Exploring The Big Draw How it Works

In Taoist China, the penis is referred to as the ‘jade wand’. Both the lingam and yoni are viewed as vital, healing parts of our anatomy, requiring as much touch, care and love as the rest of us.

Taoism addresses the essential transformation of sexual energy called Ching into the life energy Chi.

Inspired by Taoism, Joseph Kramer, the world’s foremost erotic massage trainer, founded The Body Electric School in 1984.  He has since trained thousands of erotic bodyworkers and somatic educators. In 1992, he started the Erospirit Research Institute, a think tank exploring the connection between sex and spirit. In 1999, he founded The New School of Erotic Touch.

In males and females, Ching is produced in the gonads. This abundant supply of energy is  used for reproductive process. When Ching energy is refined as Chi energy, it can rejuvenate body and mind and harmonize the loving intimacy between a male and female. however, this conversion requires much focus and Tao Yoga practice as formulated by Grand Master  Mantak Chia.

In a simple manner, an slow, mindful, sensual massage causes the same energy process. The man needs only to lie down and enjoy this tremendous energy flow throughout his entire body, which culminates in a pulsating, full body ecstasy.  The results are far more pleasurable and enduring than a regular sexual climax. The body feels both strengthened and relaxed as never before. Men who assume they know all about worldly pursuits will be amazed by this experience. The massage climaxes in the Big Draw, an easy-to-do Taoist technique, whereby the orgasm implodes inside the body instead of exploding outside. Your whole body fills with warmth and turns into pleasant shivering. Afterwards a man feels full of energy. As the experience of his own sexuality is enhanced, he discovers unparalleled dimensions of sexual healing.



The Big Draw To withhold ejaculation for your own health and creativity, while experiencing full body orgasm without energy loss, practice the Big Draw.
The Big Draw expands your built-up sexual and erotic energy throughout your entire body. Thus, the energy is not just limited to the genitals. You also avoid sexual tension, which occurs when you do not ejaculate. By avoiding ejaculation and practicing the Big Draw, you can create a whole new experience. Discover your sexuality in a novel, empowering way!



Steps in The Big Draw:


  • Slowly and deeply exhale shortly before reaching an orgasm.
  • Ensure you also exhale the rest of the air in your body.
  • It works best if you exhale on .
  • Once you’ve fully exhale, you will have air hunger, which animates you to breathe properly from the belly.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Tighten your anus and throat muscles; hold your breath for about one minute.
  • Make a fist and tense all your muscles as much as possible.
  • It helps to also bend your knees.
  • Hold it, hold it, hold it… and then let go.
  • Relax and feel what’s happening to your body now.
  • If you want, you can mentally send this energy from the sexual region, along the spine, to your heart.


NOTE: If your head turns red during the Big Draw, stop immediately.
Next time, tense your head and neck less and focus more on tensing the anus, legs and abdomen.

Dakini Devi Bliss is a Certified Tantric Practitioner,  Educator and  Blissful Bodyworker. A gifted, lifelong spiritual seeker, I have been  formally trained in energetic aura manipulation, Kundalini awakening, Tantric healing,  massage therapy and Reiki. Drawing upon multiple disciplines,  I manipulate sexual energy for the highest good. With a background in tantra, hatha yoga, meditation, qi gong, energy work, sexual psychology and relationship coaching, I employ a uniquely rich healing blend for each client. My tantra training initiation was a lengthy process extending over several years, including studies in India, to gain the experience needed to teach others.  My spiritually-based professional practice is ideal for those wish to open up to a higher, enlightened state. I work with those interested in using tantra to create kundalini awakening, and a deeper connection to their partner(s). I possess a nurturing, joyful nature with peaceful warrior world view.