Relationships between ADDICTIONS, IMPRINTS, & TANTRA

Most addictions have similar withdrawal symptoms and are merely stronger or weaker than others. Thus, withdrawal from heroin may actually kill the person making the attempt while withdrawal from pot brings little more than mood swings.  Yet, the mood swings, the chemical pain of the body, and the mental attitude are similar in withdrawal if different in strength.

Some interesting aspects of withdrawal can be noted using cigarette smokers as an example. Most smokers who decide to quit do so with knowledge of the harmful aspects of tobacco and come to a rational decision about quitting. Rarely do they decide on a whim to quit, they make careful plans and set up a well-thought out schedule. They are filled with confidence, have gained support of friends and loved ones, and often prepare vacation time to coincide with the effort. The point being made is that they, the addictee, make major plans and efforts of rational magnitude to end their addiction.

Now, we meet this addict three days later and they no longer seem rational.  Gone are the images of lung cancer and  emphysema; in their place an image of the glorious taste of  the missing cigarettes. No longer is the person confident in their belief of better vitality and ability to concentrate on work and play. Now they believe they will never be able to concentrate again without nicotine. Their life is now a living hell which one draw on a cigarette will miraculously transform.

Later, we see this addict outside, sneaking one cigarette,  rationalizing this in an illogical manner at hand and not being able see through the insanity. A little later, the addict is out again with a cigarette believing that two hours between cigarettes is a major improvement over two minutes between cigarettes. Not only that, but they no longer believe in the studies showing the danger of cigarettes but now recall the studies showing the lack of danger in cigarettes. It does not matter that those studies are old, out of date, lacking in detail, data, and poorly done, the smoker will be attracted to the memory of them and will selectively recall how much these mean and how important the studies showing little danger from cigarettes are. A friend cynical of the documented research on the association between smoking and cancer suddenly becomes a shaman of great wisdom. Three days ago this same friend was a first=class loser they made pains to avoid. Now, the addiction is speaking and not the rational person.

When the addiction begins to speak, rational thinking ceases. The person addicted to fear will move to a fear-creating situation. The person addicted to depression will find something to be depressed about. The person addicted to anger will find an excuse to be angry. These things will be done for reasons which will be readily stated and demanded as correct by the same person who a short time before had rationally decided to NEVER act in that manner again. They will move toward people of the same nature who bring on the set of behavior which triggers the addictive behavior. They will move toward situations and circumstances which trigger the addictive behavior.

Cigarette smokers do something similar. Watch those who are breaking the habit. They will stand downwind from a smoker when possible. They will move into the area of a smoker when possible. They will pass the cigarette counter in the store several times while shopping even though they have no need to be in that area. If they find a cigarette, they will fondle it and caress it. They will visualize the joy of smoking and the good feeling it would impart. This joy, taste, and feeling is magnified beyond reason. No matter that the lack of taste, joy, or feeling at the end was so awful that it pushed their decision to stop smoking. They will talk about cigarettes and the different types, tastes, lengths, filters, etc.   Their whole attitude about cigarettes and smoking will change as the addiction cries out for attention.

Addictions are not only body chemistry but also brain chemistry addictions. Addictions change the attitude of the body and brain such that the addicted person may not know they are addicted and have an altered attitude toward the world around them. The person glorifying cigarettes during withdrawal does not truely believe what they are saying from their third circuit, the Rational brain circuit, but they truely believe what they are saying at the moment from the second circuit and the first brain circuit, the subconscious and unconcious brain circuits. These lower brain circuits pick up such habits and are not entirely under our control.

