SEX COACHING: Tantric/Taoist Sexercise Training teaches you how to Delay Ejaculation, Increase Arousal, Strengthen Erection, Prolong lovemaking, Build Stamina, Heighten Pleasure, Experience Multiple Orgasms.

I also use Kriya Tantra Yoga, with Bandhas (energy locks) to control the movement of pranic (breath) energy.

ENERGY & BREATH WORK: Orgasmic Breath Process is a potent purification breath practice to open your energy pathways and access your FULL ORGASMIC POTENTIAL.

TANTRIC BREATH PRACTICES: This practice helps harmonize your energy with a partner.

YOGIC BREATHS: Such breathing transmutes your energy, letting you last for hours and savor the continual rejuvenating effects from the energy conservation.

SACRED HEALING RITUALS: These rituals are offered in reverence in the safe, sacred space I have lovingly created for you.

  • Yoni (female genitalia) & G-Spot healing bodywork/Healing Ritual (for women & couples); and
  • Male Sacred Spot (Prostate healing bodywork)/Healing Ritual.

TANTRIC TRAINING FOR COUPLES: This 2-hour session uses Tantric practices to awaken and harmonize sexual and spiritual energies in a sensual, respectful environment. You will learn to:

  • Better communicate to deepen intimacy
  • Connect the sex and heart chakras (energy centers)
  • Create a sacred space for your lovemaking
  • Harmonize your energy with your partner
  • Transmute your sexual energy, so you can last longer and embrace your full orgasmic potential.

TANTRA FOR GAY COUPLES: In addition to the above-listed features in the Tantric Training for Couples, the 2-hour Tantra For Gay Couples session teaches specific techniques and information for same-sex tantra. Learning how to work with a blend of male energy or energy is uniquely different than heterosexual tantric practice. You will learn:

  • How to sensually heal each other
  • Verbal teaching on tantric sex
  • Emotional connectedness on a deeper level
  • Relaxation breath work
  • The interplay of Divine energies within
  • Understanding each other on a much deeper level

COUNSELING:As a compassionate listener, certified hypnotherapist and trained sexual healer, I facilitate your deeper understanding of the sexual and relationship issues in your life.


I work with only three individuals at a time through in-person or online
three-month Mentorship packages.

Our work together is Trauma-informed, moving at your pace, infusing New Age
modalites and your own Inner Agency as the guide to embodying your soul’s
deepest calling.

My approach to our sessions is that you actually have the answers within
you. I serve to simply witness, mirror and gently guide you to listen and
trust your own knowing.

Each mentorship journey is customized for you.

Some modalities implemented in our work together are:

Tantra & Taoism
Breathwork & Meditation
Shamanic Sexilogical De-armouring
Inner Child communication & play
Nutrition, Herbs, Essential oils for Hormonal Health
Chakra and Auric field cleansing
Yoni Egg/Wand work
Self-Pleasure practices
Ecstatic Dance & Shakti Yoga
Tapping (EFT)
Grief, Rage & Reconciliation Rituals
Prayer, Affirmations and Mantra
Hieros Gamos Ritual for Inner Union integration


Send me an email:

    TANTRIC TOUCH FULL BODY-to-BODY SENSUAL HEALING BODYWORK. Our session begins with gentle meditation, intention setting, and some blissful eye gazing. Then we move into our erotic healing bodywork journey. I employ a unique blend of Swedish/Esalen massage, Lomi Lomi, sensual and light tender touch to massage and honour all parts of your being. We will also work with Pranayama, Tantric yogic breath, as well as a Tantric yogic technique called mulabundha. All sessions include ambient relaxation music, candlelight, organic massage oils, a shower, and my skilled, loving, nurturing touch.

    GODDESS/GOD WORSHIP AND HEALING BODYWORK SESSION. Here, we delve deeper into Tantric Devotional practice. You will have the opportunity to display devotion to the Goddess, through body worship or words of adoration. This is an ideal occasion to express your devotional energy towards the sacred Feminine. Offered in 2-hour sessions.


