ALL-CHAKRA Tantra:  Divine Love’s Weaving 
The Chakras

The 1ST Chakra relates to your perineum, your need to belong, feel safe, secure and healthy, grounded in material and emotional existence. The tantric weaving of your base chakra and your lover’s means you help your love feel secure emotionally and financially. You encourage wellness as you eat, exercise and stretch together. Massage and touch each other all over.
The 2ND Chakra relates to your sexuality and reproductive organs, your needs to feel sexual and sensual. In healing sessions involving this chakra, you release emotions and reprogram put-down attitudes. Women respond to vaginal strokes and ejaculate copious, alkaline fluid, amrita. Men learn how to pull up energy instead of ejaculating, to last longer in lovemaking and to orgasm in new ways.
The 3RD chakra relates to your belly.  Chakra Tantra teaches to take what’s yours, assert yourself appropriately. Empower each other. You explore power chakra dynamics with your lover–how you bond (sometimes sweetly, sometimes sourly) into parental- child roles. Ram meditations help you return to sweet and centered interaction.
The  4TH chakra relates to your heart, guiding you to love, cherish, support, heal and encourage yourself and your lover. You communicate feelings, cultivate sweetness, romance each other. You develop dyadic consciousness, where you identify at the same time with your beloved’s consciousness and your own as parts of a greater awareness, a two-person awareness greater than the sum of your separate identities.
The 5TH Chakra throat: Expression. Hear each of your inner voices tell you what they want and need. They say how they aid you, your beloved and humanity. Choose what, when and how to express (or not express) your inner voices to other people. Honor your beloved’s many voices too. Speak authentically, kindly and effectively to each other. In one throat-chakra exercise, you sanctify sex––––speak romantically of sacred sexual organs and acts.
The 6TH Chakra:  Brain: vision, intuition, intellect: Receive, share and expand visions for yourselves, each other, others you love, your community and world. As beloveds, you intuit each others thoughts and feelings, as well as those of your children, parents, friends and others. Access the messages of dream, past life, fantasy, archetype and hero-tale.
The 7TH Chakra: your crown.  The tantric meditations we like invoke awareness of your unity with everyone and everything. Tantra helps you rise to broader perspectives of your crown chakra, yet stay aware of the wisdom of chakras 1-6.
Chakra 8, Clown Chakra:  Let yourself laugh at the proclivity to categorization that tantra uses to map the continuous, simultaneous ever-shifting dimensions in a system ruled by divine play.
Encompass more than Thinker, Pleaser or other subselves. Expand your awareness to more than your body. Expand your perspective to even more than awareness of you and your darling, more than the awareness you share with each other and with humans, with life itself, or even with the Earth.
Feel your oneness with everyone and everything, everywhere at all-times. Experience unity, that seamless web of consciousness linking the manifest universe. Merge with the latent–unformed but constantly arising–reality of the metacosmic void. Identify with divine play that can manifest all forms.


Fathom your physical formReflect on your looks and the messages of your body.   TANTRA weaves cords from each levels of your consciousness–each level conceived as a chakra into a magic carpet of kundalini energy,  soaring along your spine.  Experience yourself as a conscious bridge between earth and the spirit. Tantra activates the safe, sexy, powerful, loving, communicative, knowing  spirit within you, between you and your beloved, and between you and the world. 

Focus on the 1st chakra, concerned with your body.  Observe your body and dialogue with its voices.  Accept, nurture and adore it. Treat your body to tantra yoga, which in turn gives you ejaculatory control, multiple orgasm, overall health and the physical experience of the transcendent energy you can share with a beloved.

Feel your physique, its history, needs and voices that affect tantric sex. Create a private, uninterrupted couple of hours in a well-lit sanctum with space to stretch and sprawl. Provide a full-length and hand-held mirror, and, if female, a speculum.


Prepare a love-nest and set aside several hours when you’re wide awake, without pressing business or concerns. Imagine you prepare to receive and give leisurely, sensitive, unstinting sexual delight to the most important person in your world.
Make the boudoir you create warm and comfortable. Let it contain a stand-up mirror and a large hand-held mirror. Provide sensual music, fragrances, flowers, snacks, sacraments, massage oil or lube and plenty of large, soft towels.
Make sure no phone, delivery person, computer or dropper-by can intrude on the space you create for your tryst with the exalted person you plan to honor. Dress in your sexiest clothes.

Then invite yourself in; you’re the guest, the most important lover you’ll ever have. You.

