Yoni Massage…a little loving sure goes a long way!

Yoni is the ancient Indian word for VAGINA. Sanskrit in origin, the broad translation is “sacred space”. It is a term of reverence and respect and is the concept that forms the foundation of Yoni massage.

It is often used to free women from sexual inhibitions brought on by negative sexual or life experiences. It is used to free the woman’s sexual energy and offer release of pent up energy. It can be extremely healing and  offers a woman the path to wholeness. Too often the normal sexual experience produces the opposite effect. When focusing on the goal of orgasm there is no room for relaxation and enjoyment of the moment.

The goal of the Yoni massage is not orgasm…it may occur and is acceptable but is never a goal. The importance and purpose of the Yoni massage is to focus on the experience of touch, relaxation, pleasure and release. Each woman is at a different place in her journey and each Yoni massage produces unique results in an individual.

To begin a Yoni massage be sure and create a comfortable setting for the woman. It is of utmost importance that she feels relaxed and free from worry or concern. In order for her to experience the fullness of the Yoni massage she must not experience distraction or discomfort.

With that in mind, the Yoni massage can be done on a bed or any other comfortable location that allows room for the giver to move about. The room temperature should be comfortable for her to lie nude and uncovered. Dim the lights and use massage oil freely.

Have the receiver lie on her back, propped up by pillows so that she can see her genitals and look into the giver’s eyes. Place a pillow covered by a towel under her hips and let her draw her legs up toward her chest and allow them to fall apart to a comfortable, relaxed position. The Yoni will thus be clearly exposed and available to the giver.

Breathe DEEPLY together before you begin. You both want to become as relaxed as possible. Start by massaging the full body. Encourage the receiver to relax. Work your way over the abdomen, hips, chest and thighs completely before beginning a Yoni massage.

When the receiver is sufficiently relaxed you can begin the Yoni massage by squeezing the outer lips gently between your fingers and sliding them up and down the entire length of the lips. Be sure and use soft, gentle, slow movements at all times. Keep in eye contact with the receiver and take your cues from her indication of pleasure or discomfort.  If they are enjoying what you are doing continue, if they are not, MOVE ON to something else.

You may then engage the clitoris using clockwise, circular motions. Squeeze it gently between your thumb and forefinger. It is extremely sensitive so be very gentle. The next step is to enter the Yoni by carefully inserting your middle finger of your right hand into the opening. Take plenty of time. Make sure you remain relaxed and practice deep breathing.  The slower your motions, the more enjoyable the experience will be for the receiver. Explore the inner caverns of the Yoni. Vary the length, pressure and speed of your movements and watch the receiver for signs of pleasure.

While your finger is inside the Yoni, position the palm of your hand facing forward and crook your finger in a “come here” motion toward the front of the body. You should feel a small, spongy area just behind the pubic bone and under the clitoris. This is the “sacred spot” in Tantric or often referred to as the “G-Spot”. Massage this spot very gently. It may be uncomfortable to the receiver so be sure and watch your partner’s expression for cues.

This is the essence of a Yoni massage.

My FIRST ENCOUNTER with the world of tantric sex

When My PARTNER Brian and I were just married,  we were still in the intense stage of our relationship. But  I was intrigued when I heard about Diamond Light tantric sex workshop, which claims to transform intimacy, 

Tantra brings couples extremely close emotionally, with proven results: full-body orgasms, climax during intercourse for women and men not needing to nod off afterwards.
Originating in the 4th century, Tantra is a spiritual practice with roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Jainism. Despite being reductively understood in the West as a method of delaying and intensifying orgasm, it’s a multi-branched mystical tradition concerned with having greater cosmic awareness. 
Arriving for the 3-hour session in smart Maida Vale, my heart started to pound. Through the door, I saw 35 people sitting in a circle. “Do  I have to hug total strangers?” I thought or Will I get jealous if Brian does? And I’m NOT taking off my clothes.” To my surprise, there weren’t any bearded hippies or women in flowing robes. In fact, everyone was clothed, and normal-looking.   We strangers ages to 20 to 60 sat in silence as Leora Lightwoman, our  tantra teacher and an Oxford Psychology graduate, explained that tantra is about becoming sensitive to feelings, to femininity and masculinity, and communicating desires honestly.
We were asked to introduce ourselves. It emerged that some were here with partners, others not. One 53-year-old woman was looking for meaning in life after her husband’s sudden death.  Several single men in their early 30’s  said they were “just curious”. In the middle of the circle, incense wafted around a statue of a goddess, and a box of tissues had been prominently placed. “Is that for bodily fluids or tears?” I wondered. 
We started exercises to New Age music: shaking and swaying on the spot with our eyes closed, while Leora asked, “What is your pelvis saying?” She exhorted us to let our inner child play. Several people began moaning and grunting…a yoga class gone mad!   I couldn’t bring myself to emit any noises nor did Brian. We all danced around the room catching eye contact with one another: it was excruciating. Then we had to stare into each other’s eyes, holding hands and focusing on the “juiciness” in imaginary “bowls” in our pelvises. I was relieved  to stay with Brian while singletons had to find partners. The couple next to us started passionately fondling each other. 
This was just an intro evening designed for tantric beginners. Diamond Light runs longer workshops, which, taken in sequence, initiate seekers from level one “opening to bliss” to levels four to seven “Deep diving training”.
There are also gender-segregated workshops one for women who feel uneasy in a mixed setting and a residential “men’s circle” where men discover their “sacred brotherhood”.
At our tantra class, everyone else seemed to be connecting with their pelvises. But we were a bit cynical. I knew the tantric principles were potentially powerful, but couldn’t get over my belief that such intimacy should stay private.
Only after the workshop, when Leora took Brian and me aside and showed him an exercise of stroking imaginary veils away from my face, did I see how tantra could teach men how to touch women.
We left totally charmed by Leora and still intrigued by the idea of tantra, which has since become a passion and lifelong pursuit for both of us.  

MASSAGE… using nothing but your loving hands & Organic Oils!

Every Massage Therapist doing rubbing or kneading of body parts to aid circulation, stimulate nerves or relax the muscles as well as it can be sexy and enjoyable. However, massage can be used for male physical and psychological benefits, and its the fact that it does channeling of energy into a balanced, unblocked, transferred, harmonized and tuned-up state.       

I prefer buying a massage table as you can massage loved one with easy, but an ordinary bed is also good. But one thing that sometimes even massagetherapist cannot replace is massage chair . For example, a shiatsu massage chair is amazing.
Almost any kind of massage is completely automatic you don’t need move a finger with massage chair. The next thing you should have is a massage oil.  I prefer aromatic massage oils.

