Riding the Edge: Tantric Male Lingam Massage

david amot

Men, I invite you to journey into electric sexual heights as you hover in a profound state of orgasmic bliss.
During Riding the Edge, you will be able to float erotically yet carefree for extended periods, totally pampered at the hands of a beautiful, blonde, experienced, world-class Dakini.
Your sexual energy will tingle and course throughout your entire body, nose to toes, and all parts in between.
Now is the time to discover something better then sex!
Riding the Edge Revealed!  In Riding the Edge, your sexual energy is elevated as I lovingly massage your chest, stomach, genitals and thighs. We focus primarily on your genitals, wherein your full sexual energetic force resides. Then, I raise that area to a peak of sexual excitation. Yet, before you topple over the edge, I spread that tingling orgasmic energy up your chest and down your thighs sending incredible waves of pulsating pleasure all over.
This calms your core to some extent, thereby allowing us to re-stimulate you to a new peak. That sexual energy is re-spread again throughout. This continues for most of your session through our intimate communication.  Approaching your peak repeatedly, floating in your orgasmic state embodies the experience of Riding the Edge.
No Goal In Sight. Know that Orgasm is not the goal in Lingam massage; rather, it’s about being in the erotic vibration and staying there! Indeed, your extended pleasure is the goal, if any.
First, however, you must learn how to relax and receive.
Your traditional sexual conditioning has you in a doing and goal-oriented mode or to get it up and off. We allow you to discover your softer, more receptive side and let you experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.
My slow, gentle approach involves massaging the entire genital area, Lingam, testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot (prostate massage) and allow you to surrender to a prolonged form of heightened sexual bliss, which you may have never before enjoyed.
Prostate Massage Benefits
Prostate massage also generates numerous benefits, such as:
Cure Prostatitis. Prostatitis is a condition where bacteria grow within the prostate gland, which then swells, causing pain and stress on the gland and surrounding areas. While Prostatitis can be extremely painful, an excellent prostate massage can help cure this aggravating health issue in a hassle-free manner.
Regular prostate massage sessions help deal with impotence. Prostate massage has been the go-to alternative therapy for curing impotence for many years. This is because stimulating the male G-spot ignites your sexual energy back effectively.
The same therapy is also very effective in boosting the quality of your orgasm. Just like the female G-spot, the male G-spot can produce spectacular orgasms when properly stimulated.. The improvement in quality orgasm can also still be enjoyed well beyond the tantric therapy session!
Although it doesn’t sound that way, a prostate massage performed by a trained tantrika can be extremely relaxing. As you enjoy the sensations more, you will delve into a deeper state of progressive relaxation.
Other overall health benefits include improving your body’s ability to fight infection as well as the ability to cure many diseases without consuming antibiotics.
The list of benefits alone is reason enough to give a prostate massage a try. The best thing about the ritual is that you can also enjoy more of it as you schedule regular sessions.
Akin to other Tantric massage therapies, prostate massage works even better when combined with other therapies. Combine it with Lingam massage or basic Tantric massage for a phenomenal experience. Why not combine it with body-to-body massage to heighten the sensations to explosive levels? Clearly, blending prostate massage with other therapies can enhance its overall benefits.
So, will it blow your mind? Oh, yes, it will! Now, if you choose to let go and ejaculate, I always encourage deep Tantric breathing during your  mind-blowing orgasm. especially if you have come close and held back  a minimum of six times prior to ejaculating.
Holding back six times charges up your sexual battery with tremendous energy. Then, it is entirely up to you where you wish to send this potent energy, out with your ejaculate (prevailing  paradigm) or inward for transmutation (men who perform The Big Draw can channel this energy into other areas of their being).
Upon completion of the most fabulous tantric massage of your life, I gently remove my skilled hands  and let you to lie still so your mind can drift off into a deep, meditative state. Thus, you can blissfully float in this extended experience of divine, heightened sexuality. Such is the experience of ecstasy!