Turn on the music, relax, imbibe. Stand before the mirror and slowly take off each of your garments. Look at your body objectively


Turn at different angles to the mirror; see yourself from several angles. Watch your whole body flow as you move.
Focus in turn on head, torso, legs, then crown, hair, face, neck, chest, back, belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, shins, hands, feet, toes (but save genitals) as you dance to the mirror.
Pick up the hand mirror. See your reflection reflect on your body from every vantage. 

As you stand before your image, notice what you like most and least about your body, what you see about your health, your assets and your liabilities.

What do you appreciate about your body? How will you improve your health and appearance?
Identify with your body; become it.
As body, say what’s difficult and what’s satisfying about serving as this soul’s soma.
Say how you feel about the way your person reacts to you.
What would you like her or him to value you for?
What else would you like her or him to know?
Use both mirrors. Look in your orifices.
Focus on, then become your genitals, roleplay your genitals. As Genitals, how do you feel?How did you feel in the mirror examination? What, as Genitals, is your existence as your person’s genitals?
Say what you, as the voice of your body, want and need.
Say “Lam,” touch your rosebud [anal orifice] with your hand and ask your earthy essence to come to your genital shrine for joy.
Chant “Vam,” touch your genitals and invite your Sensual subself.
Say “Ram,” rub your belly and invite the spirit of your inner Strength to join the fun.
Say “Yam,” touch your heart and invoke your Romantic inner voice.
Say “Ham,” inviting your sound-maker-Singer self to be present as you make love to yourself.
Chant “Ooo,” rub your third eye (between your eyebrows) and summons your inner Visioner.
Make the sound “Mm” and invite your Universal Consciousness to be present too.

Pleasure yourself slowly as you look in your own eyes in the mirror.

Tell yourself aloud how much you love making love to yourself. Say, “I love you dear, [say your name].”
Affirm your deepest devotion as you orgasm.
Practice bandha-breathing.
View lovers masturbatory movements and show yours to them to learn one another’s techniques.

Learn in Tantra.

  • varieties of self-pleasuring, 

  • position-choreography, 

  • male ejaculation control, 

  • female ejaculation, 

  • kundalini quivering and 

  • sustained in-gasms and orgasms.


Yoni Puja, design by Carla Torino

Yoni Puja

Skt.yonivulva and pujaworship, ritual
Those who make it their sole mode of worship are excused from any other ritual obligation.
The text below is a revised excerpt from The Yoni (1996).
In abstract terms, a Yoni Puju is defined as a sacred ritual during which the yoni is worshipped. This can occur by using a sacred sculpture, a painting, or a sanctified natural object as focus of veneration, or by worshipping the yoni in her living form – with the help of a woman. In any case, the worshipper engages in 1-pointed meditation on, or visualization of, the thus venerated representation of the Goddess. In  reality, however, and in the religious practice that is still very much alive in present-day India, a Yoni Puja is a much more detailed, strange (to some), intimate (to others) or hardly believable (again to others) manner of religious worship; a ritual that goes back thousands of years, yet one that is still practiced today.
Many forms of this ritual can take place, given the vastness of India and the multi-sectarianism of Hinduism. There are several ritual elements, and a clear symbolism, that constitute a  blueprint for the Yoni Puja, in various local varieties. 
There are subdivisions of the Yoni Puja. There are inner and outer pujas, and each of these can occur in either an ordinary or a secret form. Apart from this, again, the Yoni Puja is subdivided into three categories, each of which can be indicated by one of the following terms: adoration, magic, and meditation; with the latter being the most secret one. Inner, in this context, refers to the fact that the practice is being done inside one’s head, using visualization, rather than visibly in the outer, material world. Outer, of course, then refers to a visible ritual of one or more persons before an object or a woman. The latter type of Yoni Puja is performed in mixed groups, but  sometimes only women or only men may be attending.

