Tantric/Taoist Techniques to Open The Autobahn to Enlightenment!  


Sense your freedom as you gaze inward, grasping your emptiness. 
Sense your love as you gaze outward, grasping your fullness.
The unfolding dance of Creation embodies infinite freedom and eternal love.
Awakening and energizing the Central Channel was foundational to all ancient forms of Spirituality.  At times, this process would occur as a side effect of related intense spiritual ritual; however,  knowing gurus would usually impart one or more direct tools to promote the opening of this centre most bioenergetic pathway.   In Tantric Yoga,  the central column or Sushumna Nadi is comprised of at least four increasingly narrow columnar layers (Vajra Nadi, Chitti Nadi and Brahma Nadi all within the larger Sushumna). In Esoteric Taoism, the central channel is called Chong Mai or Tai-Ji Pole. Continue reading “Tantric/Taoist Techniques to Open The Autobahn to Enlightenment!  “