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There are two main obstacles to experiencing Bliss.

One is the many layers of associations, mental symbols we hold between ourselves and the sexual experience.
 In other words, he’s screwing a Hollywood fantasy. She’s making love to a a guitar, a Harley Davidson or a huge diamond!

The other is the “body memory” of past trauma and the resulting hypersensitivity (body armour) or lost sensitivity, numbness. This is caused by many things, from poor toilet training to circumcision and molestation. It is the physical manifestation of the mental attitude to sexuality, which is in turn mostly due to wrong mental associations.

There’s a built in cure. Nature provides the mechanism for healing – your eroticism. Your eroticism draws you towards experiences that have healing potential for you. That can reawaken memories, evoke the re-experiencing of events, traumas that you have suppressed.

Taken with awareness, your sexual experience can become transcendent. Encouraging this is the work of a Tantrika, a Dakini. She’s a rare blend of goddess and muse. Her love of you – the you behind your mind’s masks – is total and unswerving. Her heartfelt truthfulness with your mind/ego and fantasies is absolute.

A Dakini is conscious with her own sexuality, and teaches you how to become conscious with yours. Key repressions are revealed and the attendant body armouring is gently removed,
The process requires a deep trust and willingness to experience intimacy.
This trust is akin to the trust required with any healer. She knows what she’s doing, what’s required. You need to trust the unfolding of your process.
Tantra isn’t for everyone. Yes everyone can benefit by approaching sex with more awareness, more sensitivity, but the psychologically powerful energies of tantric practice are not for nervous nellies. If you want to take your ego seriously, forget it.

Commitment is vital, as well as having the mental flexibility of a true seeker.

HEALING SESSIONS WITH DAKINI involve nudity, massage, intimacy AND ecstasy. 

  • Techniques similar to massage, bodywork & reiki are used to address the effects of repression in the body and chakras.
  • Lost sensitivity is restored as body armour is gently removed.
  • Awareness in and of your sexuality is encouraged with meditation techniques.

    A consultation, to get an idea of your experience, and which areas of work you require is arranged, where I answer your questions about tantra, and what practices would benefit you. 
    In these sessions, your Kundalini energy is encouraged, and the blockages are eased, or temporarily bypassed.
    This helps you to identify your blocks as the Dakini facilitates your identifying and continuing with your own healing work. The Dakini uses a combination of touch and energy work, similar to Bodywork, Reiki and  Qi Gong. The healing work itself depends on your repressions, and how they present in your body armour.
    You are responsible for your own movement and healing work… it’s your life, your journey. You can only work effectively with a Dakini if you have  a trust, a willingness to take her “medicine” and go where it takes you.
    There’s no belief system required. I work with methods, not ideas. You may view your sexuality as a compartment, an area of your life. It isn’t. It’s the source, in an energetic and physical sense, of your life energy. Working with it, releasing it, healing it has deep and profound effects on the whole of your life.
    The Dakini, like any healing practitioner, diagnoses, treats, prescribes and recommends what her intuition, training and experience indicate is right for you. She has the right to discontinue working with you, if you don’t follow her recommendations.
    The appropriate and archetypically correct approach, attitude to a Dakini is devotion. The same as an artist’s, a poet’s devotion to his Muse. Working with sexual energy is intense emotionally, psychologically. It is not necessary to the process that you “like it”. You are asking someone to help you wake up, and to use perhaps the most powerful methods known to do it. It will be intense, deliberately shattering to mindset and ego, but lovingly supportive of you, the beyond-ego, essential you.

    Part of Dakini’s freedom is that love is the most natural phenomenon in the world. Indeed,  existence itself is Love.
    A large part of the work I do with you is called “opening the heart“.  This expands your ability to experience love. Constrictions based in your judgments, preconceptions and fears will be evoked, exposed to your conscious awareness and transcended. Whatever it takes.
    Love does hurt, though when it does, it’s still undeniably love. Meditation techniques to help you move through this will be recommended. Running (30 minutes minimum), hitting a punch bag, strangling or even raping a pillow, dancing (without e) are also highly recommended for emotional release. It’s daunting, facing the fear of opening your heart, falling in love, deeply, without a safety net. The Dakini is not seducing you into loving her. She’s seducing you into loving existence itself. She stands in for and makes the Goddess available.
    If you are in a sexually exclusive relationship, and both interested, sessions with me can be arranged. I will lovingly guide you to blissful discoveries with each other, and introduce you to healing techniques which you can practice together.

    New to tantra?  I usually recommend that you start with group work. If you’ve already done individual work, just get in touch, and let your bliss begin.

    Tantra & Sexual Awareness…613 878-8179

    Tantric sex is meditative, spontaneous and intimate lovemaking. Tantra teaches you to prolong the act of making love and to focus on, rather than dispel, potent orgasmic energies moving through you, thus raising level of your consciousness.

    Tantra transports sexuality from simply doing to actually being.

     There is no final sexual goal in Tantra, only the present moment of an ideal, harmonious union. Tantra teaches you to worship your sexual partner and to transform the act of sex into a sacrament of love.

    Lovemaking between two partners, when entered with awareness, can be a gateway to sexual and spiritual ecstasy alike. Tantra, through sex, attempts to awaken powerful psychic energies within through which we can enter into higher states of consciousness.

    The Power Of Ecstasy

    Imagine…you and your lover merging the dual nature of your sexualities into an ecstatic union through lovemaking.
    Tantra  teaches you both how to merge your sexual energies into a ball of ecstatic bliss.

    As sexual beings, we have the ability to raise the energy levels within our bodies and use it to experience mystical states of consciousness. In effect, we become “gods” of our own bodies. Tantra will help you transcend the boundaries of your mind, using sexuality and energy.

    Sexual Positions Of The Kama Sutra

    The flower in bloom…She draws up both of her knees until they nestle the curves of her breasts; her feet find your armpits. She cups and lifts her buttocks with her palms, spreads her thighs and places her heels next to her hips, while you caress her breasts.

    Sounds difficult? Practice makes perfect.

    The jewel case…Your legs should run parallel to hers, joining them from toes to thighs. Your woman can remain below you or you can lie side by side, in which case she should always be on your left.

    To add a twist to the element, your thighs can be interlaced as you squeeze each other in a pulsating rhythm… called “The Squeeze.”

    The rustic…Get her to lie on her back with both her thighs pressed tightly together and make love to her, keeping your thighs outside hers. Because the vagina ends up embracing and engulfing the penis in its entirety, it becomes quite enjoyable.

    Striking…She is in a sitting position with raised thighs; her feet should be placed on either side of your waist. When you penetrate her, forcefully push your entire penis in and out of her.

    The cat…Have your woman lie on her stomach and grab hold of her ankles in your right hand and lift them high up. While you make love to her rub her face, neck and between her chest with your other hand.

    The tripod…While standing against or near a wall, firmly lift one of her knees with your hand and make love to her; leave her hands free to explore and caress your body.

