A Portal Into Ecstasy and Transcendence: The Amazing Yoni


In Sanskrit, the meaning of the word “Yoni” is Sacred Place, referring to the female genitalia. Apparently, the word Yoni has come into vogue as 21st-century women are learning to reclaim their feminine spirit through sexual self-empowerment. Yes, simply achieving the same status as males in the workplace is just not enough for today’s woman.

A new dawn has emerged where women are openly and freely embracing their Goddess birthright.  The modern woman is finally grasping the ancient secrets of discovering heaven on earth through her divine physique.

Key for a woman evolving from woman to Goddess is the Yoni. By understanding her yoni’s attributes, a woman can tap into her feminine mystique and achieve a rich sense of self-empowerment.

Female Sexual Anatomy: A Miracle.  Sadly, some women in repressed cultures still espouse Freud’s erroneous premise that infantile women need clitoral stimulation during sex, while mature women can climax from penetration alone. He made this statement without any supporting scientific data.Later during the 50’s and 60’s Masters and Johnson proved him wrong through their lab studies of women’s sexual response.

Recent groundbreaking lab work supports and highlight many aspects of female arousal and sexual activation, in the genitals, and overall body, including the brain.

Woman’s sexuality is wholistic by nature, involving a responsive network of tissue, nerves, glands and hormone-driven emotional states.

Three key female erogenous zones include:

  1. The clitoris and clitoral network
  2. The G-Spot
  3. The cervix (mouth of the womb)

In addition, a nerve in the sacrum works to trigger genital orgasm.  This delicate network of nerves and erectile tissue links directly with the brain’s glandular system. Plus, it is also connected to nerves and other communication systems throughout the body.


The Clitoris:  The Tip Of an Iceberg.  The visible clitoris on the outer body is merely the tip of a massive network of pleasure-oriented erectile tissue. Indeed, the clitoris contains an estimated 8,000 nerve endings devoted only to sexual arousal of ecstasy. The clitoral network has bulbs inside the body, arms that hug the vagina from inside the body, as well as the vulva (outer and inner lips) and a hood, which sits atop the clitoris, linked to the vulva. All of this goes into erection when the woman becomes aroused, making her hypersensitive and lubricated, ready for potential penetration.

As erection occurs, the vagina lengthens and balloons, adapting itself to receive the male Lingam. (In Sanskrit, Lingam means Pillar of Light, symbolizing male genitalia).

Female G-Spot: a repository of both Pleasure and Pain. The G-spot (just inside the yoni’s entrance) is the end of a bundle of nerves linked to the clitoral network.

When aroused, a woman’s G-spot slightly swells and becomes more sensitive than usual.

Energetically, it is connected to the womb, an acupressure area, holding memories of both pleasure or pain with respect to a woman’s sexual and birth experiences.

When energy is liberated in this zone, a woman discover Amrita, also called female ejaculation.  Calling this area, “the Palace of Yin’, Tantra Taoist masters deemed it auspicious for a man to drink from the Amrita fountain (‘nectar,’ in Sanskrit; ‘Moon Flower Medicine,’in Chinese).

Erotic artwork from ancient China and Japan depict a male lover holding a goblet under his Beloved’s yoni to catch this precious fluid, thought to promote longevity. 

The Cervix: Portal of the Goddess. The female cervix, a highly sensitive erogenous zone, supports a woman multi-orgasmic potential as she experience her authentic Goddess nature.

The Yoni has its own masterful intelligence and cervical portal will not reveal its full potential without sufficient female sexual arousal.

During the ideal conditions for deep sexual union, the woman will be catapulted into ecstatic states, causing her rational brain to shut down. In these deep, magical moments of surrender, she experiences her own Divine Goddess essence.

A Tantric sex secret is hidden in the cervical union of Lingam and Yoni. When the the Lingam tip kisses the cervix in just the right way, an amazing transmission and transmutation occurs.

The tip of the lingam transforms from giver to receiver and starts drinking the offering of amrita from the womb. The cervix becomes the giver, transmitting a profound level of Shakti power to her Shiva.



