The Fine Art of Cunnilingus Pleasuring your Goddess!

Cunnilingus has been nicknamed the’ breakfast of champions’, as it transforms your sexual experiences from ordinary to extraordinary within 30 minutes.
When done properly,  cunnilingus,generates the deepest, loveliest orgasms ever
This isn’t  just about orgasms. Orgasms are not the sole goal of fabulous tantric sex.
Some women find it difficult to have orgasms; others can’t at all.
Perhaps you are dealing with other emotional barriers.
Couples, do not blame yourselves!   Not orgasming is fine, too. If you have a rough patch, visit a therapist.   But  if you’re in a healthy emotional state and your partner usually orgasms, the following should work.
How  does one best please those lovely feminine beings?
Whether you are a huge fan of  thee vulva, labia, clitoris or have been performing cunnlingus for years, these helpful tips highlight what the female yoni loves!

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Ottawa Divine Tantric Touch Massage Services 613 878-8179

Ottawa’s Divine Tantric Touch Massage is a highly sought after sensual experience appreciated by a growing host of exultant clients.  Mere words fail to describe the depth and pleasure of  this ecstatic, erotic experience.  Just imagine profound relaxation amplified and spiced up by a variety of delicious erotic elements!   Erotic massage is a door to new sensual dimensions, to ever higher and deeper levels of epicurean indulgence.
Tantra massage gained its popularity for its ability to deeply relax the body, releasing all the accumulated stress and strain of modern life, unblocking the body’s energy flow and gently calming  the mind. Thus, this sexually rewarding massage technique also possesses tremendous healing, restorative and rejuvenating benefits.

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Achieving Tantric G-Spot Orgasm Excellent Positions

A Tantric orgasm has been called a ‘full body sexual energy experience’.

G-spot stimulation is one way to access Tantric orgasms. The G-spot (Grafenberg spot) is a small, lima bean-shaped area on the upper side of the vaginal wall (belly side), approximately 2-3 inches in. Different in texture than the rest of the yoni (vagina), this spot tends to spongier and coarser in texture. When the G-spot is stimulated through hard pushing or constant rubbing, it yields intense orgasmic feelings which exceed a normal female orgasmic response.
To properly stimulate the G-spot, pressure must applied directly on the upper wall of the yoni. Moreover, the woman needs to be highly aroused. Blood rushes to the G-spot like it does to the clitoris during sexual excitement. Thus, any sexual position maximizing pressure to this area increases the likelihood for a G-spot orgasm.

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Aum, The Monarch of All Mantras

Om is a  mantra  or vibration, chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions.

It is known as  the ‘monarch of all  mantras’ since all  mantras  originate from it. It prefixes some  mantras and  represents the Supreme God Principle (Parabrahman).

Coming from the Hindu Yoga tradition, the mantra is deemed to have high spiritual and creative powers. That said, anyone can recite this mantra. It’s both a sound and a symbol rich in meaning and depth. When pronounced correctly, it is actually AUM.

Aum actually consists of four (4) syllables: A, U, M, and the silent syllable.
  • 1st syllable is A, pronounced as a prolonged “awe.” The sound starts at the back of your throat and you stretch it out. You start feeling your solar plexus and chest vibrate.
  • 2nd syllable is U, pronounced as a prolonged “oo,” with the sound gradually rolling forward along your upper palate. You feel your throat vibrate.
  • 3rd syllable is M, pronounced as a prolonged “mmmm” with your front teeth gently touching. You now start to feel the top of your vibrate.
  • 4th syllable is the deep silence of the Infinite. As intelligence rises from the deep silence, you have to merge your chant from the ‘M’ to the deep silence.
Symbolically, the three (3) letters embody the divine energy (Shakti) and its three (3) main characteristics…creation, preservation and liberation.
Why do we chant Aum?
Everything in the Cosmos pulsates and vibrates; nothing really stands still! The sound Om, when chanted, vibrates at a frequency of 432 Hz, the same frequency found throughout everything in nature.
As such, AUM is the basic sound of the universe.  Thus, by chanting it, we are symbolically and physically tuning into that sound,acknowledging our connection to all other living beings, nature and the universe.
In addition, the vibrations and rhythmic pronunciation also have a physical affect on the body by slowing down our nervous system and calming the mind similar to  meditation. When your mind is relaxed, your blood pressure decreases and ultimately your heart health improves.
Finally, it’s a way to delineate the time of our practice from the rest of our day and signify that this special time is one in which we care for ourselves and practice being mindful
All in all, beginning and ending your yoga practice with AUM helps you connects to your practice in a much deeper way than with physical  postures alone.