    The buffet…While she’s lying on the edge of a flat surface, withdraw your penis completely from her vagina, and then penetrate her wholly..one shot. Do this  until she can orgasm.

    Always Keep In Mind… Maintain eye contact with your partner and allow yourself to feel with more than just your penis. Your entire existence should be involved in the process. And your soul, according to Tantra, completes the experience.

    Communication is still the greatest key to a healthy sexual relationship.  Talk to her before, during and after your sessions. There’s much more to Tantra than what’s outlined here; do yourself a favor and learn as much about Tantra as you can.

    Karezza..similar to Tantra…the Joy of Sex!

    What is Karezza?  It’s a gentle, loving form of intercourse in which orgasm is NOT the goal, and ideally does not occur in either partner while making love. Karezza gained its name from Alice Bunker Stockham, MD at the end of the 19th century. She based the name on the Italian word carezza, meaning “caress.”

    Stockham was initially inspired by the work of John Humphrey Noyes, who taught a concept he called, Male Continence, in which men opt to avoid ejaculation when conception is not desired. However, Stockham encouraged both partners to pass up orgasm, insisting that the practice is neither “male” nor “female.”
    Although Stockham and, later, J. William Lloyd, MD both wrote books about Karezza, readers often observe that the descriptions of the actual practice seem vague. This is because technique is virtually immaterial. It’s a practice about not doing, about getting your goal-driven mammalian mating program out of the way long enough to fall into a state of relaxed union. It’s more of an experience than a practice. As a result, each couple has a slightly different tale to tell.

    With that in mind, here are some suggestions based primarily on my own experiences. I did not start out trying to learn Karezza. I started out to learn what we could about making love without orgasm, and  when I read the original descriptions of Karezza, I saw that Tantra was closely aligned with Karezza.

    Karezza is not â€œregular sex” but without the orgasm.

    Although Karezza calls for intercourse, it’s unlike the intercourse Masters and Johnson observed in the lab, with its “restricted breathing” and “extreme muscle tension.” Stockham contrasted the “ordinary hasty spasmodic method of cohabitation” with Karezza:
    During a lengthy period of perfect control, the whole being of each is merged into the other, and an exquisite exaltation experienced. This may be accompanied by a quiet motion, entirely under subordination of the will, so that the thrill of passion for either may not go beyond a pleasurable exchange.
    Our emphasis is on affection, and we stay well away from the edge of orgasm. If we sense ourselves slipping into performance mode while making love, we pull ourselves back into relaxation with deeper, longer breaths. This relaxes our abdominal breathing and reverses the increase in muscular tension and the urge to restrict breathing that coincide with the buildup to orgasm.

    Regular foreplay doesn’t work with Karezza.

    Typical foreplay is geared toward heating yourself and your partner up with orgasm as the goal. The pleasures of Karezza do not rely on the rewards from approaching one’s own orgasm or inducing it in a lover. They depend on the rewarding feelings that come from mutual adoration and generous touch; i.e., bonding behaviors. Initially, Karezza  feels all wrong… too non-goal-oriented and relaxed.
    So, without standard foreplay, what do we do when we get in bed with each other? We found it helped to have some structure, because ingrained habits die hard. The more radically and thoroughly we alter our behavior when creating a new pathway in the brain, the easier it is to create one.
    One could stick to a pre-agreed list of bonding behaviors—and engage in them daily for a few minutes, or more, using a generous mindset. Some folks opt for a fixed 3-week program, the Exchanges, a series of sensual, lighthearted activities for adults.

    Intercourse is slower and more relaxed.

    It worked best to begin intercourse in a position that did not allow for much movement. Even so, it was  easy to escalate into familiar sex as we added intercourse to our nightly affection. My partner and I now  make sure we put “snuggle nights” in between “intercourse nights.” Snuggle nights are useful refresher courses for our nervous systems. Even a bit of cuddling provides relaxed satisfaction with no goal whatsoever. When we next have intercourse it is easier to stay in the tranquil mindset ideal for Karezza.
    As far as intercourse, we move far more slowly than we did during conventional sex. In addition, we fall into total stillness frequently while making love. Some of the most gratifying and profound experiences occur when not moving. As a result, our lovemaking goes in waves, somewhat like breathing. Erections also come and go—and arise again when we start kissing after a pause.
    We kiss and gaze into each other’s eyes. We also let each other know how loved we feel with wordless sounds of pleasure and reverent, or playful, touch. Sometimes we make a conscious effort to diffuse the sexual energy from our genitals throughout our bodies by tightening the muscles of our pelvic floor and breathing the energy up. When we close our eyes, we often see flashing lights in the 3rd-eye region of the forehead.
    We make love in very comfortable positions, where our weight is supported with a minimum of tension. Side-lying position, with my legs wrapped around him, is a favorite. We also sometimes fall asleep connected, which makes waking up especially enjoyable. Because we never “finish.” A flirty energy continues to flow outside the bedroom, which staves off habituation. 

    Done properly, Karezza relieves sexual tension.

    If you can’t resolve your sexual tension in a relationship, you are keenly motivated to add a lover on the side, or move on to a relationship where you can resolve it—at least temporarily. Sadly, the harder you try to resolve your frustration through better or more frequent orgasm with any partner, the more you trigger the sexual satiety that can push mates apart. You are programmed to be unable to find lasting sexual satisfaction with a mate by having more orgasms, because you have evolved to see a partner with whom you exhaust your sexual desire as less and less rewarding over time.
    With Karezza you ease your sexual tension without resorting to orgasm. Karezza leads to complete dissipation of congestion, complete discharge of nervous surplus, complete relief from sexual tension, and more complete satisfaction than orgasm.  Orgasmic sex tends to create local congestion and must find relief in orgasm, or create distress.
    Using Karezza’s gentle intercourse, one can make love for as long as need be until any sexual tension melts away entirely—as long as one doesn’t fall back into hungry behavior, or begin fighting by going close to the edge of orgasm. During lovemaking, the emphasis is on stillness and heart-centered feelings. If the energy begins to build into goal-oriented sensations, we simply relax back into stillness.
    The feelings during these quiet periods can be especially profound, as if we have entered a timeless cocoon of delighted contentment.
    I experience a “soul orgasm.” It’s not connected to reproductive sex in any way. It can be produced even without sex, although sex is a great way to produce it. As we gently make love, I imagine us both in a glowing ball of light. It’s as if our spirits have merged. For hours after this kind of sex session, if I think of my wife, the feeling of deep love refills me, just as if I were back in bed having sex. —Derrick
    Flirting with “the edge” can increase frustration, even if no one climaxes. Frustration equates with high dopamine, and whendopamine goes too high it can lead to tension, resentment, and subsequent cravings. Going too close to orgasm can also build congestion in the genitals, which may cause sharp pains. If you are fighting yourself, you are going too close to orgasm. If you are male, you are also putting unhealthy stress on your prostate gland. Relax!

    Karezza is effortless.

