Tantric Sex Training for Women

It’s a fact..most men have an orgasm during almost all of their sexual interactions.

What women don’t realize is that there’s so much more to the male psyche and male sexuality than just orgasm.  Moreover, qualitatively different orgasms do exist, ranging  from “OK” to “OMG.”

Extraordinary female lovers are self-possessed individuals who understand pleasure in their own bodies as well as in men’s.   They instinctively know how to share enthusiasm and have erotic energy and grace that magnetizes all who cross their path.

In my Goddess Workshops for women, you will learn and practice sensual techniques that make you the most confident, informed, sexy lover imaginable.  You will transform into the magnetic sex goddess you were always meant to be!

In your Tantra Session, which includes  delicious sensual bodywork, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve full body orgasms and EXPAND the amount of pleasure you can feel
  • Learn about male and female sacred spots and Tantric techniques to raise your consciousness through pleasure.
  • Deepen your ability as a lover by learning energetic practices.
  • Communicate your truth, opening your heart to deeper intimacy.
  • Explore how to please and honor a man.
  • Discover what he really wants.

I encourage all beautiful Goddesses who wish to be more  grounded, consciously aware, sexual beings to experience this powerful transformative session.

For more information, please call me at 613 878-8179.