In an ordinary outer Yoni-puja, performed with a sculpture of the Devi (Skt., Goddess) or with a woman (Skt., stri) as her living representative, 5 liquids are poured over the Yoni. Such libations are often interpreted as an offering to the divine, but the practice of a Yoni Puja is more involved than that. The five liquids representing the five elements of Indian cosmology NS are poured consecutively over the Yoni, and are collected in a vessel below the thighs. The final mixture, resulting from the five libations and empowered by such direct and intimate contact with the (living) Goddess, is then consumed by those present at the ritual. This means that once these substances have been offered to Her, She, having purified and energized them, returns the offering as a gift (Skt., prasad) to her worshippers. In this system of associations, the element Earth is represented by yogurt, the element Water by actual water, Fire by honey, Air by milk; and Ether is represented by one or another type of edible oil.
Elemental symbolism permeates most forms of worship in India. In other types of puja, different materials are used, yet with the same symbolism. A traveler to India will see pujas performed in which actual fire and water are used together with burning incense (smell, earth), a peacock feather (air) and a conch-shell (sound, ether) that is blown continuously amidst sounds of bells and cymbals. Equally, those attending a puja will  offer 5 different fruits or other substances to the deity, thought to present in the sculpture; such as milk, flower petals, rice or whatever. The Yoni-puja is completely embedded in mainstream Hinduism; however secret it may otherwise be.
In the case of a Yoni Puja practiced with an object, a sculpture or with a natural object such as a coco-de-mer, energies imparted to the prasad (Skt., divine gift) depends on how well and by who the object has been consecrated and sanctified.
In a Yoni Puja performed with a living women, indicated by the terms stri puja and rahasya puja, the merits of the practice depend on the woman who takes part. How strong the transference of power is, from the yoni via the liquid materials to the participants, depends on the woman who serves as the focus of worship. Of all stri pujas, the most simple or ‘low’ level worship is that of a young girl of 16; known as Kumari Puja.
Although the number 16 in India is seen as the number of perfection, and although she will first be consecrated by a priest, the girl’s perfection, i.e. her nubility and beauty, does not lend her any powers that are possessed by a woman of higher degree. In the latter, the woman at the center of worship is a yogini, here used as a title for an initiated woman who is also much more mature.
Again, the powers transferred from her Yoni are comparatively weak when compared with those of the woman who is the channel of power in an even higher type of practice. Here, at the summit of all Yoni Pujas, the woman representing the Goddess is a true and full-fledged guru and in this case, the powers transferred from her Yoni to those who worship are most strong and most suited to raise the consciousness of those who take part in this ceremony, to those who eat or drink the mixture of liquids that have been purified and empowered by contact with her naked yoni, her flame of intelligence.
The divine yoni is brilliant as tens of millions of suns and cool as tens of millions of moons. Above the yoni is a small and subtle flame, whose form is intelligence.
Shiva Samhita, 15th cent.
Among the secret outer pujas, divided into adoration, magic and meditation types, the first two are most easy to describe. Before the visible Yoni, either of a living woman or an image of the Goddess, the worshippers offer their general prayers (adoration stage) or beg her, while chanting mantras, to grant them wishes of all kinds (magic stage), wishes that range from please cure my mother or please give me a son, to the even more egocentriclet me have success in business and make me rich. So what we see here quite clearly, is the fact that there is nothing here that could possibly be classified as ‘sexual’ or ‘obscene’. What these people do, and what has been and is being done by millions of people everywhere, is asking for a little attention from the divine for their personal sufferings, problems and ambitions. Such prayers are offered and encouraged in most religions, the only difference being that some direct such prayers to an invisible but jealous father-figure in heaven, some to a naked, bleeding and crucified man, some to his weeping mother; and again others – as in the Yoni Puja – to the source and seat of life, to the gateway that connects the inner womb of gestation with the outer reality of human life.
Above, when I mentioned local or sectarian varieties as opposed to basic structure, I was referring mainly to changes in the succession of steps and actions taken. Somewhere, someone, may start with the element earth rather than ether, or enact fire before water. These differences, however, as every intelligent reader will recognize, do not really matter. What matters is the dedication and single-minded attention of the practitioner(s), combined with the attraction inherent in the object of veneration. It is this combination which enables the raising of one’s awareness and which provides the potential for liberation inherent in these rituals. What is further needed, naturally, is the ability to do all of this with a deep love and respect for the specific powers of women, for the seat of life, for the Goddess.
A friend participated in one of these rituals 20 years ago (while in India), which proves that the worship of women, of the Goddess and the Yoni, has survived from its roots in paleolithic times up to the 20th century.
Other Tantrics, embracing and utilizing ALL manifestations of life in order to find enlightenment, often go much further. Also here, in a religion that the researchers and scholars of the early 20th century often found too ‘shocking’ to report honestly, the Yoni Puja is known, though in some texts we find mention of it under alternative names such as bhagayagya. Besides the obvious – that a unique and special one-pointedness can be achieved by contemplative concentration on the Yoni – it becomes clear from the Yoni Tantra and other sacred texts that the major aim of a Yoni Puja is the ritual creation of a liquid (and subtle energy) that is called yonitattva (Skt., yoni substance), or, during menstruation, yonipuspa (Skt., yoni flower).
Whereas the yogini is an initiated woman specifically trained not be become sexually aroused by all the attention to her body, and especially her Yoni; in these Tantric practices the sexual energies are awakened on purpose. Here, the Yoni is not only adored and worshipped, but also stimulated and excited, sometimes even penetrated; depending on which holy scripture a specific sect follows. No mixture of yogurt, honey or oil are consumed by these worshippers. The most esoteric of Tantrics, in their most secret modes of worship, consume the juices of love produced by the woman/Goddess – or by mingling the female juices with those of the male. Two thirds of the thus generated ‘divine nectar’ are then mixed with wine and are drunk by the congregation; the remaining one third is offered to the Goddess.
Sometimes, this type of Yoni Puja is also celebrated with a menstruating woman, producing an even more powerful liquid, known as yonipushpa (Skt., yonipuspa: flower of the Yoni). Although this is a practice forbidden by most texts and within many sects, it is specifically advocated in the above mentioned Yoni Tantra.


