Tantric orgasm is a full body energy experience. G-spot stimulation is one way to access Tantric orgasms. The G-spot (Grafenberg spot) is a small, lima bean-shaped area on the upper side of the vaginal wall (tummy side), approximately 2-3 inches in. This spot feels different in texture than the rest of the vagina. It is spongy and coarser in texture than the rest of the vagina, which is normally how it is found. When the G-spot is stimulated, via hard pushing or constant rubbing, it causes intense O-feelings that women say exceeds a normal orgasmic response.

To stimulate the G-spot, pressure has to be applied on the upper wall of the vagina, AND the woman has to be extremely aroused. Blood rushes to the G-spot just as it does to the clitoris during sexual excitement. Therefore, any sexual position  maximizing pressure to this area increases the chance for a G-spot orgasm. The following 4 positions increase a woman’s chance to experience G-spot orgasm.

1.   Rear Entry.  The Rear Entry position, when done correctly, maximizes potential for a G-spot orgasm because the man’s penis should rub on the upper wall of the woman’s vagina. To do this position correctly, the woman should kneel on all fours, her legs parted slightly. The woman should resist the urge to put her face down onto the bed, and instead try to keep her back arched slightly, with her elbows bent or her elbows up and locked. The entry angle changes dramatically when the woman leans forward into the bed. As the man enters her from behind, the sensation should be one of tight and full penetration. The woman may feel his penis hitting her cervix as this is often best to get full penetration. He can change his penetration to hit the G-spot by pulling up on her hips and thrusting in a more downward motion.

2.   The Fusion.  The Fusion position is a favorite in Kama Sutra. To get into this position, the man should sit on the bed or floor and extend his legs in front of him, and his arms behind him. The woman should then lower herself down onto his penis. Her legs should be up by his chest and bent, and her arms should be behind her and between his legs. She then uses a combination of her arms and her legs to “rock” herself on his penis in and in and out motion, sort of like a piston. This position may seem unlikely to produce a G-spot orgasm, but the angle and the seductive nature of the position make it highly erotic. The only drawback of the fusion is if you have bad knees, you cannot sustain it for long.

3.    The Flower Press. The Flower Press position is excellent for the G-spot orgasm, multiple orgasms, heavier male partners, heavier female partners, and pregnant women (earlier months). The woman lies on her back and allows the man to penetrate her, as in missionary position, but after penetration has been achieved, she then raises her legs up and back, until they are either on his shoulders or on his chest. The man kneels up against her and uses her thighs for support, and she can grab onto his hips to help bring him into her. This position allows for extreme penetration and his pelvic arch is against her clitoral area. It also provides a nice rubbing against the top of the vaginal wall because of the height of the man compared to the woman, which is what stimulates the G-spot.

4.    Rotated Woman. The Rotated Woman position is adored by both men and women for its excellent stimulation. To do it, he lies flat on the bed and she lowers herself onto his penis facing BACKWARD toward his feet. Then, SLOWLY and CAREFULLY, she leans forward, until lying on top of him, her legs outstretched and her hands down by his feet. Then, she can slowly do a “figure 8” motion with her hips or just grab his ankles and slide herself up and down. Because she is lying down at this angle, her vagina is taut, causing the penis to rub it tightly, hence the G-spot pressure. She also gets clitoral rubbing by his testicles and legs…a lovely surprise. In total control, she sets the pace and depth of motion.

Tantric sex  enhances  physical sensations and transforms them into a vehicle for blissful insight. Women feel the orgasm from the G-spot or vaginal stimulation deeper inside their body, rather than localized feeling with clitoral stimulation. Whole-body orgasm is one of the Tantric methods for reaching a state of ecstasy.

When personal Tantra instruction is too expensive, Al Link and Pala Copeland’s Sexual Mastery Course and Kerry and Diane Riley’s Ultimate Home Tantra Course are two excellent self-teaching courses. I highly recommend either of these courses for those who want to explore Tantra in the privacy of their own home.

POMPOIR…the fine art of “milking” his lingam with your yoni…Divine!