We can get our third brain circuit in our control completely with practice. We can get our fourth brain circuit, the Sexual brain, under control completely with practice. We can learn to consciously access our higher brain circuits with practice. We cannot learn to completely control our subconscious and unconscious brain circuits no matter how much we practice. We must learn to control the emissions from these brain circuits and not allow their attitudes to force themselves into the areas we can control. We have been trained and imprinted as children when only the first and second brain circuits were functioning. This training is now set firmly into the unconscious and subconscious and we have little control over the manner in which that training manifests in our life. Tantra teaches a method of over-riding that early training and changing the addiction we were taught as children and have continued to foster in our lives. We may seem to have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, control and domination, or other problem, and we do indeed have such addictions. However, normally these are addictions on top of addictions and as we peel off these addictions, finally ending all addictions we can readily identify, we find underlying all that, a body chemistry that is the true cause of our addictive character. We are all addicted to a body chemistry that is the source of our attitude. Thus, the person addicted to saddness, fear, depression, anger, or other misery will drink to cover over this harmful addiction with a new addiction. When drinking is not enough, drugs will be attempted in an effort to move away from the misery they were taught and addicted to as children. If that is not enough, stronger drugs and more alcohol will be attempted, sometimes ending in suicide to eliminate the wretched addictive chemistry brought on by childhood problems.

The first brain circuit, the Biosurvival circuit is unconscious in function. You have almost no control over this brain circuit and it is trained during the first year of life. At this time (year one) the parents of a child have little knowledge of how to treat a child and often make many mistakes. The actively growing brain of the child becomes imprinted to fear, domination, control, whatever is required for survival. This survival imprint is extremely strong and will influence the next brain circuit when it opens and begins to function. If the first brain circuit is healthy, the child has at least a healthy start to the second brain circuit, the Ego. This does not mean that the subconscious Ego/Territorial brain circuit will remain healthy.
As the child begins to explore after the first year of life (they are mobile by then) they may encounter hazzards and create a crisis which parents respond to in panic and fear for the child. They may strike the child or scream, creating fear and Ego damage. The child may have an increased curiosity caused by the interest of the parents or by the damage created by the reaction of the parents and attempt repeatedly to explore what has frightened the parents. In this case, the parents may become increasingly harsh and create more damage. A harmful cycle begins which will never end in this relationship and in all similar relationships to come.

Once a subconscious imprint has been set it is virtually set in stone and will never change. That is an important thing to remember so allow me to be redundant. That subconscious imprint will never change. You must now create new and stronger imprints, learn to overcome the demands of that imprint, learn to work out of a different brain circuit, do something strong enough to get past the signals that imprint will now cause for the rest of your life. This is what Tantra offers as an alternative to the pain of such imprints.
Tantra is strong medicine. Tantra may possibly be the strongest medicine available to humans that does not involve drugs, life-threatening situations, or domination and control by others. Strong medicine is definately required. All twelve-step groups know that an imprint, once put into place, is there forever. Alcoholics Anonymous teaches that you are an alcoholic forever. This is because an imprint not only changes your mental attitude but also your body chemistry. Once that attitude and chemistry have been linked and set into function, the body builds antibodies and other chemical and biological alterations which are linked to the continued functioning of that imprint. If, for instance, the person is now linked to fear, the body will go into withdrawal without a hit of fear to set up the appropriate chemical balance to satisfy the needs of the antibodies and other chemistry which may begin to actually harm the body if not balanced.

When the addict is safely past de-toxification and the body is no longer in danger, a new body chemistry may be formed and addicted. Make no mistake! You will be addicted to your basic body chemistry, whatever that may be. You will also continue to manufacture the antibodies and chemistry of the old addiction but at low levels. However, go ahead and start drinking again and see how quickly that one drink lasts for a year and a half. Go ahead and shoot up and see if your body remembers the drug. You bet it does! So, if you’re addicted to anger, go ahead and be angry and you will return to your addiction equally quickly. If you are addicted to depression, go ahead and be depressed and you will have the addiction back virtually immediately. Your body remembers!
To gain control over such difficult circumstances you must have a powerful tool which will create new antibodies and new attitudes strong enough to allow control of these imprints. There are some rules about this. The method must be under your conscious control. The method must alter your body chemistry as completely as your old imprints alter your body chemistry. The method must be readily available and at least possible to do. The method must be something that the person will want to do often enough to create a new body chemistry addiction and must be something they can do often enough to create the new addiction. Tantric methods fulfill the requirements listed above and much more. The brain, body, and immune system are connected intimately. Nerve fibers run to all parts of the body, even into the organs such as the panceas, spleen, liver, kidneys, etc., and link the entire body and brain as a whole unit. These fibers do not always carry the sensations of touch, heat, cold, or other physical attributes but often link to the body for the purpose of triggering chemical changes. Every cell of the body is equipped with receptor sites which are chemically linked to the rest of the body. Each of these cells are potentially self-healing when functioning in harmony and connection with the body and brain in a healthy environment.