Sacred TANTRIC TOUCH Massage  helps you experience firsthand the delightful,  healing power of Tantra. You will be fully nurtured In a safe, sacred space. The journey unfolds entirely according to your choices. You will be encouraged to choose only those aspects of the session that are most desirable and comfortable.
Through sacred ritual and a sensual Tantric massage, you will gently settle into a peaceful, expanded state. Your sense of time disappears, physical boundaries dissolve, worries and problems fade away.
This Sacred Tantric Healing is an experience of exquisite touch and sensation. Your senses will be nourished and enlivened with mesmerizing music, aromatherapy, warmed natural massage oils and lotions, and soft candlelight. This sublime healing offers a time of intimate self-indulgence that we so seldom allow ourselves.
Through specific types of touch and mudras (hand and finger positions) used during the session, you may experience a release of deep-seated emotions accompanied by physical sensations. You will be gently guided and supported if this arises, and encouraged to use breath and sound to move through these emotions smoothly and effectively. It is through the healing of our past that we open the door to a more expanded realm of sacred desire and pleasure.
A Sacred Tantric Healing session is an experience of being totally connected, awake, and alive in a state of vibrant, loving, erotic energy. This is a very special gift to your spirit as well as to your body. To schedule a private session or obtain more information, please call  613 878-8179.
What happens in a Session?   At Tantric Touch, I am committed to your overall well being. You will receive maximum benefit from your experience in individual sessions, so do come to the session with an open mind, a commitment to be real and a willingness to add new experiences to your life. The more strongly you show up for your experience, the more I can support you.
Your session begins with a consultation to determine your priorities, this may include a discussion of your past relationships, your sexual history, your health and family background, in order to best understand your needs. Your session may cover any of the following:
  • Increasing your energy and enthusiasm for sex naturally, so you remember what it feels like when sexual energy flows through your body.
  • Ways to approach your partner so that the sexual interactions are more loving and connected.
  • Understanding how to approach potential lovers and have a conscious conversation about your desires in relating.
  • Being in alignment with yourself and learning how to express freely, without agendas and expectations.
  • Reconnecting with your masculine / feminine essence to increase your vitality and passion for life.
  • Learning to be in the moment each day.
Tantric Breath work & Bodywork…The consultation is followed by a Tantric breathwork and bodywork session where you lie on a massage table and will be guided with your breath to relax and feel into your body. At the same time, the practitioner will make contact with various points on your body to support you:
  • to feel your natural flow of energy
  • to experience all the feelings and sensations moving through you
  • to allow natural expression of your body and voice
  • to release previously held tension in the body
  • to come out of the head and into the body
  • to release memories and feelings that may have kept you stuck in life
  • to drop societal expectations, fear and judgment about sex
  • to know yourself as orgasmic bliss
  • reconnecting with your positive polarity – the heart for women and the penis for men
  • for women, to embrace the receptivity of your feminine
  • for men, to discover the true potency of your masculine
During the bodywork, you may experience a deep healing, release of past emotions and memories, a heightened state of arousal or deep relaxation. The important thing is learning to trust your body and being to take you where you need to go, without struggling or pushing for an outcome. The bodywork has been developed to support men and women to re-embrace their orgasmic bliss. When you make a commitment to go for bliss and realness in your life, the tension falls away, leaving you more present and available for life to open you.
Tantric bodywork and breathwork can also support you with…
For men
  • premature ejaculation
  • lack of erection or difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • prostate health
For women
  • inability to orgasm
  • vaginismus
  • numbness in the body
What happens in a couple’s session?  Couples sessions begin with a consultation to hear from each of you what your priorities for the session are and how you would like to improve your relating. This is then followed by bodywork demonstration on one or both of you so that you can begin to see and feel new ways of opening each other to a deeper, more connected and loving sexual interaction.
How many sessions do I need?   This is best discussed at your first session. It’s normally recommended to have a minimum of 3 sessions and the maximum benefits can be received from 6 to 8 sessions.
How long is a session?   Individual sessions are 2 hours and couples sessions are 3 hours.
Where are sessions held?   Ottawa- based sessions are held in Ottawa east and I can to travel to you after our first session in my studio.
Do I need to practice at home?  Yes, You will be provided with individual and / or partnered exercises to practice at home, depending on your situation.
Are the individual sessions interactive?    The session is your opportunity to have a new experience internally. Often when people move interactively they lose themselves in the other, so focus on your inner world and the sensations that open you to knowing a deeper level of yourself. This is how you learn  to accumulate energy in order to  are better  connect with your partner or future partners.

