Radical Tantric Self-Transformation Training to Boost Self-Esteem

Do overwhelming feelings of never being good enough continually plague you? If so, these destructive feelings typically manifest in in the following ways
  • Competence.  The feeling that you’re “never good enough” at some skill or ability, like earning money, being perfect or some other talent you “should” have mastered  by now.
  • Body. The feeling that your body appearance has failed you . Do you feel that you’re not thin, strong, tall or attractive enough? Do you feel physically unpresentable to others, in the bedroom or the boardroom?
  • Identity.  The feeling that you’re simply the wrong kind of person in terms of your race,  age,  gender or personality. For instance, do you feel too old or too quiet?
  • Relationship.  The feeling that “I will be loved only if I am _____.” This qualifier could be based on your outward success (competence), body appearance (body),  willingness to change who you are (identity) or something else. Do you feel that you will only merit love if you fulfil some other condition? Does just being your authentic self feel insufficient to receive love?

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The Power of Mantra for Millennials


The Power of Mantra for Millennials 

Mantras spring from from your mind’s murky depths, then blossom into the purity of being, akin to how the beautiful lotus is birthed in mud, 
Across the millennia, mantras have been used around the globe to still the mind, promote inner peace and foster various virtues and support peak spiritual experiences.
Mantras, although simple words and sounds repeated over and over again, are immensely powerful in their ability to raise our consciousness. Not only are words and sounds a manifestation of energy vibrating at different frequencies, but they are also imbued with centuries of meaning. Indeed, some ancient mantras and chants are well over 3,000 years.

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