    I just couldn’t believe how effortless Karezza was. This man described it perfectly:
    For years I’d been doing Taoist-style sex with my wife with great results—using exercises, lovemaking techniques, and energy visualizations. But I decided to set it aside temporarily to learn more about Karezza. The first thing I noticed was that Karezza got the same results as my old Taoist practices. But Karezza required no specialized energy work. All I did was to remain nearly still while engaged in sex and breathed slow, deep breaths. I did nothing else. Anyone could do Karezza.
    I soon started to sense another feeling that I didn’t recognize…a deep, satisfying feeling…it was the oxytocin, the cuddle hormone. For me, it’s like peace and love all mixed up together…a sensation of being totally in love with life. —Serge
    feet of couple in bedKarezza works because bonding behaviors work. In fact, Karezza is a delicious, intimate, soothing bonding behavior. There is nothing mysterious about this, even though its effectiveness in relieving sexual tension may strike you as remarkable after you master it.
    A warm glow arose in the area between our navels and pubic hairline that just demanded that we lie there together motionless to feel the gentle warmth it was radiating. This went on for about 30 “timeless” minutes. Then slowly we inched toward nuzzling in the genital area. Very slowly we got to having intercourse sideways and it was amazing…lots of wetness to make it easy, and lots of control so no frenzy by either. We were both amazed and so loving in the stillness. It is a truly incredible experience. J. is delighted and feels so pleased that he didn’t feel the need to come, which has been a huge concern for him. It was such a powerful, loving experience. —Diane
    Sometimes Karezza is just gentle intercourse that leaves us refreshed and more balanced. Sometimes it’s an amazing, heart-opening experience for which we can hardly find words. The outcome is not in our control. All we can do is keep our biologically driven habits out of the way, and enjoy what bubbles up. Striving is counterproductive. We focus on comforting each other, not fanning sexual hunger.
    Karezza, with its emphasis on generous, non-goal-oriented affection, relies heavily on activating the body’s relaxation response. In contrast, ejaculatory sex is a function of the fight-or-flight (sympathetic nervous system) response. Regular sex is an athletic exercise. Your heart rate increases; you perspire. It’s like any other goal-directed activity, particularly when your survival is at stake. Indeed, biologically driven sex is exactly that. You are in performance mode, doing what needs to be done to survive (through passing on your genes).
    The body “reads” bonding behaviors (like Karezza) as signals for feeling safe and getting closer. In contrast, it may not â€œread” performance-oriented lovemaking as a bonding signal, but rather as something more akin to a fight-or-flight activity. This powerful drive produces orgasms, but not necessarily profound feelings of safety or a desire to remain close.

    Karezza’s effects are subtle and cumulative.

    Karezza can be a bit like watching paint dry at first…with the added joys of a companion and an increasing sense of well-being. It does not produce rapid, obvious results as a new foreplay technique might.   Instead its effects are cumulative. We needed several weeks of pleasant, but patient, consistency to see why we had made the effort to try it. During that time, we experienced a growing sense of empowerment, optimism, and connectedness with others. We felt as if we were “in the flow.” Yet these changes seemed so natural (and well-deserved), that it was easy to miss the link between cause and effect.
    The Karezza way doesn’t require climax by either man or woman, since it emphasizes intimacy, harmony, and unity. It also takes a lot of practice to make it work right, and the couple wishing to practice Karezza should be patient. It takes time to harmonize energy fields, emotions, rhythms, and responses between two persons. Expect to practice at least a dozen times before you begin to see increasingly delightful results. —Bernard Jensen, MD
    Karezza is a return to equilibrium. For some that may mean a few uncharacteristic naps, for others it will mean a welcome increase in libido. Either way, Karezza is not an attempt to recreate the intensity of honeymoon neurochemistry. The energy it produces is not “edgy,” but rather “lighthearted.” Indeed, it feels more like two dolphins frolicking…with or without clothes.  We laugh a lot, to find the right times to make love, and to enjoy hugging or touching each other at other times.
    Try Karezza for at least 3 weeks in order to compare the benefits with conventional sex. Otherwise, you may not taste what life is like beyond the ups & downs of the post-orgasmic passion cycle.
    We often learn the most about Karezza from our inadvertent departures from it. We never “go for” orgasm, but it happens occasionally. It’s the perfect reminder of why we stick with this practice. During the two weeks after an orgasm, we notice a temporary dimming of good feelings, and we are always delighted when, like clockwork, we come back into sync at the end of the cycle.

    In conclusion

    You may believe that you will feel more frustrated the longer you avoid orgasm. Yet if you experiment  with Karezza, using lots of generous affection, you are likely to find that this is not true.
    I have experienced great feelings of well-being after non-orgasmic sex over long periods of time. The contact with the person becomes the orgasm, the sexual contact becomes the orgasm, and then there is no need for orgasm. —Ben

    In our experience, there was little inner conflict while learning Karezza, as long we took a gradual approach and remembered to wallow luxuriantly in the soothing pleasures of touch and connection. As Karezza lovers, we grow more balanced, more sensitive to every pleasurable nuance. Certainly, we do more giggling and enjoy more harmony.

    Mostly, Karezza says to put each other first. As Bernard Jensen said in Love Sex & Nutrition, “To attain the most exalted state of happiness and fulfillment, it is necessary to help someone else get there, too.”

    Coupes Puja..spring celebration..Tantric Touch..613 878-8179

    Let’s open our hearts and connect on a deeper level. 

    Come and celebrate Spring, as we explore the Art of Tanric Touch, and the Tao of sensual massage within the context of a spiritual healing ceremony. This is for those interested in sensual massage, and in a more advanced or deeper “tantric” healing experiences with a partner. This event is a “Puja”,i.e,  a sacred event. 

    Touch is so incredibly healing and delightful. You will have the opportunity to both give and receive a healing massage experience during this puja. This event will be a Celebration of our inner god and goddess. We will explore the healing power of touch, divine union and sensuality. We will be leading you through some delightful massage techniques and giving you the opportunity to connect deeply with your partner and to explore healing touch. We will begin with some fun ice breakers and a guided meditation We will demonstrate basic sensual massage techniques and then progress through various stations where you can explore a variety of connecting activities and massage techniques with your partner.

    This sacred, balanced healing session allows couples to renew & forge their intimate bonds.

    What to Bring: blankets, cushions and pillows to create a nest. We will NOT be using tables. Massage oil provided. 

    In this “Violet” Sacred Sensual SESSION, you may undress or partially undress to your own comfort level.  Nudity, sensual touch and exploration are allowed. You may expect soulful, playful, respectful and sensual connections with your partner. Communicate with your partner regarding boundaries and honor all boundaries including your own. 

    Dakini Bliss is a bodyworker, Reiki Master,  Member of the World Association of Tantra Professionals.  For more information, contact her at www.divinetantrictouch.com.