If stressed, would be the best if you can  use apricot kernel oil for massage. But you can use any massage oil because it wont harm you.   Some more healthy oils are for example: Borage oil , it is good for eczema and psoriasis, olive oil is good for relieving stiffness, Emu oil is good for arthritis, Kukui nut oil and Sweet almond oil massage have good anti-inflammatory properties. You need to first know whether you are allergic to these oils and then use it for massage. The massage oils have very good beneficial effects on the body. Massage oils are pretty often used along with almost all forms of asian massage.

If you have money then you can buy some things. Portable massage tables are ordinary the most expensive ones  in case they come in a comparable quality to stationary massage table. So i advice you to buy ordinary massage table .Portable massage chairs are so expensive cause they should be just as stable as a stationary massage table, but they have to be more lightweight. And they have to be foldable. So there’s a lot more work involved in creating a portable massage table.

For th

Massage tables can cost anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars. I surely would not buy one for 100, because so far all the $100 massage tables were shaky and wobbly. Your kitchen table is probably better than those massage tables.

The very best of all places you can buy a massage tables is actually on the Net. Even with the shipping costs that will be added to your order they are usually cheaper than buying them in a local retail store. Cause cost of making them is pretty low on some countries cause workers are much cheaper.

For massage chairs,   there are Premier massage chairs have high rankings among message chair reviews. Consumers praise the chairs’ massaging techniques and say that they work wonders on back and neck pain. These chairs are also among the least expensive on the market. Consumers can buy a Premier message chair for up to $400 less than other brands.

Human Touch massage chairs are among the most popular  but the most expensive as well. These chairs are, by far, the most technologically advanced chairs of all chairs available on the world. The mechanisms inside the chair serve to closely resemble the firm and precise handling of a massage therapist. Is this machine better than a male. I don’t think so. They are wonderful devices for people with neck, back and shoulder pain and have also been reported to aid in the relief of headaches and other ailments.
There are many kinds of massage you can use…Swedish massage is a popular massage technique that utilizes long, slow stroking to ease tension and relax muscles. Swedish massage is a soothing form of massage and the massage therapist can vary the pressure depending on your particular needs.

Sports Massage – are massage techniques are designed to help athletes or some other kind of sport to  improve their performance. The techniques involved in this type of massage are generally beneficial for both world champion and weekend warriors. Also, it is interesting to know that the strokes involved in this massage form are similar to those in Swedish and deep tissue massage. Perhaps the main difference lies on the fact that sports massage techniques have been adapted to meet the requirements of a devoted athlete.

Neuromuscular Massage is actually a form of deep tissue massage applied to the individual. However, the main purpose of the massage techniques involved here is to increase the blood and lymphatic flow, while reducing the pain and release pressure trapped on the nerves. The neuromuscular massage techniques are also considered to release the trigger points which could help relieve headaches and the pain in the place of your shoulder.

Deep tissue massage utilizes a stronger, more focused kneading of the deeper muscles to improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase circulation. There is a moderate amount of discomfort associated with deep tissue massage during and following the massage. If you prefer gentle pressure and a comforting – rather than therapeutic – massage, deep tissue is probably not for you. However, active individuals, including athletes, love the long lasting benefits of frequent deep tissue massage.

Ayurvedic massage techniques provide respite, circulation and elimination of toxins. If implemented as a daily practice, Ayurvedic massage techniques can even help to revitalize the body.

A Goddess called Dakini Bliss…enjoy!

She walks in Beauty

SHE walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that ‘s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow’d to that tender light 5
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.
One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair’d the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face; 10
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.


And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow, 15
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!


Just Keep Looking at Your Mind…a sexy man, a sexy mind

Just Keep Looking at Your Mind


What’s recommended is that if you have a good experience, don’t get too excited. And if you have a bad experience, don’t mistake it for a serious deviation or a sidetrack that you have to find your way back from. If you have a bad experience, just continue practicing as you were. In other words, whatever happens, just keep looking at your mind.


— Thrangu Rinpoche, Pointing Out the Dharmakaya, pg. 73

A few years ago, I attended a traveling Buddhist relics exhibition. Hosting the event was a celibate Buddhist Rinpoche’, a large Asian monk, wearing a long, modest saffron gown.   At first, I   was wary of him, but then he spoke.   His mellifluous voice emanated like heavenly honey from   his heart center and extended outward into the sweet embrace of the large crowd inside the sanctuary.
I desired to merge my body, mind and spirit with his, without benefit of seduction, words, or movement…just me, and this remarkable spiritual being, dissolved in the bliss of existence.
A few days later, his foundation held a bazaar   across town. I went   just for the chance to see this extraordinary man again.   This time he arrived wearing khaki shorts and an orange t-shirt.
I spoke with him politely as if I didn’t know who he was. However, for me, standing next to him was akin to standing next to the Dalai Llama.
He was an arsenal of love and sexual potency. And once again, and I didn’t let on, but I was feeling stoned. No drugs…just energy. Intoxicating.
What was that? That palpable energy…that magnetism. I couldn’t stop thinking   about him. Was it his absence of grasping, of clinging, of manipulation, of lust? Was it his pure, selfless dedication to making the world a better place? Was it his reverence and respect for for every living creature on   earth?
Yes, all that and more. He had fully opened his central channel to all life in his deep dedication to all beings. He wasn’t obsessed with sexual pleasure.   He wasn’t seeking someone to make him whole or happy. His entire being symbolized a non-aggressive fully erect phallus, while surrounding him wafted in the breeze the sweet fragrance of Yoni love.
Maybe my schoolgirl “Thornbirds” fantasy of seducing a priest away from his fragile piety and sacred vows was coloring my perception of him, but I doubt it.
Rinpoche, like the Dalai Llama, is a Tantric Buddhist monk.   Being comfortably at home with one’s sexual energy while cultivating it as a force for good in the world is extremely sexy.

Relationships between ADDICTIONS, IMPRINTS, & TANTRA

Most addictions have similar withdrawal symptoms and are merely stronger or weaker than others. Thus, withdrawal from heroin may actually kill the person making the attempt while withdrawal from pot brings little more than mood swings.  Yet, the mood swings, the chemical pain of the body, and the mental attitude are similar in withdrawal if different in strength.

Some interesting aspects of withdrawal can be noted using cigarette smokers as an example. Most smokers who decide to quit do so with knowledge of the harmful aspects of tobacco and come to a rational decision about quitting. Rarely do they decide on a whim to quit, they make careful plans and set up a well-thought out schedule. They are filled with confidence, have gained support of friends and loved ones, and often prepare vacation time to coincide with the effort. The point being made is that they, the addictee, make major plans and efforts of rational magnitude to end their addiction.