    Our time together starts with a luxurious bath ceremony, wherein you receive the blessing of warm water mixed with essential oils, bubbles, and sea salts, to mentally relax and release bodily tension. You will have time to relax in silence, or ask any questions you have about Tantra and yoga. Then, we will move into our Essential touch full body Massage. Offered in a 2-hour session.

    In Tantra, water has long been deemed a sacred tatva (element), revered for its healing, rebalancing and cleansing properties. affecting multiple layers: physical, emotional and spiritual. Throughout ancient world history, numerous Goddess temples were devoted to healing, wherein the well springs were held sacred.

    As you immerse yourself in a warm bubble bath of essential oils and sea salt, I gently bathe you in the Asian Tradition.

    I lovingly pour water over your entire body, massage your neck and shoulders, and apply acupressure to relieve aching muscles and stress.

    We take deep relaxing breaths to help you fully surrender into your body and let go of the outside world. Then, I direct your focus inward so your mind and body can totally relax into a deeply meditative state. Eventually you become aware of your entire body as each part receives attention and is blessed by the Goddess. Sensation increases as your energy flow is stimulated. Your senses re-awaken as I worship your whole being with warm water, soft music and candlelight.

    My skilled, loving hands and warm sensual Goddess body only serve to enhance the experience. Soon thereafter, I may enter the bath, sitting behind you. Massaging your shoulders and back, I reach around and caress the front of your body. As I pour water over you once again, your worldly woes are rinsed aware, cleared from your consciousness. Next, I beckon you to follow me to a safe, serene Tantric space, where you are greeted by aromatic incense, relaxing music, skilled bodywork and heated massage oil. Once you are comfortable, your joyful tantric healing bodywork experience begins.

    SOULFUL YOGA. Learn about the art of being intimate and the art of a Tantric lifestyle. Allow me to guide you through elementary yoga instruction. Working with asana (standing pose), pranayama (yogic breath), proper alignment, sound, meditation, and dietary recommendations, you will be inspired to continue on your path of overall healing, and sacred sexuality, in fullness and joy! Offered in a 90-minute session, or 30-minute increments, connected to any other session.

    HALF-DAY YOGA TANTRIC BLISS RETREAT. Venture into an enchanted space where your Goddess awaits! Our retreat will commence with a tea ceremony and a brief meditation. We will then move into our 1-on-1 yoga session to strengthen, tone and relax the body. Next, you will move into a luxurious bath, for your Tantric bath ceremony. Your ritual bath will be filled with bubbles, mineral salts, and oils. We will then enter the massage room where you will receive the Tantric Touch Full body sensual massage. Finally, we will share a delicious, healthy snack and closing meditation. This is true pampering at its best the ultimate way to honor oneself. This session requires a minimum of 48 hours notice.

    DARK TANTRA SESSIONS.  In Dark Tantra, we explore breath, touch and energy flows in an interactive, experiential session. Besides sensation play, bondage, and power-surrender dynamics, we create a connection by eye gazing and synchronizing our breath.
    We uses mild BDSM techniques and Tantra in a synergistic manner. Together, we utilize all our senses to enhance the mundane to create the sacred and experience the profound. Along with provocative sensation play to evoke, tease and ride the energetic waves, we plunge the murky depths of mind, body and soul in order to achieve greater sexual satisfaction and mental clarity.
    Throughout the session, we work with prolonged arousal through gliding touch, pressure points and breath control. The focus is always on your receiving an abundant amount of my undivided attention and feminine energy.
    Expanding upon chakra energy and tantra play, I invoke the element of Goddess domination, which may involve sensual domination role-play, erotic hypnosis, soft cuff restraint, deep massage with breathing, light spanking, prostate play, retention and holding practice.
    Tantric breath and energy focus are explored within the realm of Dark Tantra.
    This edgy, playful session is a time for you to totally let go and S U R R E N D E R!
    Feel free to inquire about session details or share with me your Tantric experiences to date.


    Services for women:

    LOTUS BLISS FULL BODY HEALING BODYWORK. Embrace the feminine within yourself, explore, and learn about your body in Goddess-inspired surroundings. Receive relaxation and sweet pleasures in body, mind, and spirit. Join me in a brief meditation and Goddess intention setting. Then, we move into out massage, being a blend of Swedish/Esalen and Lomi Lomi massage, sensual touch, and light feather touch. In this session, your body is honored as you are reminded of your beauty and connection to the Goddess. Session includes candlelight, scented oils, soft music, and loving, feminine touch. Available in a 90-minute session.