    Time to Transform your sex life with Tantra

    Most of us want a satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship. However, a great sex life may elude some.   First of all, it depends on having an intimate partnership at all levels of our being. Sustaining a great relationship is the highest mountain to climb on this planet. Most people settle for far less than their ideal, but still claim to have a great sex life. Why this paradox?  Almost everyone in our society  has some shame surrounding the subject of sex.
    No wonder that we are fearful and shamed!  Although society has a great interest in sexuality (just look at the number of internet porn sites), actually being present with the topic is met with giggles or,  worse, just silence. It seems to be too frightening or challenging of a topic to be let out of the closet. We expect ourselves to know everything there is to know about sex, despite the fact that we have had no training whatsoever.   It is hard to have a healthy attitude when much of that experience is awkward and inadequate, and provides little interpersonal communication or accurate feedback. It allows no possibility of taking advantage of the accumulated wisdom of the ages.
    Our work is to bring this important part of our beings out into the light. To surround it with love, worshiping the divine aspect of our partner and seeing them as a mirror of ourselves. Thus, Tantra invokes spirituality. Tantric consciousness requires being totally present in the moment. This is a discipline that requires techniques and practice in order to be successful. Tantra is a science, in the sense that these practices can be repeated with consistent results. If you do A, B, C… etc., you will get to X, Y, and Z. The breath is the bridge or “key” to this realm, so breathing practices are essential in all systems of Yoga and meditation, and especially in Tantric Kriya Yoga.
    Another essential ingredient of Tantra is opening of the heart. Women’s chief complaint about men in relationships and sex is that their hearts are not open. In fact, all of the energy centers (chakras) in the body must be open in order for the maximum amount of sexual (kundalini or life force) energy to flow throughout the body. Once again, this requires techniques, practice and discipline for maximum effectiveness and is rarely a spontaneous happening – as we prefer to imagine.
    The benefits of these practices are pervasive and multi-dimensional. Tantra is accurately credited with being a means of rejuvenation. A fabulous sex/love life is tremendously healing for the mind, body and soul. It radiates love to your entire family. It is healing for society in helping to prevent aggression, crime, war, and the breakdown of the nuclear family. It is healing for the world in the realization that we are all one, and must care for each other and the entire planet.
    Most Western sexual experiences are episodes of building tension and releasing it, hopefully for both partners, in as short a time period as possible. One “secret” of Tantra is the practice of alternating stimulation with relaxation in extended periods of lovemaking.  Much more energy can flow in the body when we are relaxed. This is one of the reasons that a committed long-term relationship is desirable in a Tantric context. This kind of lovemaking brings one to an incredible intimacy through a relationship of trust and commitment.
    A central part of our Tantric lineage is instruction of the Cosmic Cobra Breath, an ancient technique that, for safety and responsibility, has never been written and is conveyed only by personal initiation. It is a powerful tool used for transmuting the sexual energy into a loving spiritual meditation. It has the important side effect of preventing premature ejaculation easily comfortably, and surely. This allows the energy to build to higher and higher levels. 
    Tantric love involves training the energies in the bodies and the intentions of the beings to a higher consciousness, thus  achieving an ego less state where there are no longer lovers, only Love. The culmination of these practices is a tremendously satisfying sexual and spiritual life and the relatively rapid, easy and joyful attainment of ecstasy, enlightenment, or what we call “Riding the Wave of Bliss” – a hypersensitive state of being which goes on for hours, beyond time or words, where every nerve in the body is vibrating at a higher frequency and the entire body and consciousness is in a state of suspended orgasm!

    613 878-8179 The Tantric Touch…Eye Gazing for Soulful Tantric Sex

    The simple, powerful practice of Eye Gazing cuts though illusion and opens the door to Truth. If done regularly, it transforms your understanding of who you are.  If this is the only Tantric practice you ever do, you can Awaken through it alone. 

    You may practice eye gazing with friends as well as lovers. When done before and during sex eye gazing can enhance your connection both sexually and spiritually, making love then becomes a powerful meditation.

    When we gaze deeply into the eyes of another, we can see beyond the physical and encounter their essence. After all, the eyes are the “window of the soul.”   The ancient practice of eye gazing is found in both Hindu and Buddhist Tantra tradition. This  path to enlightenment is a wonderful practice as it helps you to connect at the soul level.  You can do with your beloved before and during sex.

    Actually,  you may have done eye gazing naturally, while gazing into the eyes of a newborn baby or when you first fell in love. Even when you are in a conversation and maintain eye contact, you are doing a less focused form of eye gazing. Eye gazing can be done as a 1-on-1 meditation with a friend or beloved. It can also be done solo by gazing into a mirror.  Try to integrate it into daily life by engaging people briefly, in passing, with the intent that when you meet their eyes you will see beyond their form, into their essence. The benefits of this practice include becoming more present, opening your heart and expanding your awareness of the Divine in all beings.

    1.   The Heart Salutation…Begin this practice by acknowledging the Divine in each other with a Heart Salutation. Sit across from your partner and look into their eyes. Maintaining eye contact throughout the rest of the process, begin by extending your arms towards the earth, palms together. Then, inhale and keeping your hands in prayer position, bring them to your heart. Exhale, as you bow forward and acknowledge the Divine in each other with the Sanskrit salutation “Namaste,” which means “I honor the Divine in you as a reflection of the Divine within me.” Inhale, as you straighten back up. Finally, exhale as you allow your hands to return to the starting position, pointed towards the earth.

    2.   The Bubble…Now, create a bubble around you and your partner. Do this by waving your arms around both of you defining the shape of the bubble that surrounds you. Then gesture, as if removing an object from your bubble and verbally say out loud what you are removing from the bubble. These won’t serve you in this practice (the past, distractions, anger, worry, etc.) Next, gesture and state what things you want to bring into the bubble. These are things to enhance your connection (love, willingness, presence, trust.) At this point, offer an appreciation or blessing to the other person (“I honor your heart, which gives so much love to the world.”) Creating the bubble will call you into present moment awareness and create a safe space in which to practice the eye gazing meditation.

    3.     Share Your Desires, Fears and Boundaries…Once the bubble is created, share your intentions/desires, fears and boundaries related to this practice. First, one speaks while the other listens without judgment or commentary. Then switch roles. For example:

    “I desire to stay present, open and connect deeply to your soul.”
    “My fear is that I will get self-conscious and will start acting silly.”
    “My boundary is to stay connected to you, even if resistance arises.”

    Why boundaries? Yes, people often have resistance to setting boundaries, but boundaries are not walls, they are bridges. Bridges help bring people together. Intimacy happens when people have “healthy” boundaries. Healthy boundaries allow you to feel safe, stay open and be present. Boundaries are dynamic, so it is important to check-in periodically with yourself to see if your boundaries have changed. If they have changed, update your partner so they can honor your new boundaries. Here are a few:

    “I need to end this practice by noon.”
    “I don’t want to be touched during this meditation.”
    “I am committed to staying present in this practice. If I go into thinking, I will close my eyes for a moment and bring myself back into the practice.”

    4.    Eye Gazing Practice.   Once you have created the bubble and shared your desires, fears and boundaries, begin the eye gazing practice. Traditionally, it is recommended that you begin by gazing into left eye. This is because the left side of the body is considered to be the receptive side. Use a soft gaze.. Change eyes if and when you feel called too. Just relax, breathe and allow the experience to unfold. Notice what arises without judging it. Be open and curious, like a child.

