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If you wish to study Tantra with me or use my services to help transform your relationship and sex life, I need to learn more about you both. These questions are designed to honestly reflect your perspective on your relationship and sex life.

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    Is your relationship is diminished by any of the following?
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    Hurtful repetitive arguments and upsets.Taking each other for granted and familiarity.Low libido, Muted desire.Not enough sex, little sex, or no sex.Mediocre or boring sex.Too little quality attention and time.A lack of deep, honest thought sharing. Not enough emotional intimacyA lack of mutual trustMaking compromises that block you from being who you want to be or how you want to live.Your partner resists compromising or compromises and resents it or isn't happy about it.Not enough intimacy and passion in your sex life.The sexual problems of one partner or both partners.Health problems effecting your relationship or sex life.

    What changes would you like to see in yourself or your partner?

    What would your relationship and sex life look like in the next 12 months if you could wave a magic wand?

    Describe yourself from a spiritual and sexual perspective? What is your religious affiliation? Do you have any background in Tantra or other forms of yoga or spiritual disciplines? Have you taken any personal growth workshops or trainings?

    Please identify any sexual issues, concerns or aspirations that you would like me to address?

    Do you have any physical or sexual health problems? If so, please describe them.

    What draws you to Tantra? How can I best serve you? If you could get what you desired, how would it look?

    What website did you find me on?

    Which options below apply to you? Several may overlap; however, by choosing one over another I can gather the nature of your preferences. If several of the options have a higher priority, list them in order of priority.:

    Tantra Mastery Session - to learning the Tantric skills and consciousness that will enable you to create your own Tantric experiences. To experience the union of your sexual and spiritual energies as part of the intimacy you share together.Tantra Mastery Session - develop your ability to be superlative lovers; focus on actualizing your potential.Tantra Mastery Session - develop your ability to be excellent lovers; focus on solving sexual problemsTantra Mastery Session - enhance your romantic union via cultivating deeper emotional and sexual intimacy.Tantra Mastery Session - series of sessions to achieve one or more of the above. Please state what these results are.Tantric Experience - Tantric Ecstasy. A magical, sensual, erotic experience to juice up your life together.Tantric Experience - An Exciting, Boundary-Stretching Erotic Adventure to explore your boundaries as a couple.A three-month Love Coaching Program teaching you how to rid the blocks to emotional intimacy and sexual passion for a more enlivened, fulfilling love and sex life.A one-day Sexual Passion Intensive, where you join me for a hands-on intensive training in how to become master lovers.

    For a Free Consultation to discuss these options and how I can best serve your relationship needs, call me directly at 863-254-8046.

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