Can my massage or Tantra session go beyond ?

No, during your session, your role is a passive one. I want you to be able to completely relax and enjoy your session to the fullest. If full service is your goal, please look for an Escort.


How should I/we prepare for the Tantra session?

No alcohol at LEAST 24 hours prior to session drink plenty of WATER. I need to know about your health/health issues, types of medication you take. Most clients take a shower upon arriving for their session, or some prefer the Tantric Bath Ceremony, which I do this for you. You are paying for a service. I feel that you should relax and be pampered. I take care of the entire prepping process for you.


How much notice do you need for sessions?

At least 48 hrs. Incall COULD be available but the accommodations must be paid for in advance. Clients wish to see me, but cannot provide accommodations, so I will secure your accommodations. Tantra is just a small part of my life. I work full time, attend school for an extended degree and have a family, so planning is imperative. No same day requests. If I cannot see you, I will recommend a competent tantrica for you. NOTE: when filling out the request form OR emailing me, please be sure to complete everything as well as alternate dates. I REALLY want to accommodate you! If you prefer, just email me we will discuss your session over the phone.


Are you free days or evenings or both?

I am free by advanced appointment only. I have some flexibility with my schedule. Ask me first.


Do you travel/tour? If so, what locations do you visit?

I don’t tour, but DO travel for business. On occasion, I will see a client in an area where I am staying. Please ask, as I do not keep a calendar on line. However, I DO take requests, so feel free to ask me to come to you for a visit.


What local areas can you provide outcall?

North America.


Can we speak prior to my RSVP form submission?

It would be best to send an email first with bio/number where you would like to be reached. I will definitely phone you, as you may have some general questions about my services/schedule. If you wish to speak, please phone me at the number on the front page of my site. Weekends are voicemail only, but I return MOST calls. Please only contact me if you are serious about Tantric bodywork and Sensual Massage. Read my website in its entirety and check all information before booking. If price shopping, please do that prior to contacting me.


Do you keep personal information sent to you via electronic form or email?

No, I do not. I dispose of it UNLESS you tell me specifically to hold onto it


Can I tip you? What should I bring?

Tips are always appreciated! I sometimes donate tips to The Canadian Lung Association, The Canadian Cancer Society, and a NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER. As for what to bring just yourself and your donation.


Tell me about your rates, products are your Tantra sessions worth it?

Absolutely! I use only the best products for my Tantra preparations/sessions. I import products from a lab that makes products according to my specifications. I also keep a stock of costly elaborate candles and essential oils. I want the BEST for my clientele. My sessions are superb, reflecting the finest service you will ever receive.


You did not return my email and did not respond  after I sent in my RSVP form. Why?

It must have been an oversight, or I did not receive it. I am VERY prompt and answer my emails and calls.