4-Part Simple Meditation Technique

15_01_2017 - 1Learning how to meditate helps you achieve personal and professional success faster. With a clear, focused mind, and calm, relaxed body, you can access internal and external information to help you make wiser decisions. Moreover, the more you meditate, the more access you have to your intuition. 

In many diverse cultures, many different forms of meditation have been developed over thousands of years. Meditation is a practice where you train your mind or induce a state of consciousness, to realize some benefit like relaxation, stress reduction, healing, strengthening your life force, or develop higher qualities like love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. By focusing on breathing, visualizations, mantras or meditation music, you bring mindfulness to the present moment, which sets the stage to calm your mind.

Meditation can also be used to access wisdom and insight from your own higher unconscious or Universal power often known as The Goddess, Universal Consciousness or Source.  Continue reading “4-Part Simple Meditation Technique”

A Portal Into Ecstasy and Transcendence: The Amazing Yoni


In Sanskrit, the meaning of the word “Yoni” is Sacred Place, referring to the female genitalia. Apparently, the word Yoni has come into vogue as 21st-century women are learning to reclaim their feminine spirit through sexual self-empowerment. Yes, simply achieving the same status as males in the workplace is just not enough for today’s woman.

A new dawn has emerged where women are openly and freely embracing their Goddess birthright.  The modern woman is finally grasping the ancient secrets of discovering heaven on earth through her divine physique.

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