Now, we meet this addict three days later and they no longer seem rational.  Gone are the images of lung cancer and  emphysema; in their place an image of the glorious taste of  the missing cigarettes. No longer is the person confident in their belief of better vitality and ability to concentrate on work and play. Now they believe they will never be able to concentrate again without nicotine. Their life is now a living hell which one draw on a cigarette will miraculously transform.

Later, we see this addict outside, sneaking one cigarette,  rationalizing this in an illogical manner at hand and not being able see through the insanity. A little later, the addict is out again with a cigarette believing that two hours between cigarettes is a major improvement over two minutes between cigarettes. Not only that, but they no longer believe in the studies showing the danger of cigarettes but now recall the studies showing the lack of danger in cigarettes. It does not matter that those studies are old, out of date, lacking in detail, data, and poorly done, the smoker will be attracted to the memory of them and will selectively recall how much these mean and how important the studies showing little danger from cigarettes are. A friend cynical of the documented research on the association between smoking and cancer suddenly becomes a shaman of great wisdom. Three days ago this same friend was a first=class loser they made pains to avoid. Now, the addiction is speaking and not the rational person.

When the addiction begins to speak, rational thinking ceases. The person addicted to fear will move to a fear-creating situation. The person addicted to depression will find something to be depressed about. The person addicted to anger will find an excuse to be angry. These things will be done for reasons which will be readily stated and demanded as correct by the same person who a short time before had rationally decided to NEVER act in that manner again. They will move toward people of the same nature who bring on the set of behavior which triggers the addictive behavior. They will move toward situations and circumstances which trigger the addictive behavior.

Cigarette smokers do something similar. Watch those who are breaking the habit. They will stand downwind from a smoker when possible. They will move into the area of a smoker when possible. They will pass the cigarette counter in the store several times while shopping even though they have no need to be in that area. If they find a cigarette, they will fondle it and caress it. They will visualize the joy of smoking and the good feeling it would impart. This joy, taste, and feeling is magnified beyond reason. No matter that the lack of taste, joy, or feeling at the end was so awful that it pushed their decision to stop smoking. They will talk about cigarettes and the different types, tastes, lengths, filters, etc.   Their whole attitude about cigarettes and smoking will change as the addiction cries out for attention.

Addictions are not only body chemistry but also brain chemistry addictions. Addictions change the attitude of the body and brain such that the addicted person may not know they are addicted and have an altered attitude toward the world around them. The person glorifying cigarettes during withdrawal does not truely believe what they are saying from their third circuit, the Rational brain circuit, but they truely believe what they are saying at the moment from the second circuit and the first brain circuit, the subconscious and unconcious brain circuits. These lower brain circuits pick up such habits and are not entirely under our control.

We can get our third brain circuit in our control completely with practice. We can get our fourth brain circuit, the Sexual brain, under control completely with practice. We can learn to consciously access our higher brain circuits with practice. We cannot learn to completely control our subconscious and unconscious brain circuits no matter how much we practice. We must learn to control the emissions from these brain circuits and not allow their attitudes to force themselves into the areas we can control. We have been trained and imprinted as children when only the first and second brain circuits were functioning. This training is now set firmly into the unconscious and subconscious and we have little control over the manner in which that training manifests in our life. Tantra teaches a method of over-riding that early training and changing the addiction we were taught as children and have continued to foster in our lives. We may seem to have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, control and domination, or other problem, and we do indeed have such addictions. However, normally these are addictions on top of addictions and as we peel off these addictions, finally ending all addictions we can readily identify, we find underlying all that, a body chemistry that is the true cause of our addictive character. We are all addicted to a body chemistry that is the source of our attitude. Thus, the person addicted to saddness, fear, depression, anger, or other misery will drink to cover over this harmful addiction with a new addiction. When drinking is not enough, drugs will be attempted in an effort to move away from the misery they were taught and addicted to as children. If that is not enough, stronger drugs and more alcohol will be attempted, sometimes ending in suicide to eliminate the wretched addictive chemistry brought on by childhood problems.

The first brain circuit, the Biosurvival circuit is unconscious in function. You have almost no control over this brain circuit and it is trained during the first year of life. At this time (year one) the parents of a child have little knowledge of how to treat a child and often make many mistakes. The actively growing brain of the child becomes imprinted to fear, domination, control, whatever is required for survival. This survival imprint is extremely strong and will influence the next brain circuit when it opens and begins to function. If the first brain circuit is healthy, the child has at least a healthy start to the second brain circuit, the Ego. This does not mean that the subconscious Ego/Territorial brain circuit will remain healthy.
As the child begins to explore after the first year of life (they are mobile by then) they may encounter hazzards and create a crisis which parents respond to in panic and fear for the child. They may strike the child or scream, creating fear and Ego damage. The child may have an increased curiosity caused by the interest of the parents or by the damage created by the reaction of the parents and attempt repeatedly to explore what has frightened the parents. In this case, the parents may become increasingly harsh and create more damage. A harmful cycle begins which will never end in this relationship and in all similar relationships to come.

Once a subconscious imprint has been set it is virtually set in stone and will never change. That is an important thing to remember so allow me to be redundant. That subconscious imprint will never change. You must now create new and stronger imprints, learn to overcome the demands of that imprint, learn to work out of a different brain circuit, do something strong enough to get past the signals that imprint will now cause for the rest of your life. This is what Tantra offers as an alternative to the pain of such imprints.
Tantra is strong medicine. Tantra may possibly be the strongest medicine available to humans that does not involve drugs, life-threatening situations, or domination and control by others. Strong medicine is definately required. All twelve-step groups know that an imprint, once put into place, is there forever. Alcoholics Anonymous teaches that you are an alcoholic forever. This is because an imprint not only changes your mental attitude but also your body chemistry. Once that attitude and chemistry have been linked and set into function, the body builds antibodies and other chemical and biological alterations which are linked to the continued functioning of that imprint. If, for instance, the person is now linked to fear, the body will go into withdrawal without a hit of fear to set up the appropriate chemical balance to satisfy the needs of the antibodies and other chemistry which may begin to actually harm the body if not balanced.

When the addict is safely past de-toxification and the body is no longer in danger, a new body chemistry may be formed and addicted. Make no mistake! You will be addicted to your basic body chemistry, whatever that may be. You will also continue to manufacture the antibodies and chemistry of the old addiction but at low levels. However, go ahead and start drinking again and see how quickly that one drink lasts for a year and a half. Go ahead and shoot up and see if your body remembers the drug. You bet it does! So, if you’re addicted to anger, go ahead and be angry and you will return to your addiction equally quickly. If you are addicted to depression, go ahead and be depressed and you will have the addiction back virtually immediately. Your body remembers!
To gain control over such difficult circumstances you must have a powerful tool which will create new antibodies and new attitudes strong enough to allow control of these imprints. There are some rules about this. The method must be under your conscious control. The method must alter your body chemistry as completely as your old imprints alter your body chemistry. The method must be readily available and at least possible to do. The method must be something that the person will want to do often enough to create a new body chemistry addiction and must be something they can do often enough to create the new addiction. Tantric methods fulfill the requirements listed above and much more. The brain, body, and immune system are connected intimately. Nerve fibers run to all parts of the body, even into the organs such as the panceas, spleen, liver, kidneys, etc., and link the entire body and brain as a whole unit. These fibers do not always carry the sensations of touch, heat, cold, or other physical attributes but often link to the body for the purpose of triggering chemical changes. Every cell of the body is equipped with receptor sites which are chemically linked to the rest of the body. Each of these cells are potentially self-healing when functioning in harmony and connection with the body and brain in a healthy environment.