Healing is a built-in, natural process which restores the body and brain to healthy functioning and is influenced by our attitude, lifestyle, daily habits, addictions, surroundings, and much more. Our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, addictions, and etc., can make us ill or make us well. Learning an addiction to joy, happiness, healthy chemistry, and peace can make us healthy. Learning an addiction to anger, depression, unease, and hurtful chemistry can make us dead.

The body has a feedback mechanism to the brain. What we think becomes magnified by the body reaction and soon we are deeper into whatever our attitude has become. The very cells of our bone and bone marrow are involved in this process and the immune cells produced by the bone marrow are affected by our thoughts and feelings. Each of the immune system monocytes or immune cells move through the entire body, including the brain where they are transformed into glial cells, a special kind of connective brain cell. Without the proper mix of immune cells, the brain cannot function at full capacity and we are actually disabled. An addiction to unhealthy chemistry creates this disability and we learn to live with an unknown crippling of our brain power.

This disability further limits the ability of the body to heal itself and we grow old much faster than we need to. We have more unhealth than we need have, never quite feel as well as we could, and feed ourselves a diet of misery we could avoid. By changing from a diet of pain to one of pleasure, the body, brain, immune system, and all other aspects of the natural system known as human (YOU), begins to heal and move toward optimal operational ability. Can you afford less? Do you really want to encourage disease and death with a continued attitude of pain, anger, depression, and misery? Will the next attack of misery be the one that starts the cancer cells growing? Begin the process of heart disease or stroke? Whatever happens, an addiction to a hurtful imprint will kill you and harm others around you. Make no mistake, you can heal other humans by the power of your body chemistry and electromagnetic field. You are a tool for healing and health. Many people of our world have learned this and brought healing to themselves and others. At the same time, you can also be a tool for harm. You can harm other humans by the power of your body chemistry and electromagnetic field. Get an attitude of anger and rage, be filled with hatred, walk about depressed and sad, and you not only are killing yourself but also those about you.

The person who is a ray of sunshine brightens our day and we look forward to seeing them. They are actually healing us both mentally and physically by our contact . When their internal functioning is matched with their outward attitude, their electomagnetic field brings a strong message of health and healing ability. Those who cover over their inner misery with a false outer joy bring a temporary happiness which is indeed better than one who  brings on anger or depression but, that cannot compare to the one who brings a true joy growing from their authentic chemical addiction to being happy.

The internal/external conflict of covering up misery with a smile often creates even more illness than the person who simply is angry and lets it hang out for all to see. At least we know to set up protective barriers to the angry person but we may not be able to set barriers to the fake smile that also brings an angry undercurrent. These people who carry a fake smile and are filled with pain underneath often hurt themselves tremendously and are filled with emotional drain, pain, and exhaustion. This can be transferred to others without their knowing where it came from and may create real disease and death.

End your addictions to pain and misery quickly. Nobody with an ounce of commons sense would  choose to be unhappy yet most of us do just that. When we realize that our imprints, training, and habits are making us  miserable, and even killing us, it would be only reasonable to reduce the damage and re-direct ourselves onto the path to joy and happiness.

Tantra provides this method.    Make the connection of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth brain circuits and begin the Great Work.