The Female Deer Exercise


The Female Deer Exercise is a renowned women’s exercise from Taoist Chi Kung. It cultivates sexual energy, improves physical vitality and mental alertness, improves sexual enjoyment, and reduces or eliminates many common women’s ailments. It is simple to perform, takes only a few minutes, and is very pleasurable.

There are two steps to the exercise: 1) a breast massage and 2) a pelvic contraction called “holding firm,” which is similar to a kegel exercise.
The Female Deer Exercise
Sit naked on a flat surface with your legs stretched out before you. Bend one leg and place the heel at the entrance of your vagina so that it presses firmly against your clitoris. If this is not comfortable, then place a hard ball there instead. The pressure should be consistently firm.

Now bring your other leg close to your body. Raise the foot of this leg and rest it on the calf of the leg already in position. Insert the toes of the first bent leg between the calf and thigh of the second bent leg. If this is too difficult, place the second leg in front of you. Sit as erect as you can without straining. You can use a small pillow under the buttocks to sit more comfortably.

1) The Breast Massage
Rub your hands together quickly in order to create as much heat as possible. Then place them over the breasts. Rub inwards with your hands and continue around your breasts in a circular motion. The hands travel together up the inside of the breasts toward the face, then outwards, downwards, inwards, and upwards again. Lightly chafe the skin in circular motions with the nipples at the center of the circle. Do not hold the breasts and move them. Skim the surface of the skin. Pause occasionally and rub your hands together to re-warm them.

Do a minimum of 36 circles and a maximum of 360 circles. A pleasant warm feeling may be experienced at the breasts and genitals. This is a very good sign. It shows that you are accumulating sexual energy.

The breast massage stage of the Female Deer Exercise stimulates the nerves of the nipples and breasts. This increases circulation, releases the hormones oxytocin and DHEA, , and increases neural development and blood and lymphatic circulation. It can increase both fullness and buoyancy of the bust by strengthening the suspensory ligaments and muscles, while increasing blood and lymphatic movement in the breasts.

2) Holding Firm
First, rest your hands in your lap. Form your hands into fists by encircling your thumbs in the other fingers. This activates a number of important acupressure points. Next, tighten the muscles of the vagina as though contracting it. Keep breathing in a deep, relaxed manner while holding the contraction as long as you comfortably can, and then relax.

Contract and relax these muscles as many times as you can without strain. The correct feeling is that you are trying to suck air up into your vaginal and anal openings. After about a month, the muscle contractions will be easy to maintain.

You may experience a pleasant feeling that flows from the genitals to the top of the head. This indicates that the sexual energy accumulated through this method is raising along the spine, feeding the entire glandular endocrine systems.

The vagina greatly benefits from the Female Deer Exercise. It becomes tighter, meatier, and more flexible. The exercise increases circulation in the sexual organs and energizes the pubic area.

Together, the two phases of the Female Deer Exercise spread sexual pleasure and energy throughout the body, increasing the potential for clitoral, vaginal, and whole body orgasm. It is also excellent for enhancing overall health and vitality.

When personal Tantra instruction is either inconvenient or too expensive, Al Link and Pala Copeland’s Sexual Mastery Course and Kerry and Diane Riley’s Ultimate Home Tantra Course are two excellent self-teaching courses. I highly recommend either of these courses for those who can’t find a local Tantra teacher, attend a Tantra workshop, or just want to explore Tantra in the privacy of their own home.

Why is TANTRA so often associated with divine bliss & ecstasy?

We constantly seeking bliss, true peace, happiness, nirvana. Knowledge of this state of being lies deep within our every living cell. Bliss is our birthright. It is the home we are instinctively driven to return to in almost every waking moment. Tantra is the path of true bliss, which is beyond external circumstance.

