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There are two main obstacles to experiencing Bliss.

One is the many layers of associations, mental symbols we hold between ourselves and the sexual experience.
 In other words, he’s screwing a Hollywood fantasy. She’s making love to a a guitar, a Harley Davidson or a huge diamond!

The other is the “body memory” of past trauma and the resulting hypersensitivity (body armour) or lost sensitivity, numbness. This is caused by many things, from poor toilet training to circumcision and molestation. It is the physical manifestation of the mental attitude to sexuality, which is in turn mostly due to wrong mental associations.

There’s a built in cure. Nature provides the mechanism for healing – your eroticism. Your eroticism draws you towards experiences that have healing potential for you. That can reawaken memories, evoke the re-experiencing of events, traumas that you have suppressed.

Taken with awareness, your sexual experience can become transcendent. Encouraging this is the work of a Tantrika, a Dakini. She’s a rare blend of goddess and muse. Her love of you – the you behind your mind’s masks – is total and unswerving. Her heartfelt truthfulness with your mind/ego and fantasies is absolute.

A Dakini is conscious with her own sexuality, and teaches you how to become conscious with yours. Key repressions are revealed and the attendant body armouring is gently removed,
The process requires a deep trust and willingness to experience intimacy.
This trust is akin to the trust required with any healer. She knows what she’s doing, what’s required. You need to trust the unfolding of your process.
Tantra isn’t for everyone. Yes everyone can benefit by approaching sex with more awareness, more sensitivity, but the psychologically powerful energies of tantric practice are not for nervous nellies. If you want to take your ego seriously, forget it.

Commitment is vital, as well as having the mental flexibility of a true seeker.

HEALING SESSIONS WITH DAKINI involve nudity, massage, intimacy AND ecstasy. 

  • Techniques similar to massage, bodywork & reiki are used to address the effects of repression in the body and chakras.
  • Lost sensitivity is restored as body armour is gently removed.
  • Awareness in and of your sexuality is encouraged with meditation techniques.

    A consultation, to get an idea of your experience, and which areas of work you require is arranged, where I answer your questions about tantra, and what practices would benefit you. 
    In these sessions, your Kundalini energy is encouraged, and the blockages are eased, or temporarily bypassed.
    This helps you to identify your blocks as the Dakini facilitates your identifying and continuing with your own healing work. The Dakini uses a combination of touch and energy work, similar to Bodywork, Reiki and  Qi Gong. The healing work itself depends on your repressions, and how they present in your body armour.
    You are responsible for your own movement and healing work… it’s your life, your journey. You can only work effectively with a Dakini if you have  a trust, a willingness to take her “medicine” and go where it takes you.
    There’s no belief system required. I work with methods, not ideas. You may view your sexuality as a compartment, an area of your life. It isn’t. It’s the source, in an energetic and physical sense, of your life energy. Working with it, releasing it, healing it has deep and profound effects on the whole of your life.
    The Dakini, like any healing practitioner, diagnoses, treats, prescribes and recommends what her intuition, training and experience indicate is right for you. She has the right to discontinue working with you, if you don’t follow her recommendations.
    The appropriate and archetypically correct approach, attitude to a Dakini is devotion. The same as an artist’s, a poet’s devotion to his Muse. Working with sexual energy is intense emotionally, psychologically. It is not necessary to the process that you “like it”. You are asking someone to help you wake up, and to use perhaps the most powerful methods known to do it. It will be intense, deliberately shattering to mindset and ego, but lovingly supportive of you, the beyond-ego, essential you.

    Part of Dakini’s freedom is that love is the most natural phenomenon in the world. Indeed,  existence itself is Love.
    A large part of the work I do with you is called “opening the heart“.  This expands your ability to experience love. Constrictions based in your judgments, preconceptions and fears will be evoked, exposed to your conscious awareness and transcended. Whatever it takes.
    Love does hurt, though when it does, it’s still undeniably love. Meditation techniques to help you move through this will be recommended. Running (30 minutes minimum), hitting a punch bag, strangling or even raping a pillow, dancing (without e) are also highly recommended for emotional release. It’s daunting, facing the fear of opening your heart, falling in love, deeply, without a safety net. The Dakini is not seducing you into loving her. She’s seducing you into loving existence itself. She stands in for and makes the Goddess available.
    If you are in a sexually exclusive relationship, and both interested, sessions with me can be arranged. I will lovingly guide you to blissful discoveries with each other, and introduce you to healing techniques which you can practice together.

    New to tantra?  I usually recommend that you start with group work. If you’ve already done individual work, just get in touch, and let your bliss begin.