Open Relationships’ Defined

Big Love, a popular US television drama that aired on  HBO between March 2006 and March 2011, depicted a fictional  fundamentalist Mormon family in  Utah that practices  polygamy.


What constitutes an open relationship people often ask.

Some equate an open relationship with cheating but nothing is further from the truth.

Being in an open relationship does not suit everyone.

A tremendous amount of security and trust is required from all parties involved.

An open relationship is essentially defined as  consensual non-monogamy.  That means if your partner is unaware you are having sex with others, it’s still called cheating.

Different variations of open relationship exist…polyamory, swinging, 3-somes, group sex, polygamy, polyandry, poly fidelity and non-monogamy.

They all have their own nuances and set of rules.

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Dark Tantra for Couples The Play-at-Home Version


Clearly, you have heard about the now infamous novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Perhaps you wonder if  BDSM requires a large financial outlay. Yes, leather corsets and horse whips are well worth their price tag but if you’re just getting into it, try BDSM on for size first. The Dark Tantra version is milder and more appropriate for beginners.

Besides, it costs a lot less!
First of all, you and your partner must mutually decide that you are up to trying some BDSM.


Does the notion of being tied up get both of you in a hot, raunchy mood?

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In Tantra, proper breathing is vital for longer streams of orgasms.
Breathing heats your sexual juices, keeping them flowing with a youthful vitality.
Breathing helps you maintain mental, physical and spiritual vibrancy.
Breathing practice is derived from the orgone energy practice of  Reichian and  Bioenergetics therapies, as well as thecobra fire orgasm breath.
Breath brings back the squirting stream in male ejaculation and removes the female’s blocked ardor, and strengthens female orgasmic sensations and promotes her amrita ejaculation.  Breath awakens the senses of love.


Exploring The Big Draw How it Works

In Taoist China, the penis is referred to as the ‘jade wand’. Both the lingam and yoni are viewed as vital, healing parts of our anatomy, requiring as much touch, care and love as the rest of us.

Taoism addresses the essential transformation of sexual energy called Ching into the life energy Chi.

Inspired by Taoism, Joseph Kramer, the world’s foremost erotic massage trainer, founded The Body Electric School in 1984.  He has since trained thousands of erotic bodyworkers and somatic educators. In 1992, he started the Erospirit Research Institute, a think tank exploring the connection between sex and spirit. In 1999, he founded The New School of Erotic Touch.

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The Tantric Relationship..How to Open Yourself Up

In a relationship, expressing your emotions can be tough but it is profoundly rewarding.
Do you find it difficult to let your guard down and be vulnerable in a relationship?
Fear of intimacy is the chief reason people do not open up emotionally with another.
Intimacy means feeling safe with another when you expose the ‘real you’ to them. Intimacy involves protecting your beloved rather than exploiting their vulnerabilities. Importantly, Intimacy does not just mean sexual relations between partners.
A huge range of emotions and behaviors enhance the intimacy or deepening of your relationship.

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Tantric Sexercises The Ultimate Workout for HIm and Her


Western sex practices yield an average of about 10 minutes of bliss, according to a recent study.

Yet, in India and the Far East, Tantric sex is practiced as a form of spirituality, enveloping its practitioners in hours-long ecstasy.

Why not spend a few delicious hours riding the wave, instead of 10 minutes?

Yet, tantra is far more than just drawing out the coitus process.

Studies show couples struggle to reconcile their high sexual expectations with an inability to express their sexual needs.

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The ABC’s of Sex Coaching

When I say that I work as a sex coach, some find it a bit confusing.

Often I hear, “So you must be a sex worker?” Not exactly. “So, what is it then that you do?”

The recent film, “The Sessions” features Helen Hunt and John Hawkes as a sex surrogate and her disabled client.

Sex coaches act as educators because most North Americans have received a zero to sub-standard sex education. People need to learn the vital sexual information that nobody ever taught them from a compassionate professional who understands sex and will not pontificate on a client’s sexual practices. That job is for a priest, not a sex coach!
Sex coaching differs from therapy as it does not focus as much on healing past wounds as much as it does about creating your life in the present.

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