Sensual tantric bodywork delight with devi bliss!

Greetings Tantra Lovers,

These days I am busy with book projects as well as studying and teaching. I would love to speak with all who have a genuine interest in my practice but my limited time and energy would not permit that.

Thus, If you wish to book a session with me, please fill out my Session Request below in order that I can learn a bit about you.  Do keep in mind that I have a 24-hour advance notice cancellation policy.

I am available mainly weekdays from 10-10. I can occasionally book sessions in advance on weekends.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me as is mine. Rest assured that any personal information you share with me is securely held in the strictest confidence.  My absolute discretion and your total privacy is guaranteed.

Each session with a new client starts with a formal in-take process so we can establish our rapport, intentions, and context for your healing session.

I may ask to see a valid identification like a drivers license upon meeting in person.

If you would prefer, you can email me at or phone me at 786-560-2611


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    1-hour Sensual Massage Session...$22090-minute Introductory Tantric Massage Session...$30090-minute Dark Tantra Massage or Bondassage® session...$3202-hour Tantric Goddess Worship Session...$4002-hour Tantric Couples Session...$500Half-Day Yoga Tantric Bliss Retreat...$600

    Note: The 90-minute Introductory Session ($300) is highly recommended for new clients.

    Have you visited any tantric practitioners before?
    If so, who are they?

    Are you currently involved in any intimate relationship(s)?


    How is it working out?

    Are you willing to accept full responsibility for your health, well being, and personal pleasure?


    What previous experience have you had with Tantra, Yoga and/or Meditation?

    Do you currently have any contagious illnesses; i.e., HIV, STDs or chronic skin disorders?
    If so, what are they and what treatment have you received for them?

    Do you have any current physical concerns and/or medical issues?
    If so, what are they?

    What prescription medications, if any, are you currently taking?

    Do you have any diagnosed mental health issues?
    If so, are you receiving treatment for your condition?

    What are your three main reasons for seeking a tantric session with me?
    Please list them in order of priority.

    What would you like to specifically address in the areas of relationship intimacy and sexual healing?

    Are you a childhood sexual abuse survivor, rape victim or PTSD sufferer?
    If so, have you ever received professional therapy for your condition?

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    Cancellation and Re-scheduling Policy

    • An appointment for pleasure is still a business appointment. Devi Bliss requires 24-hour notice by phone (not email or text) for any cancellations or re-scheduling.
    • If less than 24-hours is given (without a valid reason),Devi Bliss reserves the right to refuse a client in the future unless the future session is pre-paid by credit card.