The Art and Soul of Orgasmic Kissing Secrets

In The Kama Sutra, a woman’s mouth perfectly mirrors her genitalia; i.e., the lips resemble the labia, the Cupid’s bow resemble the clitoris and the hard palate just above the front teeth resemble the G-spot.

When a man slowly caresses his female lover’s mouth with deep, passionate kisses, not only will he be rewarded with increased arousal but he may actually awaken her full orgasmic potential.  Continue reading “The Art and Soul of Orgasmic Kissing Secrets”

Tantra Massage & Sexual Healing Sessions with Dakini Devi Bliss

Joy, pleasure and orgasmic bliss can be challenging to find in our bodies, yet we can all experience these natural states of being.

My Divine Tantric Touch sessions facilitate your journey into your physical being so as discover a new relationship to touch, intimacy and sensation while being safely held in sacred space with clear boundaries and compassion.


These sessions are for women, men or couples of all ages and gender orientations.

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In light and love, 

Dakini Devi Bliss

The Happy Sex Guru

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