    Do this practice for as long as you want. Begin with 2 – 5 minutes of eye gazing the first time you try it. Then close your eyes, go inside and reconnect internally for 1-2 minutes. When you are ready, open your eyes and begin again. Extend the time as you get more comfortable with the process. Doing this practice for an extended period of time can take you to new levels of connection. Set aside a time when you can practice for 45 to 60 minutes. Eye gazing is a great way to discover how open you are and to notice when resistance arises. If you feel resistance, allow it to be there. Feel it and see if you can allow it to melt away.

    5.     Share Your Insights.  Discuss your experience with your partner afterwards.   How does it feel to be seen? How does it feel to look deeply into another person? Were you able to see beyond their body and personality? Did you notice their face changing form? Did you feel your heart open? This is a great practice for developing intimacy. It can be helpful to keep a journal of your experiences.

    For more, call  613 878-8179…The Tantric Touch…www.divinetantrictouch.com

    Tantric Touch…Rules on Engaging the Other

     1. Gift of Individual.   Each one of us embodies pure essence of spirit.

    Each has the ability to perfect sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion
     Each is given perfection of the physical world in which to journey the earth plane.

    The only limit of potential is those we place upon ourselves.

    With all of this a gift of the earth plane each person can work with the pure essence of the universe at every level
    creating their individual ways.
    These are the ways as created through self.
    Due to the infinite nature of the universe, these ways may not be the ways of another.

    2.   Gift of Polarity.   
    In joining the earth plane, each is given the road of polarity.
    So ,each of us is made of the realms of light and dark, day and night, harmony and disharmony, moon and sun.
    With the ability of sacred mind, one can rise above duality to see and move with all that exist.
    In the gift of relationship, the door is opened to another level of these same energies.
    At this level one can shift and change their personal energies, views and ways of self.
    Because of free will, changes in another can only be accomplished by that person’s inner world and not by forces, powers and energies existing within our world.
    We honor their circle, love, compassion, energies, and harmonies of the sun and moon existing within them.

    3.    Gift of Relationship.  
    The gift of relation creates forward motion through the doors of duality and oneness. 
    The art of relationship and all energies that enter the circle are perfect.
     Passing into the circle of another must have agreement.
    Oneness with another is only understood when oneness is known through the eye of the inner self.

    Connections with another through all levels whether it be one of acquaintance or deep connection is understood first through the doors of the inner self.
    In relationships, one only goes to the level in which they can leave the circle of the other with the elements of love and compassion…no expectation.
    Any hurt or pain is understood in the circle of self and can be transformed to love and compassion.
    Another cannot create our world view or feelings.

    4.   Energies of Agreement.  
    The highest connection possible is the soul connection of spirit.
    One doorway of this realm is understood through the coming together of male and female within one’s self.
    At another level,that doorway can exist with another person and is the absolute connection between the two coming together in the realm of 
    sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion.

    As two enter within each other’s circles, there is no right or wrong, only perfection.
    Their movement and connections are understood in the energies of perfect agreement.
    All seek the highest energy flow possible with another.
    We can go as far as our understanding of our light and shadow, sun and moon within our own world along with our perceptions of their light and shadow, sun and moon as understood in sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion.
    Because each one is gifted the essence of infinite, no way can another truly forecast the energies and response or views created within our personal world.
    For those to be understood by another they first must be communicated, the door to assuming another might know ones inner self is always closed.
     The power to understand another’s inner world that has not been communicated is only for that of the Great Mystery.
    All levels of connection are agreed upon including
    sacred spirit, sacred mind, sacred body, sacred heart, sacred emotion.
    All resistant energy forms must be honored until agreement has entered the circle.
    All communication which we offer out positive or negative are of our own creation and are the result of the teachings that have made their way to our inner circle.
    Partners are catalysts propelling forward motion of our energies and evoke those qualities we seek at the highest levels or spirit and healing.
    Partners are not responsible for our responses.
    In harmonic movements of energies, partners merge in agreement with all energies flowing in the circle.
    We seek the highest form of possible positive response created through our forward motion of thought.
    Negative responses are our own creational energies unhealed doorways and fears.
    It is up to the partners to inform the other of negative flows which we may not see, so awareness can enter the circle.
    Such responses can only be heard through the doors of love, compassion, kindness and feelings of well being.
    Connections to another … the highest form of communication … allow duality to find oneness and
    require no expectations of that circle or beyond that circle.
    Possibilities of connection are always infinite and ever changing.

    5.   Laws of Attraction.   
    One attracts the elements found within ourselves which is felt in the unspoken circle of another.
    Understanding one’s self allows  one to understand the other.
    Understanding the other allows one to understand the self.
    Illusions of attractions are met with inner disharmonies and the gifts of polarity.
    These doors assist one in finding their own inner love, compassion, purity. and healing and to attain clarity of sacred mind.

    One is responsible for their own response in the circle with another.
     Disharmony creates more disharmony and lower levels of spirit and energy in a downward spiral.

    Love and compassion generate more love and compassion.

    Tantric Meditation for couples

    Take a moment and seek out your sacred space to share this meditation with your lover…

    WE ARE ALL ONE Connected energetically as ONE United Human BEING of LOVE & LIGHT with Mother Earth and the Universe at large. 

    To Heal ONE within our Great Vastness, is to HEAL ALL as ONE Humanity & ONE EARTH.

    This Healing is intended from the Infinite Source, the Heart of the Creator~Creation by way of the HEART of the Universe in Alignment with Our Great Center Sun…through the Heart of the Galaxy, from the Heart of Our Solar System, blazing into the Heart of Mother Earth, shining through & Radiating up into Your HEART and Throughout your Body…

    Imagine and SEE Golden White Light Flowing down through your Crown Chakra, piercing your Heart from the ONE HEART of the Creator~Creation…Also See Light coming up from the Central Core of Mother Earth meeting in a spiraling ignition that pulsates throughout the WHOLE of your Bodies: 

    & Etheric… 

    Balancing the Divine Light within you, with ALL Life surrounding you with the Purest LOVE of the Creator~Creation. 

    As you SEE yourSELF as ONE Bright,  Shining Being of Light, SEE  your connection to the WHOLE of ALL as a grid of Light surrounding Our Earth Plane with each point illuminated and streaming effortlessly from ONE point Above and Around into ALL points simultaneously in a Glorious Glow of Radiance, throbbing as a beating Heart.

    FEEL IT… 

    FEEL IT Beat in Sync with Your Heart…

    ♥SEE this as the ONE HEART WE SHARE♥ 

    YOU are P~erfect.
    YOU are O~neness.
    YOU are W~hole.
    YOU are E~xcellent.
    YOU are R~adiant.


    Focus and Intent this for 30 minutes up to 1 Hour.

    Please Drink and a full glass of Pure Water Before and After this Meditation. 

    Thank you with the Infinite Energy of Gratitude.