Healing is a built-in, natural process which restores the body and brain to healthy functioning and is influenced by our attitude, lifestyle, daily habits, addictions, surroundings, and much more. Our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, addictions, and etc., can make us ill or make us well. Learning an addiction to joy, happiness, healthy chemistry, and peace can make us healthy. Learning an addiction to anger, depression, unease, and hurtful chemistry can make us dead.

The body has a feedback mechanism to the brain. What we think becomes magnified by the body reaction and soon we are deeper into whatever our attitude has become. The very cells of our bone and bone marrow are involved in this process and the immune cells produced by the bone marrow are affected by our thoughts and feelings. Each of the immune system monocytes or immune cells move through the entire body, including the brain where they are transformed into glial cells, a special kind of connective brain cell. Without the proper mix of immune cells, the brain cannot function at full capacity and we are actually disabled. An addiction to unhealthy chemistry creates this disability and we learn to live with an unknown crippling of our brain power.

This disability further limits the ability of the body to heal itself and we grow old much faster than we need to. We have more unhealth than we need have, never quite feel as well as we could, and feed ourselves a diet of misery we could avoid. By changing from a diet of pain to one of pleasure, the body, brain, immune system, and all other aspects of the natural system known as human (YOU), begins to heal and move toward optimal operational ability. Can you afford less? Do you really want to encourage disease and death with a continued attitude of pain, anger, depression, and misery? Will the next attack of misery be the one that starts the cancer cells growing? Begin the process of heart disease or stroke? Whatever happens, an addiction to a hurtful imprint will kill you and harm others around you. Make no mistake, you can heal other humans by the power of your body chemistry and electromagnetic field. You are a tool for healing and health. Many people of our world have learned this and brought healing to themselves and others. At the same time, you can also be a tool for harm. You can harm other humans by the power of your body chemistry and electromagnetic field. Get an attitude of anger and rage, be filled with hatred, walk about depressed and sad, and you not only are killing yourself but also those about you.

The person who is a ray of sunshine brightens our day and we look forward to seeing them. They are actually healing us both mentally and physically by our contact . When their internal functioning is matched with their outward attitude, their electomagnetic field brings a strong message of health and healing ability. Those who cover over their inner misery with a false outer joy bring a temporary happiness which is indeed better than one who  brings on anger or depression but, that cannot compare to the one who brings a true joy growing from their authentic chemical addiction to being happy.

The internal/external conflict of covering up misery with a smile often creates even more illness than the person who simply is angry and lets it hang out for all to see. At least we know to set up protective barriers to the angry person but we may not be able to set barriers to the fake smile that also brings an angry undercurrent. These people who carry a fake smile and are filled with pain underneath often hurt themselves tremendously and are filled with emotional drain, pain, and exhaustion. This can be transferred to others without their knowing where it came from and may create real disease and death.

End your addictions to pain and misery quickly. Nobody with an ounce of commons sense would  choose to be unhappy yet most of us do just that. When we realize that our imprints, training, and habits are making us  miserable, and even killing us, it would be only reasonable to reduce the damage and re-direct ourselves onto the path to joy and happiness.

Tantra provides this method.    Make the connection of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth brain circuits and begin the Great Work.

Quit Smoking..Start Living in the Tantric Moment!

The first thing…there’s is no such thing as willpower.  Just forget it…there is no such thing.
The reason we fail is this: we lose sight of our goal.  If you KNOW this , you cannot fail. You will keep your eyes on the goal.
Obstacles are those things you see only when take your eyes off your goal.
I failed over 30 times to quit smoking…I succeeded once.  Today I am smoke free.
All because I learned to keep my eyes on the goal AT ALL TIMES.
Go out and buy a book.  You can read stuff on the web, but smoking is a VISCERAL habit. You smoke with your whole body…posture, hands, mouth, nose, face, eyes, lungs, and bloodstream. So buy a book… a paperback, you can carry in a pocket or purse. Have something for your hands to do because at least 20 times a day your hand is going to twitch its way down to your pocket or purse for a cigarette.
Have something for your hands to do. Get a pen or highlighter to mark up your book. Keep your hands busy. 