    GODDESS RISING YOGA FOR WOMEN. Yoga practice helps one master the art of full intimacy, as well as leading a Tantric lifestyle. Here, I help you develop and fortify your body, mind and spirit. We work with Asanas (standing postures), pranayama (yogic breath), proper alignment, sound, meditation, and specific poses to enhance the female body and organs. Offered by itself in a 60-minute session.

    HALF-DAY YOGA TANTRA RETREAT FOR WOMEN. This most exquisite session helps you embrace your inner Goddess. You can also do it with a female friend. Together, we will create an unimaginably beautiful ritual and honor the sacred feminine. Please see Half Day Yoga Tantra Retreat for more details.


    Services for couples:

    SEXUAL EXPLORATION.  If you and your partner are looking for something new, Tantric sex is the ideal adventure. Sexual exploration is a basic human instinct and we often wander into less familiar sexual territory to feed our erotic hunger.
    Tantra (Sanskrit word meaning woven together) is a system of Hindu yoga which worships the union of men and women. Historically, the movement is rooted in the heterosexual physical and spiritual union of man and woman, culminating in a form of sexual ritual where slow, non-orgasmic sex is believed to be a path to experience the divine.



    My Tantric services are not only healing and erotic, but also educational but fun for Men, Women, and Couples


    Fundamentals & etiquette:

    If I am unable to answer your call, leave a detailed message indicating your first name, preferred appointment time, and call back number. I check my messages regularly, so I will call you back promptly.

    I do take same day appointments but I recommend advanced booking with 24 hours notice whenever possible.

    • Drink plenty of water before and after the session to flush out toxins released in the massage.
    • Eat lightly before the session.
    • Upon arrival for your session, please hand me the donation in a white envelope.
    • I never entertain clients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • My Sacred Urban Sanctuary is a 100% smoke-free space for your health and pleasure.

    My heartfelt intention is to satisfy your desires within the scope of my services. As I prefer to share unrushed, quality time with you, I highly recommend a 90-minute session for new clients.

    Note: For advanced students or those who wish in-depth or advanced training, I also provide a 2-hour minimum, unrushed, God/Goddess Worship Mutual Healing Bodywork session.

    Please arrive on time for our session, as I arrange my day around my appointment schedule. If you arrive late, I may not have additional time. Naturally, I will do my best accommodate you, but the fee for the scheduled session will remain the same.

    Without a mutually agreed upon exchange, I do not go over our scheduled time together. This is a professional atmosphere, and all transactions are treated as such.

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    My Role as a Transformational Life Coach:

    • As an avatar, cheerleader and protagonist, I seek to inspire you by being fully present and modelling whatever is possible. 
    •  Like a coach on the sidelines, I empower you to boldly explore your Self and effectively show up in the Game of Life.
    •  I willingly explore all sexual, spiritual or emotional issues with you without any attachment to the outcome.
    • I act as an instrument through which you learn how to dance to your own style of music in their own way.
    • I actively empower you to ground yourself in your own brilliance. 
    • I suspend judgments about right, wrong, good and bad. 
    • Ultimately, I support you in identifying your true calling so you can effortlessly generate the life you love

    Transformational Life Coaching Sessions

    •      Learn proven tools and techniques to lovingly reconnect you with your embodied wisdom, creative expression, inner guidance and self-empowerment 

    • Align your Self with your Soul­ Purpose

     • Release old patterns blocking your radiance so that you can impart your unique gifts with the world

     • Receive uplifting resources and sage guidance on crafting a life that highlights your unique talents and heartfelt passions

    In-person Sessions take place  via Skype and may include:

    Intuitive counsel, breath work, meditation, shamanic practices, energy work, tantric/taoist cultivation exercises, intuition training, and a host of spiritual, emotional and embodiment integration practices, life purpose mentoring. I customize all resources based upon your unique gifts and expressed goals.

    Book your session today by e-mailing



    90-Day Transformational Coaching Intensive (Package)

    • Reconnect with your Divine Purpose and Soul Guidance.

