Coupes Puja..spring celebration..Tantric Touch..613 878-8179

Let’s open our hearts and connect on a deeper level. 

Come and celebrate Spring, as we explore the Art of Tanric Touch, and the Tao of sensual massage within the context of a spiritual healing ceremony. This is for those interested in sensual massage, and in a more advanced or deeper “tantric” healing experiences with a partner. This event is a “Puja”,i.e,  a sacred event. 

Touch is so incredibly healing and delightful. You will have the opportunity to both give and receive a healing massage experience during this puja. This event will be a Celebration of our inner god and goddess. We will explore the healing power of touch, divine union and sensuality. We will be leading you through some delightful massage techniques and giving you the opportunity to connect deeply with your partner and to explore healing touch. We will begin with some fun ice breakers and a guided meditation We will demonstrate basic sensual massage techniques and then progress through various stations where you can explore a variety of connecting activities and massage techniques with your partner.

This sacred, balanced healing session allows couples to renew & forge their intimate bonds.

What to Bring: blankets, cushions and pillows to create a nest. We will NOT be using tables. Massage oil provided. 

In this “Violet” Sacred Sensual SESSION, you may undress or partially undress to your own comfort level.  Nudity, sensual touch and exploration are allowed. You may expect soulful, playful, respectful and sensual connections with your partner. Communicate with your partner regarding boundaries and honor all boundaries including your own. 

Dakini Bliss is a bodyworker, Reiki Master,  Member of the World Association of Tantra Professionals.  For more information, contact her at