My name is Dakini Bliss…

My name is Dakini Bliss. Tantra is to have our hearts touched, to awaken to a greater union. Tantric yoga is a beautiful means to accelerate growth, to increase our power and potential to live life fully on every level.  Tantra uses sexual energy to weave spiritual experience into the fabric of everyday life.  Life is food for spiritual development; Tantra teaches us to drink deeply from life, to embrace life and loving.

I have been exploring Tantra with individual clients for the last 15 years. I am continually inspired by and aware of what an honor it is for me to be the guide for my clients as they open into a deep sense of beauty and splendor in the ecstatic union between their physical and spiritual natures.

My home is a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary, located in Ottawa East, convenient to downtown and the 417 Highway.

My healing ceremonies integrate esalen, thai, sensual, and Swedish massage techniques, with taoist and tantric energy work. Using ancient rituals, guided meditation and yogic breathing techniques I will lead you to a deeper awareness and pleasure of your body. This is profoundly relaxing, rejuvenating and blissful.
  • Healing rituals to release inhibitions and connect with your sensuality
  • Tantric and Taoist sexual energy practices
  • Sacred Spot massage for men and women
  • Men, women and couples are welcome
  • Bath & Massage Ceremony
  • Ejaculatory control
  • Methods to increase sexual vitality
  • Techniques for full body orgasm
For more information about my services,, please send me an e-mail