In turn, this gives rise to the Tantric Circle, where male and female become one spinning wheel of yin and yang, often forgetting which is which. Consciously or unconsciously, lovers seek to replicate this state of Oneness in each sexual encounter.

The Sacrum: An Orgasmic Trigger.  The sacral area contains many acupressure points linked to the brain’s glandular system.

These points are also connected to nerves linked to brain, spine and genitals. One such nerve in the mid sacrum can trigger orgasm once full arousal takes place.

A woman with a stagnant  sacral area may find it difficult to climax.  Lovers should incorporate massage of the sacrum into their sex play so as to open up orgasmic potential.




Full Body Orgasm. When just aroused locally, directly on and around her outer clitoris, a woman may experience a more localized, less fulfilling orgasm.

If arousal spreads deeper inside her clitoral network with all her erectile inner and outer genital tissue becoming engorged, she will enjoy far more ecstatic, deeply fulfilling orgasms.

There is a protocol for the portal of the Goddess to be opened within in order for her to experience full body orgasm. The clitoris has nerve endings that feed into this erogenous zone from all over the body.

For complete arousal, the woman will need full body activation. A female has the potential for such intense levels of excitation that her entire body will feel like one gigantic clitoris.

This happens when all the clitoral nerve endings are awakened in their connectivity to all other body parts, including the brain’s glandular system.

Slow, Steady Sensual Arousal. According to sex researchers, for a woman to become aroused fully in her genitals and ready for penetration by a Lingam, she will need minimum 20 minutes of all over body connectivity and touch.

This could be through caressing, massage, hugging, or kissing and other forms of full body stimulation.

Interestingly, ancient Tantric/Taoist texts state that a man must spend time arousing the woman via artful means without attempt penetration until she tearfully pleads with him to do so. Generally, most women favour a slow, tender, teasing build up, erupting into intense sexual arousal. 

Moreover, a few, tender loving words can add to a woman’s exhilaration, part of the awakening of orgasmic potential. As well, creatively arrange a romantic ambiance with soft lighting, relaxation sensual music, aphrodisiac scents and other sensorial activations.


Let Sounds Possess you beyond Conscious Control.  After moving into an altered state via her sensual/sexual build up, sound and movement can catapult her into a space beyond her conscious control.

Tantric practitioners who have been privy to the extensive range of female sexual response through Yoni massage, are fully aware that orgasmic capacity is directly linked to a woman’s ability to vocalize during lovemaking’s most pleasurable moments.



The Female Body as a Fine Musical Instrument.  Consider the female body a fine musical instrument devoted to intense pleasure. A wise lover will first tune the instrument, then begin playing the raga of sexual fulfillment, with himself in the role of maestro.

The art of Indian Raga music teaches us all about the continuum of sexual love; i.e., it moves from tuning, to slow build-up and then to orgasmic splendour, where musician and instrument morph into the lover and beloved, finally merging into One.

Each Woman Yearns to Completely Surrender To Her Beloved. In the past, ancient Tantric gurus instructed their followers in the Erotic Arts so they could avoid the fast, instinct-driven sexual experience, which offers nothing to support or encourage female pleasure.

Worse yet is culturally-imposed sexual inhibition, culminating in predictable, mundane sex acts, far less exciting than a sneeze or itchy back.

At her feminine core, a woman desires to let go and lose control in total surrender, intimately possessed to by love’s raging inferno.

When she finds herself a safe, secure place with her Beloved, she can go wild, losing herself in the moment, inebriated by her capacity for ecstasy. In such a heady state, all that eros affords womankind is at her disposal, including, multiple full body orgasms.



The Yoni: A Portal Into Ecstasy and Beyond.  Any mature, healthy adult can  never feel truly fulfilled until having experienced the splendour of fulfilling sex.

According to Osho, people continually switch partners because deep down they are searching for the right one with whom they can experience the most ecstatic orgasm imaginable. While we may mask desire with eloquent epithets, our ongoing search for fulfilling sex is of paramount importance.

The greater your comfort level with your orgasmic potential, the easier will be your launching into merging with Cosmic consciousness. 

Women, as you learn to embrace full body orgasm, the supreme wisdom of your Shakti nature will simultaneous be revealed.