To request a session with Devi Bliss, please complete and submit the form below. It is vital to approach this work with reverence and intention as it is indeed a sacred interaction. 
So, ask yourself: Why are you coming to me? What do you hope to learn and experience?
My heartfelt mission is to liberate you from personal stress and suffering and initiate you into the divine realm of tantric bliss.
Dakini Devi Bliss

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    1-hour Sensual Massage Session...$22090-minute Introductory Tantric Massage Session...$30090-minute Dark Tantra Massage or Bondassage® session...$3202-hour Tantric Goddess Worship Session...$4002-hour Tantric Couples Session...$500Half-Day Yoga Tantric Bliss Retreat...$600

    Note: The 90-minute Introductory Session ($300) is highly recommended for new clients.

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    Note:  Your privacy is my chief priority. I  will always respect it and I expect that you respect mine in return by adhering to my NO review policy. I approach each session with integrity and discretion and have always been blessed to meet those who value these same qualities.