What about nicotine substitutes…Gum, lozenges, the patch, inhalers?   The truth is the longer you stay addicted to nicotine, the harder it is to finally quit . . . for some people.
If you find yourself failing, this method  could be failing you. You go on and on until you’re exhausted and finally lose sight  of your goal, frustrated and still craving a butt.  Why?   BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL ADDICTED TO NICOTINE!
The Great Medical Hypocrisy 
Nicotine is a drug, a dangerous drug.  Were the average smoker to get all their nicotine from one full week of smoking
in a single dose, it would kill that smoker immediately.
However, when the drug Nicotine is administered in a pill, patch or gum, it is referred to as
Gum (non-nicotine) or mints, sunflower seeds, candy. These are simply more addictions. Do you need them? Yes, sometimes you just get an oral craving. Ok, a stick of gum or something, but do you really want to substitute one addiction for another? Use substitutes moderately and wisely.
Read your book. Read everything. The more you know, the more you’ll be ready for when the urge strikes. It will strike at least 20 times a day.
While you are planning to quit, like right after you read this, start writing down your reasons for quitting. Be specific, at first, then you can later note general reasons. They have to be YOUR reasons, because it is only YOU on this path. This is YOUR addiction you are breaking and you have to do it for YOU and nothing else (though you might have many people depending on you). Write all your reasons down. And make them life affirming: instead of writing, Bad Breath, uuggh! You could write, Sweeter breath, sweeter kisses. Write down how much it costs you (even your auto insurance can go down after you’ve quit). Write down YOUR reasons for quitting. You’ll find more each day. Keep track. AND PRINT THE LIST. Hang it where you can see it. Add more if you discover them. Print it and read it. These are your goals. If you keep your eyes on them, you will quit. If you leave the list in your computer, you’ll lose site of your goals.
Now, for some bad news: your unconscious mind (subconscious, preconscious) will try to sabotage your quitting. You will forget your list somewhere. You will arrange to be in a crowd of smokers. You will forget everything, your book, your reasons, your reasoning even. BE ON YOUR TOES. You WILL try to sabotage your quitting.
This usually happens within ten days to two weeks of quitting. It will happen again in about six months (different times for different people) when you think you are safely quit and “one smoke won’t hurt.” Wanna bet? Most people cannot have just one smoke as most alcoholics cannot have just one drink. For some it takes 3 or 4 (or 50 failures) to finally realize this.
Ok, let’s talk about that first struggle you’ll have within the first ten days to two weeks into quitting.
Example: you argue with your spouse and  hop into the car and go for a drive. You’ve left your book and your reasons at home. Suddenly, you want a smoke. But it’s not your fault. It’s your spouse’s fault. So, now you’re going to have a cigarette just to punish your spouse. It’s your spouse’s fault that you are smoking, not yours.
This is how stinking thinking works.  But know that you will try to start a fight (and succeed) and you will want to smoke. Know this. Be prepared. You are at your weakest when stressed. This is how 80% of all quitters go back to smoking: by blaming someone outside of them for their failure. Guess what…it was all planned by your unconscious mind. It was a planned failure. Be prepared!
Most books tell you to keep track of your smoking habits for two (or so) weeks. You get a pad of paper, fasten it to your pack of cigs with rubber bands (binders, in Minnesota). Yes, rubber binders. You have to remove the rubber binders to get the pad of paper out and write on it BEFORE you smoke that cigarette. You are monitoring your smoking habit. You are becoming aware of your smoking habit.
Most cigarettes are smoked unconsciously.
You write down the time of day. Rank the cig: on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.  This number represents how much you need that particular cigarette. There are some systems that have you rank it after you smoked it too…how much it fulfilled your need for a butt.
There are reasons for this exercise: you have to know yourself, when you smoke, where you smoke, how you smoke to be ready for those cravings that will hit you after you’ve quit. For instance, say you have a smoke right before you leave for work, or you have one smoke the moment you get into the car or get on the phone. You rank this one in “need” say 3 out of 10.
After you’ve quit, when you get on the phone, or step into your car, or right before leaving for work, you’ll not only be ready for the craving, you’ll realize that it’s only a 3 out of 10 need . . . so, how hard is that to resist?
You’ll even know when those really terrific cravings are going to hit. That emergency butt (10 out of 10!). Like when the kids trash your living room; nasty in-laws coming over; dog crapped on the carpet; your 8-year-old’s teacher just called asking for a meeting, or an intervention; your spouse comes home drunk; your eighteen-year-old is arrested for hanging with the wrong group at the wrong time…any of these is enough to stress you out and demand a cigarette.
At these times, you must be prepared. You must think about the extremely stressful times before you quit. Know that you will crave a butt at these times. Know what to do. No craving lasts longer than 30 seconds so look at your watch.
Knowing your habit helps to beat it.
You will be on your guard with all your techniques, all your “substitutes” for this craving…you’ll have your routine down; you’ll have your ammunition; your support, to keep your eyes on your goals and avoid that ONE cigarette.
Remember: you don’t want just one cigarette; you want a lifetime of cigarettes.
Should you fail and light up, before you finish that cigarette you will be looking for the next one.
Ok, so what are the things we can do when the cravings hit?
First off,  know that a craving does not last longer than 30 seconds. If it does, you are causing it to last longer than 30 seconds because you are going to just run out and buy that cigarette no matter how many techniques you use, because you’re stubborn and you’re just going to smoke. Did you really mean those reasons you wrote down? Those reasons to quit smoking. Did you really believe them? Did you keep your eye on them?
Stinking thinking refers to that thinking that gets you to light up a butt after you’ve quit smoking. Any thought that leads you closer to that butt is stinking thinking. There is no good reason to smoke. You know this. Therefore, if you are giving yourself a reason to smoke, you’re knee deep into a quagmire of stinking thinking.
Learn to recognize stinking thinking. You’ll get it the weeks/days prior to your Qday (Quitting Day). You’ll do a lot of stinking thinking. You’ll want to just have that cig and not write it down on that stupid pad. You’ll want to put off your Qday. You’ll even plan to fail. You’ll see a situation you can get yourself into where the “temptations” would be just too great. Watch yourself. Addictions make us stupid. Ask any addict after they’ve broken the addiction.
Acupuncture, hypnosis, group therapy, herbal detox, juicing, superfoods…go do them. Do them all if you have to.  Acupuncture on your Qday is perfect. Hypnosis classes leading up to your Qday (some people like to quit in the last hypnosis class, some choose to go home and do it there). And yes, certainly detox the nicotine from your body. There are some herbal solutions online that will help you detox the nicotine (listed at the end of this article). Juicing fresh fruit and vegetable juices helps detox, but don’t go on a juice fast. Don’t try to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time. You’ll fail both. Focus on one thing at a time. The smoking cessation kit I used (with herbs and aromatherapy and a little booklet) came from www.health4her.com. It was called Seven Day Smoke Away but is now known as Smoke Rx
So, again we ask, what do we do when the urge hits?
Get a watch with a second hand. Look at it for 30 seconds. The urge will be gone.
