Tantric touch  accessing the divine through the body

Tantra denotes a more spiritual approach to sexuality, but its practice comprises much more. This ancient philosophical system and spiritual practice dates back 5,000 years, unifying such traditions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Hatha Yoga. Accordingly, Tantra, a yogic tradition, exemplifies a concept inherent in the meaning of the word itself: To weave together The word yoga means union, with oneself, with one’s divine nature, and ultimately with all creation.

From its inception, Tantra was radical as it challenged the Indian caste system by its inclusiveness. Moreover, by honoring women, Tantra highlights the female aspect of divinity as integral to the creative/sexual life force. Tantra is not about separation and limiting life through boundaries. Rather, it is about challenging those boundaries and the accepted social mores.

In the Tantric tradition, the body is viewed as a sacred vehicle, to be honored, and sex is an essential component on that spiritual path. The practice of Tantra adopts a body-positive approach, working with the body to attain awareness and enlightenment, by engaging the Kundalini, the creative/sexual energy, coiled at the base of the spine.

When the Kundalini is activated, the male and female energies rise up the spine, course throughout the body, and unite at the top of the head, much as the couple intertwines and unites in the sexual act, dissolving the illusion that we are separate from and alone in the world. In many respects, the sexual act is the most direct means to access this sense of oneness. When two ostensibly opposite forces (genders, orientations, bodies, movements) merge, they are experienced as complements, part of the same unifying force.

The awakened Kundalini, an extremely powerful force, dissolves old patterns and demands our full engagement due to its healing and transformative potential. Indeed, Tantric texts warn about the necessity of having a proper foundation and a purity in body, mind, and spirit in order to work responsibly with the Kundalini. Tantrikas practice consciously work with the sexual energy to expand their capacity to integrate both male and female energies. When this is done, one has the capacity to be present to the moment, to oneself and to others.

The goal of Tantric practices is to transcend the experienced world, both internal and external. Rather than escape, it involves complete immersion in an experience. It is about living life to its fullest, including all its pleasure and pain, all its highs and lows, without becoming lost, clinging to our pleasure or clutching our pain. It is about allowing life to flow through us, to feel it fully and release into it, to transform and to transcend. However, to transcend, we need to know our surroundings: ourselves, our bodies, and the world around us. Moreover, in order to experience the full continuum of sensations, we cannot deny or numb out the world or our physical desires.

By experiencing all that our form and life can offer us, we touch the infinite. We sense our unity with all things: with ourselves when we truly listen to our bodies, with another when we make love, and with life itself when we live authentically.

Tantra combines the concepts of freedom and pleasure. Our search for pleasure, according to the Tantric tradition, is a quest for bliss (ANANDA). In addition, pleasure, fully realized, is our true nature. So, denying ourselves pleasure is denying our true nature. In fact, Tantrikas believe that pleasure causes no harm, if pursued with responsibility to oneself and to others. The Tantric path is a genuine middle path (a Buddhist concept of appreciating life by not going to extremes of denial or indulgence) that cultivates a way of being which transcends ideas of pleasure and pain.

Tantra seeks to expand into daily life those sacred moments when we access a larger truth, a greater sense of being. As well, Tantra seeks to expand ordinary moments of pleasure so they reveal their true nature, which is bliss of the Self (atman). A common fallacy is confusing Tantric bliss with simple orgasmic pleasure. Some people cultivate a limited sexual experience and see this the point of Tantric practices, instead of awakening to their true potential,

Essentially, the intention is to fully awaken to one’s own body and its desires, the mind and its ideas, the spirit and its light  and to embrace these fully, as they all emanate from the same source. Experiencing life at this level is awakening to our splendor, and understanding that body, mind, and soul are party to this interplay where life forever flows, and we are forever in movement, forever at play, forever part of a greater source of infinite pleasure and absolute love. This is our true nature, the wellspring from whence we come.

My work as a Tantrika continually reminds me of our physical capacity to creatively move through life with pleasure and bliss.

