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Tantra is Goddess Worship and originated in cultures  closely connected with the earth and our natural cycles. They worshipped the divine in feminine form. 

Tantra emphasizes yin love making and being rather than doing. In Tantric practice, the woman often leads and sets the pace. Her well being and pleasure is of the upmost concern.  In Tantra, Women are revered as Shakti, the creative and sexual power.

Having studied Goddess history and  Female Spirituality,  I am passionate about women’s empowerment. I would love to share this deep Goddess wisdom with you in a Tantric Touch Session for Women.
Tantric Arts Session for Women…I teach techniques and skills for taking your lover to new heights of pleasure. You can teach your man ejaculation mastery, how to stay on the edge as long as you want, and to experience prolonged, full body, multiple, and non-ejaculatory orgasm. You can teach your lover how to bring you more pleasure, orgasmic energy, and multiple full body orgasms. I can instruct you on amrita or female ejaculation, frigidity, and any other relationship or sexual issues you may wish to address. These sessions are teaching sessions only and can include a model and male tantric.
Additional Sessions…I also offer more experiential sessions for women who may enjoy receiving loving, nurturing, and/or erotic touch from a woman. All sessions available to men are also available to women at a $50 discount.