The Fine Art of Aging Gracefully in a Youth-Oriented Culture

Many baby boomers spend much time and money trying to reverse the imminent signs of aging and rid themselves of pain, in a bid to stay healthy.
Those in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s pay the biggest price, admitting to a self-inflicted abusive lifestyle in their teens and 20’s.

A reckless youth, eating carelessly, sleeping as little or as much as possible, drinking and smoking whatever one could find, plus the enduring stress of college, making ends meet and then raising a family directly impact quality of life in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

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SLOW Tantric Lovemaking Rituals For Couples

Do you wish to boost your stamina, gain self-confidence and transform into the alpha male lover? Simple, proven slow sex tricks can turbocharge your sex life. A slow sex practice can revitalize intimacy and enhance the sexual pleasure of both partners while reducing your respective susceptibility to the stress and strain of daily life. In the digital era, more data is at your fingertips than ever before, thus you can become stuck living in your head, increasingly disconnected from your body and  sexuality.

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Tantra for the Novice

Tantra was a spiritual movement originating in northern India in the 9th and 12th centuries. In the West,Tantra is associated with sex, which is but one small aspect of Tantric wisdom. Tantra involves harnessing that divine spark felt during sex, harnessing it and transmuting it into all aspects of your life. In tantra, we set regular intentions and practice on a daily basis.

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