Devi You are a beautiful soul! Since starting our sessions two years ago, I have come to value you as a close friend. I had postponed Tantra lessons because I was waiting to find the best Tantric professional for me. Luckily, I met you. You have taught me so much about myself and Tantra. After experiencing your heartfelt passion for Tantric massage, I feel like I have known you my entire life.
May you continue to receive Love and Joy.

Raul, Accountant

Your passion, authenticity, and humour continue to inspire me. Maintaining a sense of inner peace and innocence in our chaotic world is difficult at best. As a fellow practitioner, I know the world is blessed by your endless dance of joy and deep commitment to sharing your gifts with others.

Michael, Massage Practitioner

Last year, I suffered a major heart attack, which led to difficulties with the sexual intimacy in my marriage. My wife visited Devi, and lo and behold…a whole new world opened up to her! Now, my wife regularly practices tantra with me. This has re-ignited the sparks BETWEEN THE SHEETS, much to our mutual joy. I can honestly say my wife and I are more intimately connected than we have ever been. Tantric sex has deepened our love for each other, given us both a sense of peace, and happily saved our marriage.
Thanks a million, Devi.

Lionel, Retired Pilot

Devi, do you remember when I first came to see you? I told you I only wanted to find out what made me “tick in bed? However, you taught me how to increase the pleasure in every part of my life, especially my love life. You showed me what my life could be like and taught me how to achieve my dreams (both in and out of bed). For this, I applaud you and your work.
You have taught me how to transform myself into the Tantric male I want to become. I am grateful that we had an opportunity to meet each other on life’s journey.
Thank you for sharing your gifts and time so generously with me.
Forever grateful,

Simon, Graduate Student

The conflict in Iraq took a huge personal toll on me. Before I enlisted, I was quite an accomplished amateur tap dancer. I used to practice Hatha and Kundalini yoga religiously to to keep my body supple and stay focused. I was aware of the sacred state of ecstasy and was very much in touch with my female energy.
Not long after my deployment, yoga just kept me fit enough to harm others. My lifelong passion for dance faded into a blurred series of forgotten steps. From my ongoing sessions with you, I have re-discovered my own sense of rhythm and timing in the world. Your loving compassion, Tantric massage, and healing energy helped me tap into my passion (pardon the pun) and the inner me. Now that I have truly experienced that sacred sense of ecstasy in mind, body, and spirit. I seem to have got my groove back.
Blessings and Namaste: the divinity respects the divinity in you.

Jennifer, ex-army officer

Many thanks for our precious time together. You are an exquisite Tantric Priestess, a beautiful human being with so much skill and compassion. Thank you for allowing this perfect stranger into your sacred sanctuary. The candid, knowledgeable manner you proffer your love and advice speaks volumes to your passionate devotion to being a Devi and Tantrika.
The body-to-body massage and chakra balancing was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. My issues around personal power in giving and receiving love were stuck in fear and pain. Your ability to free up energy and open me up to change was powerful. I am hoping to see you very soon.
May all good things continue come your way.
Loving Thoughts to a sweet tantrika,

Tony, Graphic Designer

Devi I feel so connected to you. Right now, my touring schedule is full, but I’m still planning to make some time for ME, which means I would like to schedule a couple of sessions with you!
During our last session, I was really very touched by you by the Bath Ceremony and Sacred Spot Prostate Therapy. The compassionate way you embraced and caressed me was truly liberating. It helped me shake off some of that old, negative conditioning from my messed up childhood.
It’s possible that I will fly out of LA to Canada early next week, in which case I will call you.
Much Love, Keep on working your magic,

Jason, Los Angeles

You are one amazing woman! You have so much energy and passion for your work. I wish I could spend much more time with you. I was glad I found you on my last trip to Canada. Your sexy voice, sexier body, and superlative massage skills fit the doctor’s orders to a tee. You helped put some joy back into this hard-working guy’s life. After the session, I felt totally rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. If you get a chance, come up my way for a visit. We could use your warmth and energy here! When I get some time off, I’ll make a point of visiting Canada for another amazing session.
Take care,

Kevin, Builder

Thank you so much for our session…such wonderful respite from that wierd unfeeling vibe of I normally pick up from escorts and erotic masseuses. I felt comforted to know that another way exists, full of peace and satisfaction. Until I started Tantric sessions with you, deep sexual pleasure always eluded me. I knew I should be feeling and expressing more that I was but, I didn’t know how. Your sessions let me know that Nirvana really does exist…here on earth!
Your Tantric devotee


Hi Devi I wanted to thank you for the two sessions I had with you last August. Since visiting you, things in my life have been changing for the better. Nothing irks me as much anymore. I feel much more self-assured when I am making love to my partner. The Female G-Spot techniques you taught me are definitely paying off. I feel much closer to her now than I did before (probably because she is clearly so much more satisfied with our sex life). Tantra has been lending me a hand outside the bedroom, too. At work, my creative energy is stronger, so I can figure out how to best organize my projects. Maybe I am doing the work, but you are the one who steered me in the right direction.
Thanks again.

John, Manager

Your clear description on how to adopt a Tantric lifestyle was wonderful. Also, I want to thank you for the information about tantric love. Through your website, I discovered what I had been looking for. I had never engaged in Tantra, but I knew that a session with you would be a perfect fit for me.
Thank you once again, my sweet. As a tantric goddess, you are creating a better world, one person at a time. After the session, I felt totally content, completely in the moment, as you say. I was so much at peace that dod not want anything else. It was a very satisfying and profound experience. I now understand what full service escorts do not provide In my opinion, Tantric practitioners belong in a league of their own exquisite caretakers of mind, body, and soul.
One day soon, I will visit you again, so you can teach me more about Tantra.
Namaste to an enchanting goddess with a radiant spirit,

Benjamin, Montreal

I had absolutely no idea what I had been missing out on all these years! I came away feeling relaxed, renewed, and refreshed. I loved the way you lay on my back and caressed my feet with your feet and massaged me all over with your breasts. The heart-to-heart breathing felt intimate and arousing at the same time. I had never done that before, but I have been practicing that with my partner. We particularly enjoy Yabyum! Now, I am eager for another TANTRIC encounter with the delightful, vibrant DeviBliss..This time I will bring my partner too. Your knowledge in Sacred Sexuality is truly astonishing. I feel privileged to have found you!

Brian, Engineer