Tantra is essentially a complex and holistic yoga, a spiritual path, and ‘The Art of Love.’ It is an internal science of harnessing the power of kundalini, which could be translated in English most simply as passionate and creative energy, for the purpose of supreme awakening.
In the ‘Left – Hand path’ of tantra, the human condition is embraced as a rare opportunity to awaken, it is not denied, avoided, or repressed. Our senses, desires, emotions, challenges, and hungers all present opportunities to be centered, generous, and compassionate, and vibrantly awake in every moment. Whether in dedicated practice and ritual or in the flow of ordinary daily activities, the practice is present.
Philosophically, this is not specifically a path of hedonistic indulgence nor of self-mortification (denial of repression of the senses). It is, above all, a path of deep, vivid, meditative awareness and yogic practice under many different conditions – everything from austerity, solitude, and purification rites to desire, pleasure, and the cauldron of intimate relationships.
A refined, healthy, strong, supple yogic physical vessel is intentionally cultivated as a foundation for the path in order to experience the highest states of being, to be master-artists in the giving and receiving of love, and to truly taste every morsel life can offer.

All pleasure, joy, and rejuvenation cultivated within tantric practice is directed and inspired by clear intentions, ultimately for blessing others with the energy, serenity, clarity,  wisdom and sensitivity that may result. Every act of the tantrika is, at its very core, for the benefit of sentient beings. This foundational motive is the ‘wish fulfilling jewel,’ which can only emerge naturally, in your own time through the journey of deep, consistent practice.
This practice embraces totality in our selves and in all things. The full spectrum of the psyche is explored and faced consciously through art and meditation, and the naked underlying creative energy is utilized in conscious, creative ways. Dualities are dissolved both within and without ourselves. All polarities are balanced.
Some elements of traditional tantra yoga can include pranayam (breath work), secret or subtle-body (internal) yoga, meditation, yoga asana (postures), deity yoga, bhakti yoga (devotion), kriyas (cleansing), mantra (sound and chanting), puja and ritual, mudra, yantra (sacred geometry), yoga nidra, karmamudra (sexual yogas), and artistic expression.

This non-monastic, vibrant path emphasizes personal direct experience via devotion to the sadhanas (practices), rather than adherence to RIGID DOGMA. Indeed, tantra is much more than sexual and transgressive practices, although it can at times utilize passionate energy, intimate sadhanas, and conscious transgression in advanced practice. Though the senses are celebrated, the focus is on the complex internal and external meditation, not on personal gratification. Ironically, when selfishness is sacrificed and true compassion and absolute awareness are present, the highest bliss is possible.

Tantric practice is also known for it’s healing capabilities. Fruit of the practice can manifest as different degrees of healing emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, sexually, and physically. (This practice is not represented as a substitute for qualified medical care or diagnosis.)
The nature of your personal experience with tantra and the level of knowledge imparted to you will be entirely dependent on your personal intentions and how much time, energy, and devotion you put into your personal practice.
But  tantra is impossible to define easily.   If it seems mysterious, it’s because it is meant to be. Much information is guarded and is progressively revealed only as initiates become ripe for them, as in any  progressive learning process dealing with powerful technologies.
Reading on the topic is recommended, but it can’t be your sole resource for learning. Traditional texts and canons are meant for initiates, and only as intellectual supplements to direct experience. They may seem like incomplete or incomprehensible esoteric poetry to the uninitiated. Aside from the coded nature of the literature, it is often marred in translation from the ancient tongue of a specific and isolated culture into English. Modern texts may be somewhat more accessible intellectually, but the tantric paths requires the loving, skilled, and knowledgeable transmission of a teacher to unlock the deepest meaning and to integrate the information into direct experience.
Countless schools of tantra, all with different treasures to offer, have manifested over thousands of years throughout many cultures. I have collectively gathered knowledge and experience from a multitude of traditions and teachers. Explore and enjoy!
“The practice of Candamaharosana

Will not be accomplished by asceticism.

As long as the mind is not purified,
One is fruitless & bound by chains of ignorance.
One who, possessing desire, represses desire,
is living a lie…
Therefore, one who desires the Supreme Attainment
Should practice what is to be practiced.
To renounce the sense objects
is to torture oneself by asceticism — don’t do it!
When you see form, look!
Similarly, listen to sounds,
Inhale scents,
Taste delicious flavors,
Feel Textures.
Use the objects of the five senses-
You will quickly attain supreme Buddhahood!
…When I teach avoidance of sexual union,
That is so that weak worldly beings will abandon it.
I teach whatever will mature worldly beings.
One & all will become Buddhas
By the dance of the magical displays of a Victorious One,
By various diverse methods.
In all the discourses & Abhidharma texts,
Women are disparaged,
Spoken for the sake of disciples of various capacities-
The real truth is taught secretly.
‘Why do the early disciples & others slander women?’
That is common to the early disciples & others
who live in the realm of desire,
Not knowing the path of liberation
That relies on women & bestows everything.”