    FEEL the LOVE of the ONE.

    In the LOVE LIGHT of the ONE INFINITE CREATOR~CREATION, WE intend your Healing and Balancing with Universal LOVE & Divine LIGHT.

    As We Intend,
    So it shall BE.

    Our Intention is to Re~Balance our BEING as ONE HUMAN GROUP; ONE EARTH Consciousness.

    The LAW is ONE.
    ONE is ALL…
    ALL is LOVE…

    Gayatri Mantra Chanting…The Tantric Touch…613 878-8179

    The Gayatri Mantra is the foremost of the Rig Veda mantras from India.

    This great mantra of The Sun, as the divine creator, is chanted every day at sunrise and sunset.
    The gayatri mantra can be chanted for the goal of harmonizing the influence of The Sun and all the other planets..

    This power mantra has 24 syllables within its words.

    Om bhur bhuvah swaha

    tat savitur varenyam
    bhargo devasya dhimahi

    dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

    Oh God, the Protector, the fabric of life, Who is self-existent, free from all pain, and Whose contact frees the soul from all troubles, Who knows and pervades the universe, sustaining everything, the Creator, Energizer, and Illuminator of the whole universe, the Giver of happiness, Who is worthy of acceptance, the most excellent, Who is pure and the purifier of all, let us embrace that very God, so that He may direct our mental awareness in the right direction.

    The Gayatri mantra invokes the spiritual Sun and draws in spiritual light from the 7 upper heavenly realms, or lokas, into our body. Specifically, it energizes each of our 7 chakras with pure spiritual energy. Its main function is to literally enlighten our intellect. 

    Chanted over time, one’s aura is filled with great spiritual light of armor that can proactively shield against everyday harm. The intellect improves manifold, and one feels at peace with God.

    Those who want wealth get wealth. Those who want health get health. Those who desire liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth attains moksha. 

    To hear the pronunciation, here is a wonderfully sung version of the mantra by Deva Premal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IFlaG45xM8

    The Gayatri has been chanted all over India from time immemorial, and the Deva kingdom has learnt to understand it and respond to it in a very striking manner…a manner which is in itself most significant, as showing that, in an antiquity so remote that even the memory of it has been forgotten, the altruistic use of such mantras was fully comprehended and practiced.

    It begins always with the sacred word Om, and with the enumeration of the planes upon which its action is desired– the three worlds in which man lives, the physical, the astral and the mental. As each plane is mentioned, the Devas belonging to that plane flock round the singer with joyous enthusiasm to do the work which by the recitation of the mantra he is about to give them. In India, Shiva is sometimes called Nilakantha, the Blue-Throated, and that there is a legend connected with that title. Some of the Angels who respond when the Gayatri is chanted bear that characteristic of the blue throat, and are clearly first-ray in type.

    This wonderful mantra is an invocation to the Sun– of course really to the Solar Logos, who stands behind that grandest of all symbols; and the great shaft of light which immediately pours down upon and into the reciter comes as though from the physical Sun, in whatever direction that Sun may happen to be. This shaft of light is white tinged with gold, and shot with that electric blue which is so often seen in connection with any manifestation of the power of the first Ray; but when it has filled the very soul of the reciter it promptly shoots from him again in seven great rays or cones having the colours of the spectrum. It is as though the singer acts as a prism; yet the colour-rays which dart forth are of a shape the reverse of what we usually find in such cases. 

    Commonly when we send out rays of spiritual force they spring forth from a point in the body– the heart, the brain, or another centre; and as they shoot out they steadily broaden fanwise, as do those shining from a lighthouse. But these rays start from a basis wider than the man himself– a basis which is the circumference of his aura; and instead of widening out they decrease to a point, just as do the rays of a conventional star except that they are of course cones of light instead of mere triangles.

    Gayatri  is a good mantra. Each syllable bestows a different virtue and blessing and covers the entire spectrum of desirable experiences, acquisitions, qualities and attributes.

    This is one of my favorite mantras. Here is a version from my friend Stuart Wilde that I have on my website: http://tolemac.net/blog/2009/03/16/gayatri-mantra-stuart-wilde-rich…

    Here is incredible rendition of the Gayatri Mantra, both visually and sonically, created by Stuart Wilde and Richard Tyler. While you listen, use the simple mudhra (hand position) of having your hands on your legs, palms up, with the tips of your thumb and middle finger touching on both hands.

    We meditate upon the radiant Divine Light of the Sun of Spiritual Consciousness; May it awaken our intuitional consciousness.


    The primeval sound, Brahman, the One, the Godhead, Supreme Deity


    The physical world, earth, existence


    Consciousness, the world of becoming


    The celestial, spiritual world


    That; God; transcendental Paramatma


    Savitri, the Spiritual Sun (that from which all is born), the One Light, the all-pervading Consciousness


    Most excellent, adorable, fit to be worshipped, venerable, worthy of being sought


    Radiance, effulgence, splendor (the light that bestows understanding)


    Resplendent, supreme Lord, divine, of the deity


    We meditate upon, or may we meditate upon, reflect upon, be devoted to


    The intellect, prayer, noble thoughts, intuition, understanding of Reality


    He who, the one who




    Enlighten, may he energize, direct, inspire, guide, unfold


    The following signs are perceptible in those faithful devotees long engaged in Gayatri Sadhana.

    1. Magnetic personality, lustre in eyes, force in speech and brilliance, sobriety and steadiness are visible on the face of such a person. Persons coming in his contact are instantly influenced by him and gladly offer to do his bidding.

    2. The Sadhak feels within himself presence of divine brilliance. He feels that a new power is working within him.

    3. He takes interest in noble deeds and has an aversion for viciousness. He feels sorry and sincerely repents if he commits any mistake inadvertently. He does not get puffed up in moments of success and prosperity nor does he lose his balance in the hour of calamity and crisis.

    4. He has an inkling of coming events. In the beginning, it is just a hunch but gradually he acquires exact knowledge of future events.

    5. His curse and blessings materialize. If he is painfully hurt and curses anybody such a person is bound to face calamity. If he is pleased with and blesses anybody from his heart the person so blessed is bound to be benefited.

    6. He can read the thoughts of others. Nothing can be concealed from him. His inner vision can seee the virtues, defects, thoughts and conduct of a person.

    7. He can implant thoughts into the mind of others and can convey messages to those in far off places without the help of any material medium of communication.

    8. Atmosphere around him is calm, and pious. Persons sitting close to him feel  peace, piety and righteousness.

    9. He can donate a part of histapasya, age or power to anybody and the beneficiary gets benefited without making any effort. Such a person can do Shaktipat (transfer his divine powers to others).

    10. He sees flood of divine light of different colours in dreams as well as while awake and during meditation and hears divine sounds. Some celestial power and presence appears to be his constant companion and playmate. He gets marvellous divine experiences

    TANTRIC INTIMACY EXERCISES…The Tantric Touch…613 878-8179

    Have you ever experienced a soul mate connection?  Do you want to try? Deepening your relationship emotional intimacy  allows the soul mate connection to appear.
    Emotional intimacy is the connection with another at their deepest level. Emotional intimacy can be a most enjoyable experience. Emotional intimacy is being completely open and honest with another.  It is sharing your authenticity, hopes and dreams….your inner you. Anyone can create a deep intimate relationship.

