Men, Seduce Your Wife it’s Never Too Late

Whether you’ve been married a year or a decade, you may have already discovered how sex can grow stale, no matter how much you love your partner.

Keeping sex hot in a monogamous relationship is challenging but it’s well worth the effort.

As any tantric therapist will tell you, sexual differences exist between men and women. As long as a man is in good health, he needs little priming to prepare for sex.

While he will still enjoy foreplay, just the thought of making love is enough to excite him.

Women need more.

They generally express the need to know that sex means more than just a physical release.

Yes, physical release is great for her, but orgasm can come more easily and feel better if sex has some emotional meaning.

Sometimes a man misunderstands how to make sex meaningful to his wife.

Since he sees the sex act as an expression of love, he may not get what he needs to do to create trust and  intimacy.

Enter the fine art of seduction…

To seduce a woman means to entice her, to make the idea of sex very appealing.

Seduction requires you to be both charming, comforting and clever.

You must make yourself not only attractive to your wife, but also to attract her to you.

One way to seduce your wife is to let her know how much you love all of her, beyond her breasts and buttock.

Tell her how much you love her face, hands, the nape of her neck and curve of her calf.

Tell her you much you adore her kindness and rich laughter.

Notice those things that made you first fall in love with her, and tell her that you still notice.

Another way to seduce her is to  add  some romance to your day, especially when you are in the mood for sex.

You need not make huge gestures or spend scads of money.

Leave simple notes where only she will see it (on her dresser or ensuite bathroom counter).

Or, pour her a glass of wine or Perrier and offer her a cheese and fruit tray when she gets home at the end of her day.

If you want to seduce your wife, start making love by touching her hands, arms, face, neck, and back before you move onto her more erotic areas.

Most women need to be warmed up before they like being touched intimately.

Touching and kissing your wife tenderly shows that you love and respect this about her.

Think of your wife during lovemaking. Don’t be afraid to ask her what she likes.

Sometimes try to understand it without asking.

Don’t be selfish, first think of all her feelings as you always get what you want.

These small things are vitally important.

Plus, you can’t just do them once and expect her to be enchanted with you forever.

You must repeat, repeat, repeat…but not the exactly the same way!

Following a formula in the bedroom will just seem forced.

You need to seduce your wife with a deep love, from the heart.

Just because you’ve been together awhile doesn’t mean you should forget about doing all the things lovers do.

You can maintain her interest in sex if you can show her that you still love her and that sex means something to you, too.

Men, surprise your beloved with lingerie and sexy costumes for enchanted evenings of romantic make believe.
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I am  Dakini Devi Bliss,  a Certified Tantric Practitioner, Educator and  Blissful Bodyworker. A gifted, lifelong spiritual seeker, I have been  formally trained in energetic aura manipulation, Kundalini awakening, Tantric healing,  massage therapy and Reiki. In my multiple-disciplined approach,  I manipulate sexual energy for the highest good. With a background in tantra, kundalini yoga, meditation, qi gong, energy work, sexual psychology and relationship coaching, I employ a uniquely rich healing blend for each client. My tantra training initiation was a lengthy process extending over several years, including studies in India, to gain the experience needed to teach others.  My spiritually-based professional practice is ideal for those wish to open up to a higher, enlightened state. My work is geared for those interested in using tantra to create kundalini awakening and a deeper connection to their partner(s). I possess a nurturing, joyful nature with a peaceful warrior mindset.


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