-Sakyamuni, from the Candamaharosana-tantra


  • Introduction to Tantra, Lama Yeshe
  • Passionate Enlightenment; Women in Tantric Buddhism, Miranda Shaw
  • Inner Tantric Yoga, David Frawley
  • The Triadic Heart of Siva: Kaula Tantricism of Abhinavagupta in the Non-Dual Shaivism of Kashmir,
  • Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega
  • Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine: The Ten Mahavidyas, David R. Kinsley
  • Journey of the Heart: Path of Conscious Love, John Welwood
  • Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation, Stephen Mitchell
  • Poised for Grace: Annotations on the Bhagavad Gita from a Tantric View, Douglas Brooks
  • Tantric Quest, Daniel Odier
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  • The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpche
  • The Tibetan Book of the Dead
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Tips On being Present…and Tantric Sexuality

Being in the Present Moment is key in understanding tantric sexuality.

Charismatic people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Oprah all live in the present moment.  They are fully there – centred with the intense focus that being present creates.  Many  folks aren’t used to being the unequivocal focus of another person’s energy or are not even aware and so when it happens, the recipient of that attention feels special.
When listening fully to another as an equal no matter their age, race, or sex,  do not go into multi-think.  Keep steady eye-contact without staring but do break it s before it gets too intense.  Also, being there will make you more open and naturally inquisitive.  Instinctively, when you are Present things catch your eye and people become more interesting.  Pick a few of these ideas and choose the ones that work best for you:
  1. Focus on where it’s at. Right in front of you, or around you.  And even on you.  Use your senses and look right now at what is in front of you.  Can you hear the sounds about you?  Touch your face  and focus on how the skin feels.
  2. Be aware.  Thinking about the past and future comes to you naturally.  That’s fine.  Just become more aware of those thoughts.  Awareness will bring change…change will bring you into the present.
  3. Do not be harsh.  If you think about the past or future, do not be stern with yourself!  Don’t try to push those thoughts out of your head.  Instead, be aware of them, and gradually allow them to go away. Then bring yourself back to the present.
  4. Eating is a time to eat.  The best way to think about being present is to do just one thing at a time.  When you are eating, don’t make a mental list of things to do. Pay attention and enjoy what you’re eating, do it slowly.  This goes for any mundane task: mowing the lawn, taking a shower, driving, working, playing.  In other words, multi- tasking is highly over-rated.
  5. Zazen. The core of Zen practice is seated meditation that in turn is simply sitting.  You don’t have to contemplate about anything, nor even chant.  Strive to be aware of the stream of thoughts, allowing them to arise and pass without interference.  In other words,  just sit and focus on sitting. This is a very useful and positive practice.

  1. Do Exercises.  Exercise is a wonderful practice.  If running is your choice, then run and only run.  The secret is to focus on running, on breathing, on nothing but the present which is simply running.
  2. Everyday routines.  Again, be aware of your stream of thoughts.  When you do laundry, this is practice, your meditation.  When you walk your dog, focus on walking that task alone.  Make anything you do into practice.
  3. Use reminders.   Place a reminder where it will be visible, on your fridge, on your computer desktop, in your car.  Any place you will notice to keep your focus on practicing being present.
  4. No failure.  Everybody messes up at times. Over time, the only thing of importance is that you practice, and in the end, if you keep doing it, you will learn to focus on the present more often than you do now.  Say to yourself “I cannot fail”, even if you stop doing it for awhile.  You have the right to celebrate every little success. Doing it at all is success.
  5. Keep practicing.  Frustrated?  Just take a deep breath.  No magical formula exists except “stick with it”. 

    G-spot & Female Ejaculation…Amrita

    Ancient cultures knew what western medicine has only recently found. Writings from  400 B.C., have been found that speak of the distinction between a woman’s red &white fluid. Even Native Indian folklore mentions the “mixing of male & female fluids” from a female during sex.

    In a 1950 article, Berlin gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg discussed the G spot area. His original work reported that some women had a spot on the inside of the front wall of the vagina which, when firmly stimulated produced intense orgasms and in some women ejaculation of something thicker and slicker than urine during the strongest contractions of their orgasms. In Tantra, this ejaculate is called Amrita.