Tantric buddhist verse:

he man [sees] the woman as a goddess
The woman [sees] the man as a god.
By joining the diamond scepter and lotus,
They should make offerings to each other. There is no worship apart from this.
… Candamaharosana-tantra

The forms expressing this union are based upon the germinal mantra Om mani padme Hum’. This mantra contains both mani, meaning jewel, synonym for vajra, the word which means diamond, thunderbolt and the male organ, and padme meaning in the lotus’ (locative case of padma), a symbol for the female sexual organ, the outer opening of which resembles the petals of a lotus. This formal similarity, plus the fact that the lotus is a Buddhist symbol of purity and enlightenment, makes this flower a natural symbol for feminine sexuality. Supportive texts envision a magnificent world of vivid color, graceful movement, exquisite texture, and intimate gesture:

Constantly take refuge at my feet, my dear
Be gracious, beloved, and
Give me pleasure with your diamond scepter.
Look at my three-petaled lotus,
Its center adorned with a stamen
. It is a Buddha paradise, adorned with a red Buddha,
A cosmic mother who bestows
Bliss and tranquility on the passionate.
Abandon all conceptual thought and
Unite with my reclining form;
Place my feet upon your shoulders and look me up and down.
Make the fully awakened scepter
Enter the opening in the center of the lotus.
Move a hundred,thousand,hundred thousand times
In my three-petaled lotus of swollen flesh.
Placing one’s scepter there, offer pleasure to her mind.
Wind, inner wind-my lotus is the unexcelled!
Aroused by the tip of the diamond scepter,
It is red like a bandhuka flower.
From the Candamaharosana-tantra

The deer exercise

In the forest, the deer constantly performs a movement, long  attributed to the animal’s great sexual strength and stamina, as well  as its lifelong youthful appearance. This same movement gives a man  greater control over ejaculation and a woman greater grasping control  within her vagina.

This exercise is for both men and women (aka kegel exercise). Many  yogis believe that prolapse (muscle slackening) of the anus induces  premature aging. Therefore, maintaining the strength of this muscle  helps one remain youthful.

To do the Deer Exercise, squeeze and hold the muscles for retaining  urine. As you sit, tense these muscles, located between the scrotum  and anus. The muscles are flexed and released repeatedly for a count  of 15, then relaxed for the same period. You can do these exercises  anywhere, and everywhere, in complete privacy or in public (no one  knows). The results are evident almost immediately.

Three breath rejuvenation exercise

This breathing exercise provides not only increased control over  ejaculation but also refreshes and rejuvenates you. It must be  practiced several times daily to reap the maximum benefits.. Women,  who practice greater breath control, will discover their orgasms  become more intense, more frequent, and last longer.

To begin, close the left nostril and breathe in through the right for  a count of five to begin. Count in a steady, rhythmic manner. After  you have breathed in, close both your nostrils and hold your breath  for a count of five. Then release the right nostril and exhale to a  count of five.

Without pause, repeat breathing in with the right nostril, and  exhaling (after holding) through the left one. Do this at least 10  times. While you are doing so, feel your body filling up with  universal energy (imagine it at first). You will experience genuine  tingling by the sixth repeated set.

If you only master these two exercises, you will have achieved more  success than you may have imagined. In your next sexual encounter,  your newly toned and strengthened kegel muscles, and your body, full  of universal energy, will perform at an optimal level. In this way,  you and your partner will experience greater pleasure and sexual  satisfaction.

In Tanta, this means taking your time, staying fully in the moment,  and taking delight in the amazing energy of your partner and yourself,  as you soar to new heights.


Devi’s tip:

Try the following exercise right now. Then, do it the next time you  wake up, work out, make love, do yoga, or meditate.

But first, do it NOW

Step 1 Take a deep, slow inhalation with your belly. Exhale out  slowly, making a soft whooooo sound all the way.

Inhale again, exhaling this time with a soft ahhhh sound. As you  exhale, relax and release tension from your chest, abdomen, and limbs.  Release tension as you exhale.

Step 2 Think of something pleasurable or comical. For 5, slow, deep  relaxed breaths, smile as intensely as you can No plastic smiles. The  memory of this genuine joy or humour will warm up your face. Smile  wide but smile real. Grin! Make your eyes shine!

While smiling, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for a count  of 4, then exhale slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of 8.

Five times.

Step 3 After your five grinning breaths, completely relax your face,  then drop and loosen your jaw so your teeth separate and your ears  lengthen.

Breathe three cycles of this total relaxation. Inhale for 4 through  the nose, exhale for 8 through the mouth. Use the soft, subvocal  sounds whoooo and ahhhhh again if they relax you. Empty yourself!

After three breaths, smile intensely again for five breaths. Inhale  through your nose for 4, exhale through your nose for 8, grinning with  your eyes shining.

Today keep going for three minutes the time will pass quickly then do five, ten

Play with this exercise today, tomorrow, and the next day. Feel how  everything changes! Notice what conscious breathing and smiling does  for your mood, energy, and life.

Bliss and Blessings!