Get out your reasons. Read them ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Keep your reasons in an old cigarette pack (or in your cigarette case, if you have one). Keep the pack where you normally keep your cigarettes. When you get the urge to reach for a smoke (and you will), keep going, pull out that pack of smokes, pull out the list, and read.
Cravings differ for each person. Some feel it in the back of their throat. Some at the top of their head. Some have a free-floating idea of happiness around the corner and then suddenly realize that it’s all based upon the happiness that next cigarette will bring. And it’s a terrible letdown when you remember that you are a non-smoker.
You are addicted for life. Luckily, the pain of separation from your addiction doesn’t last a lifetime.
We do not smoke because we like to smoke—we smoke because we do not like the feeling of not smoking. Wait till your 10th urge strikes and then try to tell yourself differently!
So, when it gets bad…have something to do. Pull out your book and read it. Read your list. Pull out a stick of gum if it’s an overwhelming urge. Call a friend. Go online to a quit-smoking support group. As my mother used to say, “Do something, even if it’s wrong!”
But don’t reach for that cigarette.
Another thing you can have on hand for that OVERWHELMING urge to light up: Tincture of Lobelia. (Found in most health food stores, though if you cannot find it locally, you can find it online or call 800.HerbDoc for Dr Schulze’s.)
If worse comes to worse and you HAVE to have that cigarette, do this. One drop of this lobelia on your tongue, swish it around, and swallow. Now breathe through your mouth. You will FEEL like you just smoked a cigarette. Do this ONLY when you REALLY gotta have that smoke.
Another way to take lobelia is in a tea. Drinking a cup of lobelia tea makes you feel like you just had a smoke. At some health foods, this is sold as Smoker’s Tea.
One more trick that often turned me away from that first smoke: empty your ashtrays into a jar. Add a little water and stir them up. If ever you get an overwhelming urge to light up, go open that bottle and smell the contents. If that doesn’t turn you off, nothing will.
And finally, avoid those places where you used to smoke; avoid situations (for just a short three weeks) in which you will be tempted. Sit in the non-smoking section. Spend more time in places where you cannot smoke. Take baths. Get a massage. Treat yourself for doing yourself a favor.
Stay away from negative people; people in denial.
I was out with friends one night. One friend was currently in the middle of quitting smoking and another friend kept telling her not to worry if she failed in her attempt to quit, because she could always quit again. The person who said this garbage to my friend who was trying to quit will never quit smoking, because she’s in denial. Taking advice from an addict in denial is self-defeating. Avoid negative people at all costs.
After you’ve quit for three weeks, carry a lighter with you. Light a friend’s cigarette. Once you’ve made it three weeks (21 days) you can actually reinforce your will to quit by lighting another’s cigarette.
If this seems dangerous, don’t do it. It works for some. Not for all.
One more mistake quitters make: they suddenly decide to make up their own rules.
Ok, so you’ve quit for three days, suddenly you’ve decided to have one or two smokes a day and then quit permanently some time in the future.
Wrong. First off, if you are using a program (herbs, etc) you are defeating the purpose and don’t try to get your money back. They are to be used “after” you’ve quit smoking. If you just have one smoke a day, then you haven’t quit. 
Your mind is gone. Your thinking is stinking. Feed a starving dog scraps and it will live forever. Cut it off and it dies. The same with a habit of this magnitude. Cut it off, and you will make it. Think you can smoke one or two a day, and soon you’ll be back up to a pack a day (or more). 
Q-DAY…Make it a party!  You are having an Irish Funeral. An Irish Funeral celebrates life, not death. You’re killing off a part of you; you’re killing off that smoker in you. Make it a celebration. Buy yourself a pack of special quitting smokes. Smoke them ALL day long.
I bought the colorful cigarettes, I smoked them all day long reserving a passionate pink one for quitting: my last smoke. I looked at it often. It was my last smoke.  Make it a happy celebration.
Some go outside and dig a grave.  They toss in an ashtray, a book of matches, a half-full pack of smokes and celebrate the occasion with a little funeral. I did this too.
DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO so that it is registered fully in your mind and spirit that you have quit smoking.
Finally, be aware that even after you quit, urges will HAUNT you when you least expect it. Many times right after week two  (that’s why you MUST wait 21 days before putting yourself in harm’s way). Again, some people get an overwhelming urge to smoke after 6 months. Whatever you do, do NOT give in. The physical cravings are gone. It’s all in your head. Do not think that one cigarette won’t hurt because one leads to a lifetime curse of cigarettes.
By the time you finish the first, you’re already looking for the second.  
Get rid of your ashtrays….Get rid of your matches. Get rid of everything but that one empty pack in which to carry your reasons.
AYUVEDA…In India, they have practiced  a form of medicine called Ayurveda for millennia.   In Ayurveda philosophy, consciousness is healing. If you want a headache to go away, you normally try to “ignore” the pain. However, in Ayurveda, you focus on the pain,  feels the pain, and literally concentrate on the pain. This Consciousness is healing.
To quit smoking, in Ayurveda medicine, you sit still, turn off all outside stimulus, and focus on that cigarette: tasting, feeling, breathing, being that cigarette. Feel the smoke entering your lungs.  Feel what it does.   Feel the smoke as it enters your bloods stream. Feel and experience totally that cigarette.
This is technique is great to use the last days of smoking. Know what it truly is to smoke a cigarette; what it does to your body. I used this technique for about two weeks before I quit. I used it at night….meditating, smoking and focusing.
Product Reviews
Electrolyzed Water
WhenI first discovered the alkaline Electrolyzed Water, I was told  it was a potent detoxifier (pulls toxins from the human body).   Illegal drug users who use it to prepare for a a surprise urinalysis (only 24 hours to prepare) and they drank 8 to 16 oz of the alkaline water. They passed their tests with flying colors.
I want people who are ready to quit smoking to have another powerful tool.
A cousin told me she wanted to quit smoking, but in the past, she’d never gotten past the second day. By the end of the first day, she developed a migraine headache that just knocked her down. Her husband brought her cigarettes before the second day was over.
I’m a tantric healer and professional masseuse, so it was my duty to tell her about Electrolyzed Water. She drank a quart a day of the alkaline water during the first three days of her smoking fast, and hardly felt any withdrawal symptoms. The physical addiction was over by the end of the third bottle. After that, she only had to deal with her MENTAL ADDICTION.
Herbalists say Nicoban will help to detox the nicotine out of your body. It is an entire program to be started on your last three days of quitting and after you’ve quit. Once you’ve quit, you have to stay tobacco free and follow through on the program.
As the nicotine is cleaned out of your body, the actual physical addiction leaves and all you just have your mental addiction left. However, tthat’s still an addiction, so you’re not yet in the clear. Keep on your program. Do NOT miss taking your vitamins and herbs from the Nicoban program.
The Aromatherapy Remedy that came with NICOBAN is a winner! When the urge strikes, pull out the bottle,  take a drop and put it on your temples and bridge of your nose. Remember smoking is a systemic habit involving all of your body. This little movement gives your hands something to do.
I recommend you take the Aromatherapy Remedy,  put a drop in your palms, and rub them together quickly until they get hot and then inhale fumes. It’s far better than a having a cigarette and will take away your urge to smoke.
You can pick up some Nicoban at www.youngagain.com or call 877-205-0040 for more information or to order.
Quitting Time Watch