    We take
    intimacy for granted, believing that when we first fall in love, the intimacy will subsequently follow. By this I mean the “emotional intimacy.” Emotional intimacy is different from physical intimacy or sex. Emotional intimacy does not automatically manifest itself. It is a skill to learn, practice, and master.

    Part of loving another involvles opening up to them in an intimate fashion. To do this,  WE MUST LOVE OURSELVES. To master emotional intimacy, we must be in touch with the human that is “us.” We must  be comfortable experiencing our emotions, senses, pleasures, masculine and feminine psyche, and trusting our own inner senses. It means being FULLY relaxed with who you  are and just enjoying yourself. Only then can you share that wonderful “self” with another.

    To begin, effective communication is essential. Not only the ability to express ourselves, but giving ourselves the permission to talk to our partner about anything. When you open direct, honest communication channels, you begin creating emotional intimacy.

    Try the following format; when____________(this happens), I feel___________(an emotional feeling), Because___________, and I want___________
    It is a good way to talk so the other person can hear you. If you add reflective listening to this equation it will work best. The partner than reflects back what they hear you say or feel. “What I hear you say is___________.” You can then check to see if they hear what you intended them to hear.
    Eye contact creates a deep experience of oneness. Eye contact can be difficult if you are not used to gazing in another person’s eyes. Give it a try and practice.
    Honest, direct and open verbal communication creates a deep experience of sharing, caring, and vulnerability. Yep, I said vulnerability. You can do this, it will create a soul mate connection that lasts. You will be proud and joyous.
    You need to be FULLY present, which means to really be there with your partner. Not just physically present, with your mind and thoughts somewhere else, but attention, body, and soul, right there front and center. It takes practice to learn to be present. When your partner talks, really listen. Don’t prepare answers in advance in your mind. This is where reflective listening will help. You will have to reflect back what you hear, so you cannot be rehearsing your next speech.
    Accepting yourself for who you are in the moment, allows you to feel trust. You are on the road to the soul mate connection. Accepting yourself may be the hard part. You are “human” not perfection.  Being “real” is fantastic.   Accepting your partner as is in the moment creates safety for your partner to just be.     To accept doesn’t mean to like, to approve or to agree.
    To accept means , “This is who I am right now and this is who you are. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine.” You can be ever changing, ever growing, ever evolving humans. Acceptance is essential in order for us to experience complete emotional intimacy.
    Be creative and playful, try something new. We are not going anywhere definitive. Emotional intimacy does not have a destination. This is not foreplay. Each time you “experience” each other the intimacy deepens and your soul mate connection solidifies at a deeper level.

    Remain open and allow your spontaneity and intuition to lead you. Remember, you are practicing a new skill, not aiming for a perfect performance. You are in search of your soul mate connection.
    Try this exercise to build emotional intimacy;

    Practice at least ONCE daily.   Set aside 1/2 hour and enjoy the related 
    relaxation and warm feelings.  Do not hurry. Turn off the TV and phones.  
    Sit opposite your partner while your knees touching. For about 10 minutes just gaze softly into each other’s eyes. Be receptive, soft and gentle. Allow your thoughts, feelings and body sensations to be there. Just allow time and space to hold you both. Stay present.
    Now you are ready for the HEART SALUTE:

    You will sit in the Yab Yum position. Create a quiet space, perhaps your sacred safe space.  Sit face to face. In this space, place your right hands on each other’s heart. Look deep into each other’s eyes. Spend a few minutes just being together. Coordinating your breathing will increase the intimacy of this
    • Now spend about five minutes each saying the following;
    • What I love about you ……
      What I appreciate about you ……
      What I admire about you ……

    The partner doing the listening … Just listens. The listening partner checks in with themselves.  Notice what you are feeling.  Are you able to let these messages into your heart? When partner 1 is finished, partner 2 responds with “thank you.”  Again, no fixing, no response to statements…only acknowledgement you “heard” your partner. Partner 2 now has a turn.
    • What I love about you ……
      What I appreciate about you ……
      What I admire about you ……
    Partner 1 responds with “I hear you” statement. Take your time. Add whatever you like. This is your appreciation/admiration time. End with a hug.  Take your time.
    This exercise should be done each day. People today often have “scurvy of the soul.” Our own soul is not nurtured and fulfilled. We may have a tendency to do what society or culture tells us will bring us happiness or joy. We often pay no attention to our own ability to enjoy pleasure and don’t take the time to learn how to give pleasure. We may not even know what pleasure” means for ourselves.
    If we ignore pleasure, we cannot fully developed emotionally. Pleasure is a vital ngredient in a healthy relationship. Today we get the message that men give pleasure and women receive. Some men don’t give themselves permission to receive pleasure. When they do their relationship deepens and becomes more intimate and solid. Deepening your relationships emotional intimacy will allow the soul mate connection to appear.
    Pleasure your soul with a deeper emotionally intimate relationship. I wish you JOY!

    The 6th & 7th chakra in depth…How to clear the Chakras

    Chakra 6: Light, Archetypal identity, Self-reflection

    This chakra is known as the brow chakra or third eye center. It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. It opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels. When healthy it allows us to see clearly…seeing the big picture.

    Location:  between the eyebrows

    Age of Resonance:  35-42

    Shape:  5-pointed star

    Color:  indigo

    Musical note:  A

    Type of Music:  classical

    Element:  the cosmos

    Aspect of Intelligence:  control and wisdom

    Sensory Experience:  mindful knowing/intuition

    Essential Oils:  camphor, sweet pea, heliotrope

    Crystals:  sapphire, tanzanite, lapis lazuli

    Aspects of the Solar System:  the Moon

    Astrological Associations:  Sagittarius, Pisces

    Metal:  silver

    Mythological Animal:  hawk

    Plant:  Almond blossom

    Qualities:  wisdom, discernment, imagination, intuition, knowledge

    Life Issues:  to focus your intelligence; to know who and what are for your highest good and greatest joy; to distill wisdom from your life experiences, both good and difficult; to choose life, health, joy and fulfillment in every aspect of your life

    Physical activities:  yoga, tai chi, qi gong, bates eye exercises

    Spiritual Activities:  thinking clearly about your life, reading or viewing uplifting and positive books or films, reflection, contemplation, meditation, and creative use of your imagination to visualize the life you say you want.

    Positive Archetype:  Wise Person or Elder

    Negative Archetype:  Intellectual

    Angelic Presence:  The Shekhinah, better known as the feminine face of God

    Positive:  The Wise Person

    Wise people offer the best of their life experience to assist others along the path of life.  They encourage spiritual pursuits ands physical adventures as well as guiding us in making optimally wholesome choices for ourselves.  Wise people live by universal principles and trusts in a higher source to guide them through the peaks and valleys of life, and with good fortune they assist us in leading ours.

