Devi’s tantric sex quiz



Which best describes the lovemaking style of a couple who practices Tantric sex?  


1. erotic and passionate
2. conscious and premeditated
3. spontaneous and beautiful
4. all of the above



In the Tantric practice of nurturing meditation, a couple engages in which of the following activities?  


1. lying together in the spoon position
2.breathing in unison
3. breathing alternately
4. all of the above



In Eastern religions, such as Hinduism, yin symbolizes feminine energy, while yang symbolizes masculine energy. In Tantra, should a male’s lovemaking be yin or yang?



Which of the following best describes the Tantric yoga practice called the conscious touch’?  


1. Touching your partner’s 7 chakras or energy centers
2. Being consciously aware of your experience, whether you are giver or receiver
3. Alternating yin and yang touching
4. All of the above



Tantric yoga recommends that during intercourse, couples practice bandha or contractions of the muscles around the genitals. What contemporary Western practice does this resemble?  


1. orgasms
2. Kegel exercises
3. kinky sex




In the sexual practice of Tantra, couples are advised to keep their eyes closed during a sexual encounter. True or False?


Answer 1:

CONSCIOUS and PREMEDITATED. The sexual sacraments of Tantra are highly ritualized. Not only do Tantric couples plan and prepare for their encounters, but the actual lovemaking movements may be prescribed and premeditated.

The result may be beautiful, passionate, and erotic, but Tantric sex is never spontaneous in the way Westerners are led to believe. Spontaneous sex is highly overrated in our culture.


Answer 2:

This chakra resides in reproductive area and is associated with birth and creativity both literally to a new baby but also metaphorically to new aspects of ourselves, projects and ideas. When this chakra is healthy, we’re tapped into the source of higher energy that helps us write beautiful music, develop an innovative business, or create a loving family life. When this chakra becomes congested, we may experience a block in our creative powers and a sense of dryness or emptiness.


Answer 3:

YIN. Those men who answered consciously know how to use a soft touch with women. Conversely, in Tantra, a woman’s lovemaking should be yang. Both men and women possess a combination of male and female energy, and both energies should be acknowledged and used in their lovemaking.


If a woman wants to please her male partner, she may caress and play with more force and firmness than she herself would like. . In Tantra, many forms of sexual expression are encouraged. . For instance, a soft-on is simply viewed as a yin manifestation of the penis (or lingam in Sanskrit.). The Western sex culture’s approach to lovemaking places too much importance on a “hard-on”.


Answer 4:

BEING CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF YOUR EXPERIENCE, WHETHER YOU ARE GIVER OR RECEIVER. The conscious touch is often called kissing with the hands. If you think of caressing as kissing with the hands, you’ll see how thinkingi.e., , consciousness electrifIes the entire experience. This is about being in the moment so that you concentrate all your senses on seeing your partner.

Answer 5:


KEGEL EXERCISES: In Tantric sex, bandhas are part of the dance of love. So, do your Kegels while making love!

What are Kegels? If you contract the muscles around the urethra very tightly, the other muscles of the pelvic cavity are exercised, too. If you do 12 repetitions 3 times daily, you can strengthen these muscles, Results are usually evident in 2 or 3 weeks.


Answer 6:


FALSE. In Tantric sex, the eyes are seen as a primary organ of lovemaking. You will nourish your own soul with the light in your lover’s eyes.