Now this is cool.  For quitting smoking, this watch comes HIGHLY recommended.
A watch arrived that I immediately set up by entering my name, how many cigs I smoke a day (I don’t smoke, but I programmed it as if I was quitting), how much a pack of smokes costs, the date I planned to quit and bingo, off we went.
If I got a (pretend) craving for a smoke, I can now push one button, and using a stop watch, click and start timing the craving. I can push a button and get one of hundreds of messages about quitting smoking, aimed at my personal quitting score (a score is created by where you are in the process and how well you are doing against an “average” quitter, is the best way to explain this.
The watch is effective because:
1. It keeps your mind busy.
2. It keeps your hands busy.
3. It supports your quitting.
4. It reinforces your quitting.
5. It keeps track of your medicine/herbal/nutritional schedule, beeping you when it’s time.
6. It keeps your eyes on the prize: you will not lose sight of your goals.
While planning to quit, you wake up in the morning, push the button to start the day, and it tells you your recommended number of smokes for the day (you start by learning to forego a smoke or two; to taper off). If you’ve already quit it gives you the number of days and hours you’ve quit and how much you’ve saved.
Think of it, the watch will tell you, in less than two months, that you’ve saved more than $185.00. Now that’s support!
The program is smart. You want a smoke, but don’t want to pull out your reasons, click one button and it will give you a reason, or a pat on the back, or a truism about smoking.
I’m now taking some products from Longevity Plus called Beyond Growth Hormones. In a few months I’ll tell you all the results; but the point here being, I programmed the watch to tell me when to take my caps each day; as you’ll want to be reminded to put on a patch, or take your meds (Zyban) or take your herbs/vitamins.
What a wonderful watch. The other day, I got angry at some stupidity I saw online, and immediately clicked the stop watch (CHRONO mode) and timed how long it took me to get over the urge to strangle someone. Only 21.3 seconds. Not bad.
There’s another alarm besides the two med alarms. So you can program three times a day, if you’ve got something else planned.
What a wonderful watch. You can find out at anytime how you are doing beyond your morning routine. If you want your score later on in the day? Hold down the info button, the same button that gives you one of hundreds of programmed sentences, and there it is. Here is mine right now as I am typing these words:
Millions of smokers quit each year — join the club.
As you start on your journey to quit smoking, getting this watch can only help you. It’s a very good tool. You can find it here on the web at www.qt-watch.com 
Smoke Rx (Previously known as “7 Day Smoke Awayâ„¢”)
This is the kit I used to quit smoking (in addition to hypnosis and acupuncture). Additionally, I chose a period of time in which I would be smoking less (an upper respiratory infection). Getting the flu or a cold CAN help you quit. 
I contacted a herbalist who confirmed  homeopathics can help relieve cravings; i.e., the power of the Cleanse and Calm Formula.  
The first ingredient is Oats, which nourishes your nerves. Lobelia has been used for years to help break nicotine addiction and helps to detox nicotine from your body. Cayenne pepper is used to cleanse your blood and raise your energy level (it is a stimulant). Licorice root is added to boost the performance of the rest of the formula. Licorice aids in digestion. What good is taking something if it is not absorbed? Ginger aids in absorption too and synergizes the formula (makes all the ingredients work better. It also acts as a stimulant. (Once you quit smoking, you find yourself dragging.) Nutmeg is added to help detox the nicotine and finally you have Kava Kava which calms your nerves. 
Next, when overwhelming cravings hit, you have the aromatherapy concoction to breathe in.  You will feel great when you warm up a few drops by rubbing your palms together and then taking in a big whiff. 
Next, we talked with Dr Kristin Linner PhD whose specialty is Homeopathy. She works at the Center for Classical Homeopathy in St Paul, Minnesota (651.641.1844). 
There are three homeopathic ingredients in the Craving Control Formula; each one, by itself, will work to “eliminate or reduce tobacco craving in people who are sensitive or susceptible  to these particular remedies.” 
Thus, this product uses a shotgun effect in making sure one (or more) of the homeopathics will help you get through your cravings. Kristin also pointed out that the potencies are very low (only a licensed homeopathist may give you the really high potency homeopathic remedies) and will not act at very deep emotional or psychological levels. 
She also warned that taking this formula for too long a period of time could result in physical symptoms showing up: i.e., headaches, skin rash, tooth pain. 
Well, by the name, you can see you are supposed to take this formula for 7 days. That’s it. This is not long enough for any reaction to this formula. You will get the help you need without any side effects.
So, to order your Smoke Rxâ„¢, you can call 1-866-485-4552, or visit http://www.quit-smoking-in-7-days.com. We received out package just three days after our phone call. 
Learning Strategies Paraliminal CD Smoke Free
We received a CD from Learning Strategies Corporation that uses their own Paraliminal Technology along with something we’re currently investigating, Holosync Technology.
The Paraliminal Technology was developed by Learning Strategies. It consists of simultaneous messages that, if you are wearing head phones, are different for each ear. The messages blend in your mind into one message.
Holosync Technology plays subtle tones into your ears, each ear getting different tones. Studies on this technology show that people are able to go into deeply meditative states quite quickly, which used to take masters years to accomplish. We will be reviewing an entire Holosync Program someday soon.
All in all, the CD that Learning Strategies sent us is a excellent tool for quitting smoking. We listened to it and passed it onto people who wanted to quit smoking. It is a very powerful tool in helping to quit smoking, and in our estimate, as effective as hypnosis when used regularly, even after you’ve quit.
If you want to learn more, just go here: Smoke Free Paraliminal CD
Learning Strategies Paraliminals now come with HoloSync technology. Click here to read an introduction to HoloSync Technology.
I recommend you purchase live essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus and blend them yourself. They are wonderfully healing and if you have received any of these aromatherapy products from either company, test them yourself. You can FEEL the difference between live pure essential oils and these mixed with alcohol. 
Two places on the web to order essential oils are: http://www.theherbsplace.com/essential.html and http://www.youngliving.us. Or you can read up on Essential Oils here at this site:
Twelve years after quitting smoking, I did something really stupid. The latest thing in the smoking world are flavored cigars. It was my birthday. Seemed like a good time to celebrate with a cigar. A friend took me to a tobacconist and we sampled the cigars. She got me a couple packs for my birthday.
You guessed it. Two weeks later I was smoking $8 – $12 per day of these damned tasty cigars.
However, there is always an upside to every downside.
I got a chance to try the new anti-smoking drug, Chantix.
For those of you who smoke and do not know about Chantix, listen up. It works.
Chantix is designed to block the nicotine receptors. Yes, there are side effects.
  • Nausea
  • Sleep disorder
  • Gas
  • sleeplessness
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Loss of taste
The above side effects came from the Chantix web site. However, other sites will go a bit further in depth. For instance, the sleep disorder usually consists of strange, vivid, 3-D, brightly colored, loud dreams. For those of you who can’t afford cable TV, this might be a bonus.
Lucikily, I did not notice any side effects.
However, I did notice that after two weeks, the sweet smokes just tasted like dead leaves. There was NO pleasure in smoking. So, I set my quitting date, New  Years, and did it. I did NOT miss smoking because the past few days of smoking were terrible. I couldn’t finish a cigar. I used to like the smell, but even the smell was terrible.
I stayed on the drug just a week longer, just in case I got stupid again and reached for a cigar. Knowing yourself helps. If you know you’ve got no will power and that you have a tendency to “fall off the wagon,” then stay on the drug. Your smoke will taste terrible.
For those of you who tell me that you LOVE to smoke, let me tell you this: you don’t. You love the nicotine addiction. You are a drug addict and you need your fix. You don’t love the drug as much as you hate what happens to your body when you’ve gone a period of time without the drug.
On Chantix, you will soon learn that without the nicotine effect, you do not love smoking. And for you, stay on the drug as long as it takes. I can’t believe that people have told me they smoked for two months on the drug. They were not getting any nicotine, but they still smoked. I couldn’t take it for two weeks.
Keep in mind that you have to work your way up to the amount of Chantix in your blood. The dosage at the beginning is small. You slowly work your way up. You should continue to smoke, but set a quitting date. Use the other tools we’ve discussed above. Be firm on your quitting date. I learned that it took two weeks to get the optimum amount of Chantix into your bloodstream. So, I set my quitting date with this in mind. And as I got closer and closer to the two week deadline, I noticed the cigars (that I loved!) were tasting worse and worse, smelling worse and worse, and just didn’t give me what I was paying all that good money for.
So, if you don’t get side effects, or you do but believe that quitting smoking is key and you’re willing to put up with the side effects, go with your priorities. 
When you are ready to quit, you will NEED as much support as possible.  Below are links to help you and support you. Staying online has one advantage..it keeps your hand busy!