Ah, Pompoir…the fine art of “milking”  his lingam with your yoni! (Lingham and yoni = Sanskrit for penis and vagina.) While both partners are still, the woman grips and massages her man’s erection with rhythmic, rippling contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle (PC) and other pelvic floor muscles. (This rippling effect occurs during an intense orgasm in a woman.) The rippling causes a kind of milking action felt by the lingam.

A woman trained in pompoir is called a Kabbazah in the Middle East. The word
Kabbazah translates to “one who holds.” Men say pompoir feels like having a soft, wet, velvet-gloved hand wrapped around their lingam, firmly gripping it and stroking them into the most delicious sexual nirvana imaginable.

The PC Muscle Routine…In order to practice pompoir, your PC and pelvic floor muscles must be trained to improve strength and performance. Locate the PC muscles by inserting a finger into your yoni and trying to squeeze your finger. Make sure not to tense your thighs, buttocks, or anal muscles. Then try these exercises:

1.   Short squeeze.  Contract the PC muscles 10 times…one squeeze/second. Inhale gently as you contract and exhale when you release. Start with two sets of 10. Gradually build up to two sets of 50 a day.

2.   Long squeeze.  Hold the muscle contraction for a count of three. Relax between contractions. Work up to holding for 10 seconds and relaxing for 10 seconds. Start with two sets of 10 each and gradually build up to two sets of 50.

3.   Pull-in, push-out.  Pull up the entire pelvic floor as though trying to suck water into the yoni, and then push out or bear down as if trying to push the water out. This exercise uses the abdominal muscles as well as the PC muscles. Do this five times in a row. Build up to 10 sets.

4.   The elevator.  Imagine you have an elevator in your pelvic region and you want to raise it up floor by floor. Starting at the ground floor, go up to the first floor, then up the second floor, and last, to the third floor. Then gradually allow the “elevator” to go back down, stopping at each floor. Once you get to the ground floor, completely relax the muscles you’ve just exercised. Start with one set of 10 repetitions and build up to five sets of 10.

Break up your exercises and do them in two or more sessions daily (highly recommended) and still get the same benefits as long as you complete the total number of repetitions. Vary your position from standing, to sitting, to kneeling, to sitting in order to completely exercise the pelvic floor muscles.

As you perfect these exercises and strengthen the muscles, you’ll begin to notice that you can isolate groups of muscles in your pelvic floor. This enables you to isolate your clitoris, for instance, and stimulate yourself at any time.

Milking the Lingam

1.    The best positions for pompoir are
women on top and sitting positions, such as

2.   Begin by having him lie down. He should relax and remain passive, letting you do the work.

3.    Stimulate him until he is erect. Once he is erect, insert his lingam into your yoni.

4.   He is NOT to thrust or move his lingam at all. He should remain as still as he can.

5.    Once his lingam is inserted and you’re in position, either straddling or sitting in his lap,  try to not move your pelvis. Your only movements should come from contracting your yoni using  pompoir skills.

6.   You may kiss and caress each other freely, but no thrusting or rocking.

7.   Flex and contract your PC muscles in various patterns until you feel his lingam throbbing. (Kegel exercises make the yoni more sensitive.) This should occur after 10 to 15 minutes and indicates his intense arousal.

8.   Get the feel of his throbbing lingam and time your squeezing and releasing with his throbbing.  Squeeze and release quickly as he nears ejaculation.

9.   Keep “milking” his lingam as he climaxes, which makes him feel as if the ejaculate is being pulled from his body…thrilling  for both of you.

10.   After his orgasm, keep flexing and relaxing your PC muscles and build up to your own climax. Add additional clitoral stimulation with your fingers as needed and keep flexing until you are satisfied.

To find an experienced Tantrika to work with in the Ottawa area, visit

For experienced Tantra practitioners, combining pompoir in the Yab-Yum position with
eye gazing may propel you and your partner to new heights of sexual ecstasy and spiritual connection. Enjoy.

Pleasuring your man by caressing, fondling, gripping, massaging, and milking his lingam without using your hands is good enough reason for ANY loving woman to learn pompoir. Plus, developing your PC muscles to do this gripping increases your orgasm frequency, intensity, and variety. For most women, orgasm is centered in the clitoris, but with proper exercise not only does your clitoral orgasm improve, you develop the ability to experience vaginal, multiple, and ejaculating orgasms.

