In Tantra, proper breathing is vital for longer streams of orgasms.
Breathing heats your sexual juices, keeping them flowing with a youthful vitality.
Breathing helps you maintain mental, physical and spiritual vibrancy.
Breathing practice is derived from the orgone energy practice of  Reichian and  Bioenergetics therapies, as well as thecobra fire orgasm breath.
Breath brings back the squirting stream in male ejaculation and removes the female’s blocked ardor, and strengthens female orgasmic sensations and promotes her amrita ejaculation.  Breath awakens the senses of love.

The Standing Belly: Standing up, place your hands on your belly. Let your mouth fall open. Now inhale fully from the mouth and push your belly outwards, then exhale from the  mouth and bring your belly back in.  Remember this in/out breathing is through the mouth, not the nose. Focus on your breath and inner body. Fill your belly and chest equally with breath.
The Raggedy Ann Swing:   Swing your body around side to side, letting your hands flop from side to side, while breathing in and out of the mouth. Scan the room with your eyes.
The Squat Movement: Inhale as you go down into a squat position and exhale on the way up while straightening your legs. Continue to inhale and exhale from the mouth.

Do the above exercises for 15 minutes, breathing 10 times for each one.

  • Next, lie down on a mat with your knees bent.
  • Your breathing changes here, so be mindful.
  • Breathe in through the nose, your tongue on the roof of your mouth, your lips sealed.
  • Now, exhale with your mouth open and squeeze the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles.
  • On the inhale, tilt your pelvis by arching your lower back and then flattening the lower back on the exhale, while slightly lifting the pelvis.
  • When exhaling, your pelvis should be moving upwards toward the sky.
  • Open and close your legs in a butterfly-like motion.
  • You will experience your own full body energy orgasm.
  • Just let your go here and move your energy up the Chakra channel to your Crown, the top of the head.
I am  Dakini Devi Bliss,  a Certified Tantric Practitioner, Educator and  Blissful Bodyworker. A gifted, lifelong spiritual seeker, I have been  formally trained in energetic aura manipulation, Kundalini awakening, Tantric healing,  massage therapy and Reiki. In my multiple-disciplined approach,  I manipulate sexual energy for the highest good. With a background in tantra, kundalini yoga, meditation, qi gong, energy work, sexual psychology and relationship coaching, I employ a uniquely rich healing blend for each client. My tantra training initiation was a lengthy process extending over several years, including studies in India, to gain the experience needed to teach others.  My spiritually-based professional practice is ideal for those wish to open up to a higher, enlightened state. My work is geared for those interested in using tantra to create kundalini awakening, and a deeper connection to their partner(s). I possess a nurturing, joyful nature with a peaceful warrior mindset.