TANTRIC Nuts & Honey Milkshake…delicious and nutritious!

Honey  has high nutritive value and is loaded with vitamins. However ,the food value of honey is offset by its high presence of sugar (approximately 80%)!

 Honey is a direct plant product because of the nectar, pollen and cane sugar being secretions of flowers!!   As they are all digested by honey bees, they get mixed with the bees’ saliva and undergo  a chemical transformation due to enzyme action. At this stage, sucrose (sucrose) is converted into dextrose and levulose (invert sugar).   At this same time, the secretions of honeybees are added to the mixture and the water content gets reduced (so honey thickens). 

The whole mixture is then collected into the crop of honeybees…until the bees reach the hive. When the bees reach the hive, they regurgitate this compound  into the hive cel.   Now it is officially ‘Honey’.

3            Dry figs
6           Pitted Dates
5             Almonds
5             Cashew nuts
5              Pistachios
5              Walnuts
2              Teaspoons Piyal seeds (sarai paruppu)
1               large  Banana
2              Tablespoons Honey
4 cups   Organic whole milk 4 cups.

M e t h o d

  • Blend the above ingredients with ice cubes in a blender together until frothy.
  • Serve in a tall glass.  

This  makes a healthy breakfast for folks on the go who want to maintain a high protein diet.

TANTRIC HYPNOSIS with Dakini Bliss

Imagine  that you and your lover have been going at it for a while…lots of foreplay.  You can feel yourself being pulled towards higher and higher levels of deep tensions that vibrate your whole body as you wonder  how far this can last and you wonder just how amazing your Orgasm is going to feel… then it happens!

You feel time slow down as you are pulled over the edge and waves of bliss wash over you in every color of the rainbow.  Glitter Graphics

Rainbow Glitter Pictures

When you undergo Tantric Hypnosis, you feel even more amazing than this. Because when you are centered, balanced and clear,  your body and mind are capable of so much more than you have until now experienced. 

With Tantric Hypnosis, you feel tensions release as waves of delight soothe your body and soul…let yourself experience the magic of this Tantric Hypnosis.   Not only  is Dakini’s voice relaxing, soothing , and captivating  it is  so easy to follow. You feel the benefits of this session deeply inside. As you continue to listen to her mellifluous voice, you begin to feel more sensual, sexy, and fulfilled.  Amazing things happen deep within your heart center as positive feelings well up to the surface and are connected to all the joy within. Become more and  express yourself with this Tantric Hypnosis Session. So, experience a session with Dakini Bliss…Awaken your inner sensual self to express more fulfillment in your life!

My name is Dakini Bliss…

My name is Dakini Bliss. Tantra is to have our hearts touched, to awaken to a greater union. Tantric yoga is a beautiful means to accelerate growth, to increase our power and potential to live life fully on every level.  Tantra uses sexual energy to weave spiritual experience into the fabric of everyday life.  Life is food for spiritual development; Tantra teaches us to drink deeply from life, to embrace life and loving.

I have been exploring Tantra with individual clients for the last 15 years. I am continually inspired by and aware of what an honor it is for me to be the guide for my clients as they open into a deep sense of beauty and splendor in the ecstatic union between their physical and spiritual natures.

My home is a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary, located in Ottawa East, convenient to downtown and the 417 Highway.

My healing ceremonies integrate esalen, thai, sensual, and Swedish massage techniques, with taoist and tantric energy work. Using ancient rituals, guided meditation and yogic breathing techniques I will lead you to a deeper awareness and pleasure of your body. This is profoundly relaxing, rejuvenating and blissful.
  • Healing rituals to release inhibitions and connect with your sensuality
  • Tantric and Taoist sexual energy practices
  • Sacred Spot massage for men and women
  • Men, women and couples are welcome
  • Bath & Massage Ceremony
  • Ejaculatory control
  • Methods to increase sexual vitality
  • Techniques for full body orgasm
For more information about my services,, please send me an e-mail thetantrictouch@gmail.com

Yes, Tantra is a way of life!

Yes, Tantra is a way of life!
Tantric teachings are often assumed by westerners to focus only on sex, when  Tantra actually embraces sexuality in the same way that it embraces every other positive, healthful aspect of life. 

Dakini’s classes focus on embracing all the aspects of who we are to create more peace in our lives.

Dakini Bliss  offers individualized classes in Yoga, Meditation and/or Tantra.

All relationships can be blessed and blissful if our intentions and energy are set to flow that way.  
Learn the tools for relaxing in the flow of healthful, joyful connections with all your loved ones and associates. 

Dakini  offers coaching for the improvement of any relationship you hold dear, including the most sacred of all, your connection with yourself.

Public Speaking/Workshops
Dakini is available to create a customized presentation and/or interactive session for your group of any size.  Length and pricing of classes and workshops are flexible dependent on the venue and number of participants.

* Tantric Parenting is a state of mind. Together we will explore personal experiences from the trials and tribulations of parenting to develop a plan for mindfulparenting.  I will present exercises, meditations and affirmations for positive parenting to increase the joy in your family!

* TantricYogaDance requires no experience in dance or yoga and involves nothing explicitly erotic.
It is about uniting our spirits with our bodies in any movement that feels comfortable.  No rules… just flow.

* TantricYogaDance Goddesses Night Out for women who want to get out and dance in a wide open space with no alcohol or men’s intrusions. 

* Tantra Seminar can be combined with the dance class to create a longer workshop.  Or as a stand alone class for those who would rather listen and chat than move.
Dakini de-mystifies the subject of Tantra and addresses all aspects of Tantra.

Some explicit conversation and nudity optional.  Interaction and sense of humor highly recommended.  Just bring an open mind!