Personal Tantra instruction too expensive for you?  Al Link and Pala Copeland’s Sexual Mastery Course and Kerry and Diane Riley’s Ultimate Home Tantra Course are both excellent self-teaching courses. These courses are great for those who want to explore Tantra in the privacy of their own home.

TANTRIC MASSAGE FOR COUPLES…*82 613 878 8179 for appointment

Tantric Massage for Couples…I have been practicing a variety of Therapeutic Massage techniques for over 20 years, working at resorts and spas. At the same time, I have been practicing the Tantric Arts, cultivating my own energy and Kundalini. Several years ago, I decided to blend my expertise in both areas.   The results have been phenomenal, a  wonderful journey for both my clients and myself.
I have developed an incredible massage involving a myriad of techniques.  I offer a relaxing, healing, stress-relieving bodywork experience that works out knots and tension, relieves muscle and joint pain, clears energy blockages, balances energy, awakens the Kundalini and circulates it throughout the body. Moreover, It feels fantastic!
What to Expect…When you book an appointment, we agree on the time.  When you arrive, we may get to know each other a bit, or get right into the massage…your choice.  
Each person is  different, so each massage is different, but we usually start off with you on your back, on the table, under a sheet. Then I begin with a gentle foot massage (reflexology). This is very relaxing and feels wonderful. From there, we  go up to the neck and shoulders for some stretching and massage to work out the knots and tension from the muscles. I also do energy balancing (Polarity) to clear out blockages and restore the flow and balance of your life force energy (Chi). These techniques are extremely powerful and effective. You will feel a noticeable difference immediately.

Then, you turn over so I can work on your back. I work out all knots, tension and stress through gentle, deep tissue massage..NEVER too hard,  just deep enough. We also work the muscles in the legs and buttocks until your ENTIRE body is completely relaxed and loose. This is the end of Phase I: to release the physical stress and tension and clear out any blockages in your energy.

Phase II… involves building up the energy in your body, and beginning to awaken the Kundalini. I use a number of techniques for this. One is very light tracing my fingertips over the surface of your skin. Very gentle, very smooth and light, but not enough to be ticklish. I cover the entire body, gradually focusing into the area where the Kundalini is resting (at the base of the spine).
This part of the massage can be arousing. That is fine it is a part of the process.  I always tell every client that this treatment is for you, for your enjoyment. So if there is ever a moment where you feel uncomfortable , please let me know, and we can stop or do something differently. You cannot enjoy your massage if you feeling uncomfortable. A professional massage therapist and tantric practitioner with over 20 years of experience, I know how vital it is for you to feel relaxed and comfortable.
Another energy building technique vital to the emergence of Kundalini is energizing and balancing of the Chakras. These energy centers run up and down the center of your body. Your Chakras have a potent impact on various aspects of your self, both physical and emotional. Many can detect when their Chakras are open and clear versus closed and blocked. For example, when your Heart Chakra is clear, balanced and open, you experience a great deal of love and trust towards the people in your life, as well as the world at large. When this Chakra is closed & blocked you can feel how closed down your heart feels, inaccessible. I work on clearing, energizing and balancing all seven of the major Chakras.
By this point, you will be feeling totally relaxed and comfortable. All of the blockages should be cleared and your body is primed for the emergence of the Kundalini.
Phase III …we switch on the energy as we awaken Kundalini and draw it out into the rest of your body. As I use several techniques, it may be different for each person.  Some are not ready for the intensity of the full Kundalini experience.  Each person is unique and will have their own experience. This phase usually involves intense Tantric breathing exercises.
Those who experience the magical power of Kundalini are never disappointed. The energy is tremendous and the sensations incredible. Again,  it’s  different for everyone.
By the end of the session, you will feel both relaxed and energized, fully satisfied and at peace with yourself and the world.
COUPLES MASSAGE…As stated above, every TANTRIC session is uniquely tailored to your personal needs and heart’s desire. This is even more true for the couples massage. There are many ways to approach it. The most common is my massaging the female partner while the male partner watches. Another option is for the man to work with me and together we massage the woman.   Yet another option is for me to massage the man, with the woman helping.
I am always open to requests. Just let me know what you you would like.