    The G spot is not an organ or a structure; it is simply a location inside the anterior wall of the vagina. If you or your partner use a finger to feel just inside the front wall of your vagina and press towards the pubic mound, you will feel an area with a texture similar to the ridges on the roof of your mouth. This is the location described as the G spot.

    Over the years, there has been debate over the existence and purpose of the G spot. Much of this stems from a lack of understanding about women’s genital anatomy. Many medical texts don’t know about the internal clitoral legs and clitoral shaft, so the G spot has become this mysterious place. However, when people stimulate this area, they are actually stimulating the internal parts of the clitoris.

    The other area that is being stimulated is the urethral sponge, which is usually collapsed and quite difficult to feel, but when a woman becomes aroused, the sponge becomes swollen with blood and is easier to feel as it becomes erect.

    The female gland is housed in the sponge and their openings are embedded into the urethra. This is how fluid from the prostate gland travels down the path of the urethra and is ejaculated from the urethral opening. This system can be likened to the prostate in males, which also surrounds the urethra and facilitates ejaculation.

    Like the G spot, female ejaculation is controversial and some feel uncomfortable imagining that a woman, like a man, could ejaculate. However, the concept is not so ridiculous when we acknowledge that all embryos appear to be female until about eight to 10 weeks gestation, when embryos containing an X and Y (male) chromosome begin to produce testosterone, and subsequently grow male sexual features.

    As a consequence, many aspects of our anatomy that outwardly appear quite different do in fact reflect each other. For example, the clitoral hood can be likened to the foreskin of a penis; the internal clitoral legs are similar to the erectile chambers in the shaft of the penis; and the head of the clitoris can be likened to the head of a penis. The seam down the middle of a man’s scrotal sack is where the parts that would become the labia in a female have joined together to form the scrotum.

    Just as our anatomies have similar features, so too do men and women’s sexual functions. While female ejaculation remains contentious, and some people continue to dispute the existence of ejaculate fluid, the first mention of the female prostate gland and its associated fluid dates back to 1672. Dutch physiologist and histologist Reiner de Graaf was the first person to describe the female prostate, to assign it a name and to attempt to formulate the function of this female organ. (ref: Zaviacic, M., Zaviacic, R. Ablin, R.J., Breza, J., Holoman, K. The female prostate: history, functional morphology and sexology implications. Conference paper presented at the 15th World Congress of Sexology, Paris, June 24-28 2001). A 2007 biochemical analysis of ejaculate fluid conducted by Austrian urological researchers found that the “source of fluid expulsion during orgasm is not urine, but rather similar to male ejaculate”. (Wimpissinger reference, p1389)

    Techniques to Stimulate the Female G-spot….Lie back with your knees pressed up to your chest. In this position, your vaginal depth will shorten and even small fingers should be able to reach the G-spot. With a partner, lie on your side with one leg drawn up to your chest as your partner enters you from the rear. He should be able to hit the spot.

    The G-spot responds to pressure rather than to touch. Gently stroking is not likely to get any results. It’s more like massaging a pea under a mattress – one has to compress the flesh to find it.

    Insert fingers and bend them gently up, around and behind the pubic bone. Beyond the rather rough-surfaced tissue immediately behind her pubic bone, your fingertips will encounter a very soft, smooth area. Go very slowly and let her tell you what she feels as you explore the smooth area, which will feel to you like the inside of a very slippery mitten. When you straighten your fingers and reach further inside, you’ll encounter a hard, rubbery structure that feels like an erect nipple pointing south. This is her cervix. The G-spot is somewhere just his side of the cervix, about an inch beyond the mitten, in the flesh immediately in front of the vagina.

    Imagine you’re holding a tennis ball on those two of three inserted fingers. An area about the size of a grape in the center of the tennis ball is what you’re trying to reach. It’s anywhere along that 2-or-3″ long area between the pubic bone and the cervix. Explore slowly, allowing for feedback front he woman – let her guide your fingers with her words if she can feel the stimulation. The G-spot responds to pressure rather than to touch. Gentle stroking will not find it. It’s more like massaging a pea under a mattress – one has to compress the flesh to find it.

    When you reach in from the front with the woman on her back, the heel of your hand is over her clitoris while your fingers hook around her pubic bone. Pull upwards, as if you’re trying to lift her off the bed. Do this with the same sort of rhythm you’d use fucking, and keep your fingers hooked, so they press deep into the tissue. Once you know where it is you can try using your penis on it, but for good G-spot orgasm, she may prefer your hand. In face-to-face intercourse, the penis may not stimulate the spot enough to do any good, although some positions, such as the one where the women draws her knees close to her chest, may increase the changes for a G-spot orgasm.