
For women
  • inability to orgasm
  • vaginismus
  • numbness in the body
What happens in a couple’s session?  Couples sessions begin with a consultation to hear from each of you what your priorities for the session are and how you would like to improve your relating. This is then followed by bodywork demonstration on one or both of you so that you can begin to see and feel new ways of opening each other to a deeper, more connected and loving sexual interaction.
How many sessions do I need?   This is best discussed at your first session. It’s normally recommended to have a minimum of 3 sessions and the maximum benefits can be received from 6 to 8 sessions.
How long is a session?   Individual sessions are 2 hours and couples sessions are 3 hours.
Where are sessions held?   Ottawa- based sessions are held in Ottawa east and I can to travel to you after our first session in my studio.
Do I need to practice at home?  Yes, You will be provided with individual and / or partnered exercises to practice at home, depending on your situation.
Are the individual sessions interactive?    The session is your opportunity to have a new experience internally. Often when people move interactively they lose themselves in the other, so focus on your inner world and the sensations that open you to knowing a deeper level of yourself. This is how you learn  to accumulate energy in order to  are better  connect with your partner or future partners.