Kamala / Sri Lakshmi

Lakshmi Puja is Kamala’s special holy day, celebrated on the full moon of Ashvin, in early October. Puja simply means “worship,” and it need not be formal. Worship is often performed simply at home, but from the heart.  This pleases the Goddess. If you have no knowledge of Sanskrit, simply speak to Her from your heart. Mother accepts all sincere worship!

If you wish to celebrate this special festival day at home, it’s easy. This simple ritual is designed for those with no previous knowledge of Devi worship.

First, if you don’t have an altar dedicated to Kamala or Lakshmi, create one. As Kamala and Lakshmi are the same goddess, there’s no need to create a new Kamala altar if you already have a Laksmi altar. You may create a simple altar by placing a beautiful cloth (white, pink, yellow or red) on a small table or flat surface , not directly on the ground. Then, place an image of Laksmi or Kamala on top of this – it can be a standing framed photo, a murti (statue), etc. Place a vase or plate of flowers on the altar, as well as a candle or oil lamp and some sweet-smelling incense. Lakshmi especially loves lotuses, white roses and jasmine, as well as all other white flowers. Whatever flowers you have available is acceptable, however, as Lakshmi is the spirit of nature and therefore loves all flowers.

As the goddess of material and spiritual wealth and beauty, Kamala is typically worshipped for her most revered power, the power to eliminate poverty. In tough economic times, Kamala or Lakshmi is worshipped to bring material wealth.  You may often find altars to Lakshmi in places of business as well as homes.

Kamala is also the creative force, the power to create beauty and wealth around us, and to see the beauty in everything. Every married woman is considered an incarnation of Lakshmi, and global sociological studies have shown that women have a unique ability to create wealth out of meager beginnings, leading to the success of micro-loan programs to women in developing nations, which has helped improve the status and treatment of women in those places.

As the creative force, Kamala is also the Goddess who blesses families with children. Those having difficulty conceiving may wish to offer worship to this powerful Tantric Goddess. If you have become pregnant, or have had a new addition to your family through adoption, offering thanks to Kamala and praying for the continued wellbeing of the pregnancy is a good way remember the Goddess of fertility, childbirth and family well being.