    Negative:  The Intellectual

    This type draws only on information from the limited resources of rational, analytic thinking without incorporating either the emotional or spiritual aspects of life.  Intellectuals seldom have a holistic assessment of a situation.  Their thinking tends to be dry, lifeless, and without energy.  They are limited in their scope because they trust only conventional ideas.  The are often judgmental and narrow in their outlook.

    Chakra 7: Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge

    The crown chakra relates to consciousness as pure awareness. It is our connection to the greater world beyond, to a timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing. When developed, this chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss.

    Location:  top of the skull

    Age of Resonance:  42-49

    Shape:  round skullcap

    Glandular Connection:  pineal gland, which secretes melatonin and other hormones known to affect tranquility, sleep, and light sensitivity

    Color:  violet

    Musical Note:  B

    Type of Music:  Indian raga

    Element:  the Cosmos

    Aspect of Intelligence:  spiritual understanding

    Sensory Experience:  bliss

    Essential Oils:  violet, lavender, lotus, elemi

    Crystals:  amethyst, alexandrite

    Aspect of the Solar System:  the Universe

    Astrological Association:  Aquarius

    Metal:  platinum

    Mythological Animal:  eagle

    Plant:  lotus flower

    Qualities:  grace, beauty, serenity, oneness with all that is

    Lie Issues:  selfless realization of your indelible connection with the greater whole of life; creation of a vital and resilient spiritual context for holding your life experiences

    Physical Activity:  non– stillness

    Spiritual Activities:  prayer, meditation, reflection

    Positive Archetype:  Guru

    Negative Archetype:  Egotist

    Positive:  The Guru

    Gurus are people who realize who they are.  They know that the divine force flows through them and they are identified with that as the substratum of their being, rather than the temporal parts of their life.  They let life move through them and take them ever deeper into consciousness itself.

    Negative:  The Egotist

    Egotists are people who think their efforts alone carry them through life.  They believe that they are separate from a greater whole of existence and that their striving and effort controls the outcome of their life.

    Balancing the Chakras

     It requires a few stones, a pendulum, and a healing crystal.

    The stones to use for this process include:

     Hematite—root chakra

    Carnelian—sacral chakra

    Citrine—solar plexis

    Rose quartz—heart chakra

    Blue lace agate—throat chakra

    Sodalite—third eye

    Amethyst—crown chakra


    The recipient of this charka balancing session needs to recline comfortably.  Place a small pillow under their head.

    To lay the stones, begin at the feet with a smoky quartz.   This is how to facilitate grounding.  Otherwise begin at the root chakra, placing the hematite stone, or having the client place the stone, on the pubic bone.

    It may be awkward to get a stone to lie in this spot for some. If that is the case—the body, in this position, forms a ‘Y’; place the stone at the base of the ‘v’ formed by the crease of the legs, at the top of the thighs, and at the base of the genital area.

    Place the carnelian stone over the sacral chakra, the lower abdomen.  In women, this would be where the womb and ovaries are located. 

    Next, is the solar plexus, located approximately three inches above the naval.  Here, place the citrine crystal. 

    At the heart chakra, between the breasts, you’ll lay a stone of rose quartz.  If your client is a female, she may be more comfortable placing this stone herself.

    To lay a stone for the throat chakra, place the blue lace agate at the base of the throat, in the hollow that you will generally find here.

    The third eye chakra can be found between the eyebrows and just slightly above them.  Gently lay the sodalite stone in this spot.  Occasionally, a client may feel the weight of this stone acutely.  Be careful in placing the stone in this very sensitive spot, and reassure the recipient that sensations she/he may feel are common.

    For the crown chakra, take your amethyst crystal and lay it gently on the pillow above the client’s head.  Tuck it up close so that it’s in contact with the body.

    There, you have your crystals and stones in place.  Allow the client to remain laying in this position for 15-20 minutes. Have soft ambient music in the background, a subtle incense, and low lighting or candlelight.  It also helps the client to relax if they feel secure and unrushed.

    If any of the stones slip from position during this process, leave them lay and do not replace them.  This often means that the stone’s work is done.

    After 15 or 20 minutes, check the chakras for inconsistencies in their energy. 

    Checking the Chakras:

    Beginning at the root chakra and working your way up hold the pendulum a few inches above the body and give it a few moments to work.  If it swings back & forth, side-to-side to the body, this chakra is blocked.  If the pendulum swings back and forth head-to-toe, in line with the body, it means that the chakra needs to be re-energized but is not blocking the passage of energies from the other chakras.  A positive movement of the pendulum, which for me is a circle, means that this chakra is jine.You can proceed two ways– either by automatically re-energizing all the chakras, regardless of your pendulum findings; or simply by re-energizing and unblocking the problem chakras.  When you work on any of the problem chakras, remember to check them again with your pendulum once you’ve cleared and re-energized them.  If you’re really thorough, and your client hasn’t been laying flat for an uncomfortable length of time, you can recheck all of the chakras at the end of this process.

    To clear and re-energize the chakras, I use a 3-inch clear quartz crystal point. 

    First, remove the negative energy and etheric trash from the chakra:  Lay the quartz crystal in your receiving hand with the point away from you; place your projective hand, facing downward, at your side, aimed towards the ground to harmlessly disperse this negative energy back to the earth.  Hold your receiving hand just above the chakra you’re working on and slowly begin to move this hand with the crystal in it in small counter-clockwise rotations, lifting it higher and higher from the body as you do.

    You may or may not notice strange physical sensations with the actual movement of energy.  Just because you may not feel any physical sensation, it does not mean that what you’re doing isn’t working—the energy just may be very subtle and you’re not picking it up. 

    Once you’ve ‘pulled’ the negative energy out of the chakra, and you feel that it’s as cleared as you can get it, you are going to re-charge it with positive energy:   Take the clear quartz crystal and place it in your projective hand with the point facing towards you.  Hold your receiving hand out to your side, palm up to draw positive energy inward.  Holding your projective hand containing the crystal a ways above the chakra that you’re working on, begin to move this hand in small ever-widening clockwise circles, moving closer and closer to your client’s body and the chakra.  Stop just above it.

    Circle the area as often as you feel needed, and at slower or faster speeds, until you sense enough positive energy has moved through your receiving hand, along your arms, and exited through your projective hand and the crystal into the client’s body.

    Now you can use your pendulum to check the energy of this chakra.  If all seems well, move on to the next chakra; if not, repeat the process until you get a positive reading from your pendulum letting you know that the chakra has been properly cleared and reenergized.

    Remember to ask the client if they’re comfortable.  Some people with blocked energy and unbalanced chakras may need more than one session to clear things up.

    At the end of this session, remove the stones that have been placed upon the chakras at the beginning of the session, do so starting with the crown chakra and work your way down.  Remove the stones in this progression, ending with the hematite stone at the root chakra, or the smoky quartz if you’ve placed one at their feet, facilitates grounding.