TANTRIC Nuts & Honey Milkshake…delicious and nutritious!

Honey  has high nutritive value and is loaded with vitamins. However ,the food value of honey is offset by its high presence of sugar (approximately 80%)!

 Honey is a direct plant product because of the nectar, pollen and cane sugar being secretions of flowers!!   As they are all digested by honey bees, they get mixed with the bees’ saliva and undergo  a chemical transformation due to enzyme action. At this stage, sucrose (sucrose) is converted into dextrose and levulose (invert sugar).   At this same time, the secretions of honeybees are added to the mixture and the water content gets reduced (so honey thickens). 

The whole mixture is then collected into the crop of honeybees…until the bees reach the hive. When the bees reach the hive, they regurgitate this compound  into the hive cel.   Now it is officially ‘Honey’.

3            Dry figs
6           Pitted Dates
5             Almonds
5             Cashew nuts
5              Pistachios
5              Walnuts
2              Teaspoons Piyal seeds (sarai paruppu)
1               large  Banana
2              Tablespoons Honey
4 cups   Organic whole milk 4 cups.

M e t h o d

  • Blend the above ingredients with ice cubes in a blender together until frothy.
  • Serve in a tall glass.  

This  makes a healthy breakfast for folks on the go who want to maintain a high protein diet.