colorful-lovers-xxxIn a Tantra Massage for Couples session, both partners are able to relax and savour a tantric massage at the same time. Two massage tables are set up, while myself and an expert dakini-in-training prepare to you both a delicious massage at the same time.

Commonly, couples fantasize about engaging in erotic play with someone outside the relationship. However, realizing that particular fantasy in a safe, enjoyable way for both partners can be a bit tricky, especially if it’s your first time. 

A Tantric massage for Couples is an ideal way to test these choppy waters without risking any unpleasant surprises. Indeed, your confidential session will be totally safe and respectful of your mutually agreed upon boundaries 

A tantric massage brings together many somatic learning and healing practices into one exquisite session. Owning and communicating your desire, feeling good about your body, playfully practicing techniques for sexual energy mastery, and surrendering to powerful flows of orgasmic energy are interwoven during your session. This tantric massage experience is all about you and  your partner. Continue reading “TANTRIC MASSAGE FOR COUPLES SESSION”