Tantric Meditation for couples

Take a moment and seek out your sacred space to share this meditation with your lover…

WE ARE ALL ONE Connected energetically as ONE United Human BEING of LOVE & LIGHT with Mother Earth and the Universe at large. 

To Heal ONE within our Great Vastness, is to HEAL ALL as ONE Humanity & ONE EARTH.

This Healing is intended from the Infinite Source, the Heart of the Creator~Creation by way of the HEART of the Universe in Alignment with Our Great Center Sun…through the Heart of the Galaxy, from the Heart of Our Solar System, blazing into the Heart of Mother Earth, shining through & Radiating up into Your HEART and Throughout your Body…

Imagine and SEE Golden White Light Flowing down through your Crown Chakra, piercing your Heart from the ONE HEART of the Creator~Creation…Also See Light coming up from the Central Core of Mother Earth meeting in a spiraling ignition that pulsates throughout the WHOLE of your Bodies: 

& Etheric… 

Balancing the Divine Light within you, with ALL Life surrounding you with the Purest LOVE of the Creator~Creation. 

As you SEE yourSELF as ONE Bright,  Shining Being of Light, SEE  your connection to the WHOLE of ALL as a grid of Light surrounding Our Earth Plane with each point illuminated and streaming effortlessly from ONE point Above and Around into ALL points simultaneously in a Glorious Glow of Radiance, throbbing as a beating Heart.


FEEL IT Beat in Sync with Your Heart…

♥SEE this as the ONE HEART WE SHARE♥ 

YOU are P~erfect.
YOU are O~neness.
YOU are W~hole.
YOU are E~xcellent.
YOU are R~adiant.


Focus and Intent this for 30 minutes up to 1 Hour.

Please Drink and a full glass of Pure Water Before and After this Meditation. 

Thank you with the Infinite Energy of Gratitude.

FEEL the LOVE of the ONE.

In the LOVE LIGHT of the ONE INFINITE CREATOR~CREATION, WE intend your Healing and Balancing with Universal LOVE & Divine LIGHT.

As We Intend,
So it shall BE.

Our Intention is to Re~Balance our BEING as ONE HUMAN GROUP; ONE EARTH Consciousness.

The LAW is ONE.