Performance Anxiety?…Let Tantra Help

Performance anxiety results in avoidance of sexual encounters, lowered self-esteem, relationship discord and sexual dysfunction. Typically, an awareness of performance anxiety produces preoccupation with the anxiety itself, so the person becomes less fully involved in any sexual interaction, bringing on the feared failure. Commonly, the anxious partner worries about being sexually responsive and spontaneous; he or she focuses on each detail of the lovemaking. One partner may focus on how rapidly the other partner is breathing, whether a shift in position is required, or how much lubrication or erection is present. The sexual interaction is dissected so deliberately that enjoyment is impossible. Such sexual encounters produce a high probability of being unfulfilling for one or both partners

Anticipation of the next sexual encounter arouses the same anxiety coupled with the memory of the previous failure and often leads to avoidance of sexual activity altogether, or at least to minimizing the amount of sexual interaction that occurs. This may result in one member of a couple mistakenly interpreting the situation as a form of rejection. The underlying avoidance, however, is usually not to reject one’s partner, but to save face in a way that helps the person feel more in control and less guilty about being inadequate.

Erectile dysfunction, is a disorder that can develop as an outgrowth of performance anxiety. Isolated episodes of not getting an erection or of losing an erection at an inopportune time are so common that they are almost a universal occurrence among men. Such isolated episodes do not mean that a man has a sexual dysfunction. They may occur as a result of a temporary physical stress (having a cold, being tired, having consumed a large meal or too much alcohol), or may relate to other problems like tension, lack of privacy, or nervousness about a new partner. If he does not take such incidents in stride and becomes upset by his failure to respond physically, he may set the stage for difficulties in future sexual experiences by worrying about his ability to perform.

Fears of sexual performance put a damper on sexual arousal and cause loss of erection. Eventually, the fears are so pervasive that they will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and he will experience an inability to get or keep an erection. Over the long run, performance fears leads to an avoidance of sex, loss of self-esteem.

Fears of sexual performance are not limited to men or to worries about physical responsiveness such as the speed with which vaginal lubrication or an erection is attained, or the length of time that it is maintained. Fears can also reflect anxiety about one’s sexual response on a broader level, such as how much passion, tenderness, intimacy and sensitivity a person feels toward his or her partner. In these cases, a person having no apparent problems in the physical side of sexual responsiveness may be distressed by an internal perception of inadequate or inappropriate sexual performance.

Tantric and Taoist philosophy offer a natural solution to overcoming performance anxiety. The goal of Tantric love is not achievement of any goal; i.e., reaching orgasm or  maintaining erection.There is no pressure to “achieve”. Rather, within the Tantric experience, seeking, enjoying pleasure is key,   easily achieved without maintaining a full erection during arousal. Each partner is capable of stimulating the other in a variety of ways, none of which needs to be focused on achieving orgasm.


This session contains every element of the “individual” tantric session, with sensual bath and tantric massage. To gain the best sense of this, here are somef possibilities:

 Upon your arrival and prior to the start of the session…
your tantrika will create a trusting, comfortable relationship.
While getting to know each other, it helps to calm jittery nerves with a glass of wine or two.
This presents a wonderful opportunity to chat about ALL desires anticipated during the session.
When everyone feels comfortable with one another. the session may begin.
The goddess will now invite you to enter the inner sanctum of her sacred space.

She will help each of you to disrobe in preparation of the bath ceremony.
Practical time considerations may limit this ceremony to one of you.

Usually, it’s more appropriate to reserve this privilege for the female partner.

 Should “both” partners like to be bathed, plan for a somewhat longer session in advance.

This sensual bath is the perfect way to prepare for the tantric massage which follows.
Your tantrika begins by demonstrating techniques on both, switching focus, so that one observes.
The other partner will also have the opportunity to join in and practice.
In this rotation, first one partner, then the other has a chance to be either the subject or assistant.
The couple may practice these newly discovered techniques on one another, as often as  desired.
All elements involved in this session are described in great detail below.

(multiple orgasm, tantra, yoni and lingam massage).