    • Access your inner wisdom & creativity.

    • Consciously clear what no longer furthers your present day aspirations.

    I work with the following modalities:  Transformational life coaching, breath work, meditation, intuition training, shamanic practices, energy work, tantric/taoist cultivation exercises, selected readings, holistic wellness coaching, intuitive counsel and other emotional and embodiment integration practices.

    Breathe deeply into your heart space, wherein you can ascertain if our working together is the next logical step in your unfolding Soul journey.

    If so, please feel free to e-mail me at and convey your goals, visions and intentions.

    From there, we can actively explore working together through a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation.

    The donation for the series is 3 monthly payments of $999.



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    Divine Tantric Touch
    Sex to Higher Consciousness Tantra Teachers’ Training

    Please answer the following questions as fully as possible. Do not leave any blank. Once completed, please email the form to

    NAME: __________________________________________________________________________________

    AGE: __________________________________________________________________________________

    MAILING ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________

    TELEPHONE NUMBER: ___________________________________________________________________

    EMAIL: __________________________________________________________________________________

    NATIONALITY/ ETHNIC BACKGROUND:____________________________________________________

    PROFESSION: _____________________________________________________________________________

    CURRENT OCCUPATION: __________________________________________________________________

    1. How did you find out about this training?

    2. Why do you wish to participate in this training?

    3. What is your experience with personal development?

    4. What is your experience with Osho Meditations, which ones and for how long?

    5. What is your experience with other Disciplines of Meditation, which ones and for how long?

    6. Have you explored any spiritual path deeply? If yes, which path/paths, and for how long?

    7. What is your experience with emotional release work, what kind and for how long?

    8. What is your experience with Breath work?Please describe.

    9. Have you studied Massage/Body Work? If so, which kinds? How much experience do you have in giving and receiving massage?

    10. What is your experience with Energy Work? Please describe.

    11. Have you been trained in Wholistic Healing? List the healing techniques you offer professionally.

    12. What is your experience with Yoga? Please describe.

    13. Do you have experience with theatre, dance, arts or choreography? If so, please describe.

    14. Do you have any experience in teaching, facilitation or public speaking? Please describe.

    15. Have you been trained in psychotherapy or professional counselling? If so, provide details about your qualifications.

    16. Do you have any experience of Kundalini Energy? Please describe.

     17. What previous experience do you have with Tantra? Please list groups and duration of groups you have participated in.

    18. Please list the Tantra Teachers you have worked with. What Tantra lineages have you been involved with?

    19. Have you been trained in Sexual Healing? If so, by whom and how much experience do you have in this healing modality?

    20. How you have been experiencing your sexuality, now and in the past.

    21. How you have been experiencing intimate relationships, now and in the past.

    22. What is your sexual orientation? Heterosexual? Homosexual? Bi-­Sexual? Or other?

    23. What is your current state of health and what steps do you take to maintain personal wellness?

    24. Please describe your style of eating: During the average week, how much of the following do you consume?

    Processed Foods (junk food/fast food/sodas/candy…)___________________________________________

    Meat (red, white, etc.) ___________________________________________________________________

    Fish __________________________________________________________________________________

    Vegetarian ____________________________________________________________________________

    Vegan __________________________________________________________________________________

    Raw __________________________________________________________________________________ 

    Processed Sugar ________________________________________________________________________

    25. What hobbies or interests do you enjoy in your free time?

    26. Are you currently on medication, if so what kind?

    27. Have you ever been treated for any psychological problems/depression? If so, please give details.

    28. What is your experience with drugs, nicotine or alcohol, now and in the past? Describe your consumption (when, what, how much).

    29. Which of your strengths do you feel will support you in the Tantra Teachers Training? 

    30. In which areas do you you need support to elicit your potential or hope to develop via Tantra Teachers Training?

    Describe your longterm aspirations?

    31. Would like to add anything else? How do you feel about yourself at this time in your life?


    Note:  Your privacy is my chief priority. I  will always respect it and I expect that you respect mine in return by adhering to my NO review policy. I approach each session with integrity and discretion and have always been blessed to meet those who value these same qualities.