The ancient Tantric practice of spiritual pursuit and enlightenment dates back thousands of years. Its  fundamentals lie in meditation, but it also involves a hands-on, physical path of spiritual practice.  Tantra confronts and does away with  misconceptions about the way physical and emotional love work. By tradition, Tantra rejects the notion of forbidden love, so tantra for same sex couples is totally permissible.

Tantra is NOT about genders or our biases about them. It is about the fine art of giving and receiving passionate love, regardless of gender. It is about physical, emotional and spiritual connection between two people. Because of this lack of bias or gender focus, tantra for gays has become immensely popular.

Tantra encompasses a multitude of dimensions, which what makes it appealing to diverse groups. Individual and couples alike can turn to a tantra teacher for instructions in this ancient art of love and life. In the same vein, both hetero AND homosexual couples seek out tantra lessons today to augment their ability to give each other sexual pleasure.

Contemporary sexual problems such as lack of desire, short-lived erections and the inability to climax are universal issues.  They do not affect only couples of the opposite sex, but those of the same gender as well. Under the guidance of an experienced tantra master, these issues turn into opportunities for a MUCH closer, more intimate relationship.

Yes, practicing Tantra has nothing to do with gender. The ability to love, feel passion and be sexually active is not limited by gender, and neither is tantra. A tantric teacher can instruct ANY couple to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual connection with each other. This attitude stems from the fact that tantra does not recognize the concepts of right and wrong as far as gender choice in a relationship.

However, it DOES have firm views on the quality and depth of a relationship. It is vital that the tantra techniques that the ancient tantra scriptures prescribe be followed under the tutelage of a qualified tantra master. A student of this sacred art and science of love must embark on a journey of learning and discovery with an open heart and open mind. As long as these guidelines are adhered to, EVERY couple – regardless of genders – can discover the richness of life that the study and pursuit of tantra brings with it as a gift.