Radical Tantric Self-Transformation Training to Boost Self-Esteem

Do overwhelming feelings of never being good enough continually plague you? If so, these destructive feelings typically manifest in in the following ways
  • Competence.  The feeling that you’re “never good enough” at some skill or ability, like earning money, being perfect or some other talent you “should” have mastered  by now.
  • Body. The feeling that your body appearance has failed you . Do you feel that you’re not thin, strong, tall or attractive enough? Do you feel physically unpresentable to others, in the bedroom or the boardroom?
  • Identity.  The feeling that you’re simply the wrong kind of person in terms of your race,  age,  gender or personality. For instance, do you feel too old or too quiet?
  • Relationship.  The feeling that “I will be loved only if I am _____.” This qualifier could be based on your outward success (competence), body appearance (body),  willingness to change who you are (identity) or something else. Do you feel that you will only merit love if you fulfil some other condition? Does just being your authentic self feel insufficient to receive love?

Why You Have It.  If you suffer from some combination of the above, t’s likely the result of some deep childhood emotional wounding or trauma. After all, your inner self-critic is typically inherited from your parents, who unwittingly transmitted it you, usually without malice.
However, once these pernicious seeds are planted, you can be plagued by low self-esteem, anxiety, and anger, throughout your entire life.
This will also lead to extreme hardship in both your romantic and professional relationships.
How to Heal It.  Key to permanently healing this wound is not to fight your harsh inner critic or forcibly numb it with alcohol, food or overachievement. Instead, strive to rescue this forceful, tortured inner voice as it’s integral to your well being. Your wounded inner self is in pain because it has been cruelly cut off from you.
It’s not trying to hurt you; rather, it actually needs your help.
The essence of recovery involves recovering this exiled part of Self so that you may become wholly healed, once and for all.
The Happy Sex Guru teaches Tantric Self-Transformation, a powerful but gentle method for helping you recover your lost sense of Self in a quick, efficient manner.
By the end of your first session, you will start feeling better about yourself, with a clear vision and path forward on how to fully heal this wound in your own life. 
Joy is your birthright and the time to seize it is now!”~Dakini Devi Bliss
I am Dakini Devi Bliss, a Certified Tantric Teacher, Sacred Intimate, Blissful Bodyworker and Certified Bondassage® practitioner.  A lifelong spiritual seeker, I have been formally trained in energetic aura manipulation, hypnosis, Kundalini awakening, Tantric healing, massage therapy, Reiki and Dark Tantra.  In my multi-disciplined approach, I manipulate sexual energy for the highest good. With a background in tantra, kundalini yoga, meditation, qi gong, energy work, sexual psychology and relationship coaching, I am also a certified Bondassage® and Elysium practitioner.  I employ a unique, rich healing blend for each client.  My tantra training initiation was a lengthy process extending over several years, including studies in India, to gain the requisite experience to instruct others.  My spiritually-based practice is ideal for those who wish to embrace a higher, enlightened state and use tantra to create kundalini awakening and a deeper connection to their partner(s). I possess a nurturing, joyful nature with a peaceful warrior mindset.