Some interesting links:  


Amookos and the Natha Ganas home page A fact sheet on Tantra, with information on how to connect with contemporary Tantra spiritual lineages.


Beginners’ Guide to Tantra. From the Fix Guide to Tantric Sex, by Una MacDonoghue.


Buddhism on the Net. A list of Dharma-related sites, including links to most Tibetan Buddhist Centers representing all the major sects. A resource for those interested in Tibetan Tantra.


Catherine Yronwode Spiritual sex subjects from a pioneer sacred sex Internet contributor.


Church of Tantra Home Page The Church of Tantra home page: A large site with details on sacred sex and Tantric publications, products and workshops. as well as good links to other related web sites


Dark side of the net Unusual links.


Developmental Techniques for Tantra/Sex Magic by Fra. Geh Mad. A pagan Tantra guide, from a workshop given by Frah. Geh Mad at Lughnasad 1995 and previously at a UC pagan studies group.


Developmental Techniques of Tantra/Sex Magic A pagan Tantra guide from a workshop given by Frah. Geh. Mad at Lughnasad in 1995 and previously at a UC pagan studies group. Has some worthwhile information


E-sensuals Sacred Sex Catalog. A commercial Tantra books and products site with articles, questions/answers and links.


Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) A site with interesting Buddhist information, some pertaining to the Tantric tradition.


General sites with other links to alchemical material Many many links to relevant subjects, including Alchemy, Astrology, Buddhism, Christian, Egyptian, Pagan, Rosicrucian etc.


Global Hindu Electronic Network: The Hindu Universe. A very well constructed Web site with masses of data on Hinduism, India and Asian spiritual traditions, with many good links.


Guide to Tantric Sex The Guide to Tantric Sex home page: Good information, from Una MacDonoghue, including an article Guidelines for a Tantric Ritual.


Hindu Tantrik Home Page. The Hindu Tantrik home page: An excellent Tantra site, from Mike Magee and associates, with many good pages with masses of reliable information, including good graphics, translations of key texts, and lots of Tantra links.


Indology Home Page. Lots of valuable data, including research material and links.


Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. A site dedicated to the Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, the Aurobindo Ashram, etc.


International Journal of Tantric Studies The International Journal of Tantric Studies home page: At Harvard University. An intellectual Tantric Journal with some informative articles.


JBL Sacred Sex. A commercial site, with information.


The Kali Mandir, a loosely-knit group of individuals from various spiritual and ethnic backgrounds who love God in various forms, especially in the form of Kali. We love to worship Her, sing bhajans and spend time in the company of devotees. Has entry to a Kali shrine.


Kundalini Research Center. Nicely contructed artistic site with information on Kundalini, Chakras, Tantra and other relevant data.


Kundalini Research Foundation, Ltd More on Kundalini!


Long Island Dharma Group


Maithuna Istituto di Tantra. An Italian Tantra site from Elmar Zadra and Michaela Gossnitzer.


Mage-guide: The Mage’s Guide to the Internet. A very complete guide to spirituality sites, including Bulletin Board Systems (BBS’s), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Multi-user Dimensions (MU+’s), File Transfer Protocols etc.


Mahesh, from World Peace Builders. The Brahmananda Tantra from Mahesh.


Mandala: Buddhist Tantric Diagrams. Details of Mandala construction at Nechung monastery in Tibet.


Mystery of Meditation An article by Dinu Roman.


Philosophy of Love, Sex, Orgasm On the Evolutionary Foundations of Love, Sex and Orgasm: Sex as Reproduction, Couple Bonding, Evolution of Immune System, Hormone Function, Mental Health.


Red Lotus Temple


Sahaja Yoga Meditation A site on the teachings of Nirmala Devi, Kundalini, Chakras etc.


Secrets of Sacred Sex. A commercial “publication” site.


Service of Mankind Church site of the Essemian Sanctuary of the Goddess in San Francisco. Supposedly based on Kashmir Shaivite Mysticism and the concept that there can be no greater Service of Mankind to Goddess than his obedient surrender at Her feet, this page is more S & M/domination than mainstream Tantric.


Sex and Spirit. Conversation with Swami Nostradamus Virato on His Work in Tantra. From the Consciousnet site, a transcription of an interview with Barbara Williams.


Shiva Darshan. With download Aum, Shiva movie etc.


Skydancing UK. A Tantra teaching group.


Source School of tantra founded by Charles and Caroline Muir From Charles and Caroline Muir, couples seminar leaders in Hawaii.


Tantra, karezza, and Sacred Sex on the Web. Lots of links on Tantra stuff, including religious groups, courses, workshops, things for sale and usenet groups.


Concerning Tantra: the Magazine. Dedicated to the popular magazine and to related topics.


The Tantra; The Path of Ecstasy deeper states of love and ecstasy, from True. L. Fellows.


Tantra the Path of Love: Source for Information on Tantria. Swami Nostradamus Virato site


The Tantra: Thoughts on Fantasy and its Relevance to Tantra An informative article from Rose Dawn Scott, a pagan and Tantra savant.


Third Eye Activation and Basic Usage by Rene Muller who used to have the SpiritWeb Site, now closed. It used to have extensive site which includes stuff on reincarnation, meditation, Yoga, Theosophy, Mysticism, plus Glossaries and a neat Spiritual Subjects Search Engine.


Tibetan-style Tantra Dzogchen philosophy interpreted by Surya Das, a Westerner.


TSM Tantra  The Lost Art of Fulfilling Sexuality. An article by Dave Hutchinson.


Wiki Devis: Sky Dancing Angels. Information on Devis and Angels!


Yoga Blog